23 January 2012 @ 03:21 pm
003 - [Phone/Action]  
[A. Jonathon's Tools, afternoon]

[Edgar can be found picking up a handful of things at the hardware store today. Among them are a crowbar, a lot of disposable earplugs, nails, and several metal rods, each roughly the width of a finger. Care to ask him what all this stuff is for?]

[B. Phone, filtered from drones, evening]

[Someone heard the conversation that happened earlier today, and has been thinking about it since.]

I'm not sure how many of you heard the phone call that happened earlier this evening, but it seems something is wrong with this town. Some important machinery is failing, and our captors are unlocking the dairy in order to repair it. To me, this sounds like an opportunity to learn more about our captors. Who's with me?

[C. 1649 Albright Lane, garage, night time]

[Boy, there sure is an awful lot of noise coming from the garage. Care to investigate, housemates? Neighbors, want to pound on the garage door to complain about the ruckus?]