22 October 2012 @ 12:54 am
11 Apple Cider  
Action A | 503 Ricardo Street | Morning

[Despite what the town might be trying to make Applejack think at the moment, she's not about to forget her friends or home. And while she was making plans to do this before, she almost seems angrily determined to gather up the apples from Bloomberg and using the cider press she regained to fill up barrels she's getting from the barn in the backyard.

It's slow going by herself, and hard work, but Applejack is never one to turn away from hard work. And anybody walking by will hear the farm pony making some delicious cider from homegrown apples. Maybe she could use a helping hoof?]

Action B | 503 Ricardo Street | Afternoon

[There is a wooden stand on the sidewalk in front of the house. Hoof built and sturdy, a sign proclaims the stand is selling Sweet Apple Acres Cider. And there are two ponies sitting by barrels and mugs trying to get passerby's attention.]

Come a get some fresh apple cider! Just made this morning! Made from some of the best apples ever grown! Now who's thirsty?!

((OOC note: Applejack and Apple Bloom are both running the stand, so feel free to address either, or except reply from one or other as well.))

Action C | 503 Ricardo Street | Evening

[Applejack has spent the entire day making and selling apple cider, mostly because it's something that helps cheer her up, but also because it's a simple thing that reminds her of home. And while she did enjoy serving up the delicious cider to friends and others, she couldn't help but remember the friends who aren't around anymore. Which is why after the day is over and she thinks no one is around, Applejack is out on the lawn with a mug of cider. Taking a look around to make sure she's alone, Applejack removes her hat with her free hoof and upturns the mug with a solemn look on her face.]

Dash, Rarity, Ah wish you two were here to try this batch yourself, but Ah keep up mah hopes you're just back in Ponyville now. Ah miss you gals. Hope you all are doing alright wherever you are.
20 September 2012 @ 11:36 pm
10 Applesauce  
Action A | 503 Ricardo Street | Early Morning

[Applejack has been sleeping in the barn she got back the last few days, familiar surroundings and all. Plus hay is a lot more comfortable than floor any night. She also still gets up at sunrise to head into the house and make breakfast even if the house is full of drones but for Gentarou. For one thing, it's one way to start her day without dog food, and it's also a way for her to help out now and again.

However the sameness of Mayfield houses will work against her as she will begin the process of cooking up some eggs and hash browns not at 337 Brady Lane like she believes to be doing, but at 503 Ricardo Street, where Mayfield decided to move her during the night. She even takes a moment to head upstairs to knock on what she still thinks is Gentarou's room door to see what he'd like.]

Hay Gentarou! How do you want your eggs? Ah think Ah could make you an omelette if ya really want...

Action B | Bakery | Later that day

[The smells in the bakery are always some of the most delicious, but for some reason, they seem to be a little stronger today. And mostly of apples. Applejack is cooking up a storm of treats in the kitchen. She seems to be on a mission, a look of focus and determination on her face. She'll of course step out from the back to put some of the newly baked goods on the shelves, but most seem to be piling up on a table in the back...]

Action C | Brady Lane | That evening

[Applejack is coming down the road to check on a few people. There are a couple of baskets, full of delicious apple-themed baked goods, balanced on her back. While it's not her fault that the town has suddenly moved her, she can't help but feel a little guilty. Especially with Gentarou being the only one left in a house full of drones. Plus she liked some of the neighbors, and wanted to make sure they're doing alright too. So there may be an orange pony knocking on your door.]

Hello? Anypony home? Ah brought some treats...
31 July 2012 @ 02:37 am
09 Apple Butter  
Action A | 337 Brady Lane | Morning | Open to all

[Applejack has been sort of hoarding the last couple of regains she's got from Mayfield. With her house being nothing but drones lately, she was worried about anything she might get that would just be tossed out or broken by them assuming its something else. But now she has three envelopes and a non-drone back in the house, so maybe she should stop stalling and see what she's got.

So she'll be out back with a letter opener seeing what's in them. Except they're all empty. Applejack was seriously confused, she went to all this trouble to open them and there's nothing in them? She was about to head back inside with a huff, but that's when she noticed what's now in the backyard.

Her eyes widen as she sees the majority of the backyard is now gone because the Sweet Apple Acres farmhouse is there. Right behind Bloomberg, in fact.

So surprised by this that Applejack doesn't notice the cider press or the couple of baskets full of a rather colorful type of apple sitting in front of the building at first. It's pretty overwhelming after all. And not subtle at all to anybody who happens to be in the area.]

Action B | Bakery | Shortly after A

[Applejack is spending some time working at the bakery. Well, working is a relative term. She'll serve customers if they approach of course, though the drones ignore her outright, but she seems engrossed with a paper she has in front of her. Seems she's making a flyer for something, and is really taking her time with its design. Curious walk-ins may be able to walk over to her and catch a glimpse of what she has so far before she notices them:

Do you ask about it?]

Phone | Later that evening | Not filtered, so open to all

[Normally Applejack prefers talking to her friends muzzle to muzzle, but after getting some new things from home and remembering a conversation she had with Rarity awhile ago, it might be better to use the phone to get all their attention along with seeing who would be willing to help.]

So hey every....body, Ah was thinking it might be nice to try and hold an event mah family hosts back home around this time called the Sisterhooves' Social. Ah just got some things from home that would make some nice prizes for it even. Back home it's a pretty fun couple of days with events and such for sisters to enter and participate in, but Ah wouldn't really force that to be the rule since this place kinda has a bunch of us here away from our actual families.

Though Ah could really use some help setting it up. Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, think you could lend a hoof? Or anybody else who is interested too, actually? Ah'd really appreciate it, and setting things up doesn't mean you have to skip out on participating in events, Ah'm sure if we get enough folks help we can figure a way for you to compete as well as help.

[There's a pause for a few minutes as if she's done and waiting for responses before she suddenly speaks up again.]

Oh! And Apple Bloom, you want to help out in making some zap apple treats?! Ah was thinking those would be some of the prizes we could give out.
12 June 2012 @ 01:39 am
08 Apple Crumble [Back-dated to Saturday Zombies]  
Part A | Around 337 Brady Lane

[Well looky here. Zombies. This is just great. Applejack's seen Nightmare of the Dead before, and that was a good reference for the last time there was zombies swarming Mayfield. Last time Theo kept the house pretty safe from them too, so she figures this will probably a good place to keep an eye on things.

Most of her friends can probably handle this too. It's not like they're new or can't....


And now there's an orange blur as a pony runs out into the street.]

Goldarn it, this town just enjoys making things difficult, doesn't it?!

Part B | Anywhere in Town

[There is a frantic orange pony running down the streets. Occasionally she checks the street signs with nothing but a look of annoyance. So much so that at some point, she feels the need to shout her frustration.]

Why can't Ah find Stevens Road?!

Part C | Outside 2239 Stevens Road

[Applejack has finally made it to where her little sister said she lives at and is now trying to find her. This involves pounding on doors and shouting. Hope your housemates are understanding Apple Bloom!]

Apple Bloom? APPLE BLOOM?! You okay! Are you here? Oh please don't tell me she's out in the town during this...
22 April 2012 @ 11:06 pm
07 Apple Surprise [Poison Joke]  
Part A | 337 Brady Lane | Friday evening

[With the nicer weather, Applejack has taken to occasionally taking a nap under Bloomberg. And with nothing better to do today, that's just what she's doing. Of course, if she was paying closer attention, she might have noticed the blue flowers that were around the apple tree, but perhaps she just didn't think she'd see something like Poison Joke in Mayfield and just thought they were some other blue flower. Either way, when she wakes up, she'll definitely realize they're the real thing.

...Actually, it's more like he'll realize they're the real thing. Because when Applejack gets up with a yawn and a stretch, he'll feel a little...different.]


[Yep. Two weeks in a row now that Applejack wakes up with a different body. And he's shouting his complaint pretty loudly, do you see what the ruckus (or fracas) is about?]

Part B | Around town | Sometime after the nap

[So Applejack ran into some Poison Joke. So she's not a she but a he. At least he's still a pony, though he still feels weird just as much as he feels the same. But if he learned anything from last week is that the best way to handle something like this is to just try to act like it isn't a hindrance and go about your daily business. Of course that doesn't mean Applejack won't try to get some answers by checking on his friends from Ponyville. Of course with all the trouble he has with that phone, he figured it just be easier to ask in person, so there's one surly orange pony walking down the street, grumbling to himself.]

These legs just feel so gosh darn heavy. Does Big Mac have to deal with this all the time?
14 April 2012 @ 03:21 pm
06 Apple Cinnamon Upside Down Cake  
Part A | 947 Beulah Street | Friday morning

[After being woken up by an early morning scream, Applejack has to learn to deal with the fact she's now one of those hue-mins that are everywhere here in Mayfield.

She moves to get out of the bed and tries to stand up on two legs. Only to immediately fall flat on her face with a loud *THUMP*. There was no gracefulness or no poise, nor is there any flailing with confused shouting. Just up and then down. Which accounts for not only the loud thud that EVERYBODY must have heard in the house, and even possibly a few people outside, but also for the slight tremor of the room shaking that closer inhabitants might feel. But in case you didn't hear the sound of a pony in a vocaloid body falling over, you will definitely hear what comes next.]

CARNSARN IT!! How in the hay do they do this?!

Part B | Bakery | Early afternoon

[So! This is new. Applejack has got that walking thing down. Has had the situation basically explained to her, and even has her hat back for the duration of whatever is going on. So what does she decide to do? Well, go to work it seems.

For once she can freely move in the bakery with no worries about any of the drone workers or drone customers trying to shoo the 'dog' outside. If she's stuck like this for awhile, might as well take advantage of it.

Of course this may be easier said than done. Sure she can reach the shelves without a step stool to get the ingredients and tools, but HANDS and FINGERS they just....WIGGLE all over the place. She'd try her usual methods of making a pie if the fact she no longer has her tail or that the jaw and teeth strength in this body is pretty laughable and just not reliable. So, there's a lot of banging, crashing, and other such noises as she's constantly knocking over things, dropping things, or just generally messing up as she tries to make a simple apple pie.

So if you head into the bakery, you're likely hear someone complaining loudly in Rin's voice, but with an Ozarks accent. Or maybe you're (un)lucky enough to catch her as she just finished her pie baking attempts and bringing out some weirdly looking apple pies while she herself is covered in flour, dough, and other ingredients for an apple pie. Well hopefully just the ingredients for an apple pie.

Despite all this, if she sees you're a customer, she'll put on her biggest smile and greet you with a hearty hello! After all, just because she's having a bad day doesn't mean she should take it out on the customers.]

Part C | The park | Early evening

[Applejack has had a very weird day, everything has just been so.....DIFFERENT with this body. As much as she tried to barrel on through the day pretending to ignore it, it didn't change the fact that everything was still so WEIRD for her. Nothing felt right and it's finally starting to wear on her nerves.

Which is why she's in the park. Among nature, the early evening sun setting, the wind blowing through the grass, and in the shade of a large tree, this is how Applejack tries to regain some sense of composure.

And it's working out pretty well. Sitting with her back against the tree, feeling the ground underneath her bare feet, a sense of calm is finally returning to her.

Feel free to interrupt this, but if you don't, eventually Applejack will get up from against the tree, put her shoes back on, and then glance around to make sure NO ONE is looking before taking a deep breath and launching a kick at the tree as if to try and applebuck it. The kick is pretty swift, as is the reaction of her falling onto her back and instinctively clutching the leg to her chest as she rocks in pain.]

OW OW OW OW OW! Are all hue-min legs this weak or did Ah just got unlucky in the body swap lottery today!!

Part D | Anywhere | In between the other parts

[Applejack is walking around town to get use to being a hue-min at the moment. She's kinda keeping an eye out for friends and housemates, but really, she's just trying to get a handle on walking on two legs and being so high up in the air. She grabbed some rather plain clothes from out of the clothes available at Rin's house, which turned out to actually be Len's standard outfit, and after running into Rin in her body, got her hat back to wear.

...So there's Rin walking down the street, dressed as Len, with a Stetson cowboy hat. Do you approach?]

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13 February 2012 @ 11:41 pm
05 Apple Tarts  
Part A | Action | 337 Brady Lane

[Applejack has decided to bite the bit this morning and finally open those presents she got back in December. At first she was just wary of anything Mayfield would hand to her, but then one crazy thing after another happened and she almost forgot about them.

But she's been feeling pretty upbeat seeing all these flowers everywhere lately and then there was that one bouquet from some 'secret admirer' that hasn't seem to cause her any problems, so maybe she can handle what's in these gifts.

And so the housemates will find Applejack scratching her head over what was in them.]

Now why in the hay would Ah want a picture of mah cutie mark? At least this picture of Bloomberg is rather nice. Ah wonder if the others would let me hang it up? Still, the cutie mark picture is kinda like rubbing salt in the wound since this town took it from-

[Applejack has stopped mid-sentence because she just took a look at her cutie mark. Yep, seems like Applejack is no longer a blank flank!]

Part B | Action | Outside of 337 Brady Lane

[Applejack has stepped out of the house to look for a hammer when she notices something out of the ordinary about the back-yard. There's a new tree right in the middle of it. It being February, it's pretty bare, but Applejack recognizes it instantly.]


[Quick as a wink, Applejack is hugging her old friend.]

Is Mama glad to see her favorite big strong tree? Yes she is! Yes she is!!

[So yeah. Anybody walking by can be treated to a pony cooing over and hugging a tree. You know, typical Mayfield.]

Part C | Phone | Later that evening

So are these flowers another 'gift' from this town? Ah'm kinda surprised they aren't full of bees or something.

Unless these are really from some secret admirer.... In which case, thanks Ah guess? They are some nice carnations. Oh, looks like there's some other kinds in here as well...