10 October 2012 @ 11:06 am
Backdated to Monday  
[ Ever since he got his viola back, he's been bringing it along ecerywhere. Really, everywhere. ]

1 : Anywhere and Open!

[ Today we are making Teru Teru Bouzu! Well, Natsuki is, at least. He found some old sheets and yarn, and is sewing while happily humming. Just look at those cute weather dolls with cute faces and cute hair styles! And hey! If you ask him, I'm sure he'll happily customize one after your wishes, friend!

This is happening at several different locations.

1: the High School, in a classroom or a corridor

2: In the park under a tree or on a bench

3: Anywhere else in Mayfield. Possibly even outside your house. ]

2 : Anywhere in Mayfield and still Open!

[ And now we're giving them out! Completely for free! He might be a bit annoying when he tries to give them to you, though. Because the guy can be pretty persistent. ]
30 September 2012 @ 02:33 pm
Switch Three: The Return of Fourze  
[Action: 337 Brady: Closed]

[Yawning loudly, Gentarou has been sent out to get the milk. Which, he knows by this point, that he should be hiding. Which he'll do when he gets back inside. But, he's about to get distracted by the box that he rams his bare toe into.]

Ow! A...box?

[He'll spot his name on it. And quickly enough, he'll realize that this is mail for him. He'll tear back inside, forgetting the milk completely. Tearing the box open, he'll pull out something he's been waiting for, for a while now.]

IT'S HERE!!!!!

[Action A: John Doe Park: Open to all.]

[Gen is now standing by a tree in the park, clicking the Rocket switch in his hand. He can't wait for one of his friends (which means just about anyone) to come up, so he can show off the shiny belt he has now latched onto his waist.]

This is gonna be greeaaaattt!


I wonder if I should've called people first?
27 September 2012 @ 10:02 am
Sixth Song - A Melody of Grit Determination  
 [Action - Park - Following medical treatment due to this post.]

Perhaps two days following a certain incident involving Barricade, Fi can be seen in the park, a number of bandages wrapped around her middle. The unfortunate side effects of her body and clothes being one and the same is the fact that said body, when damaged, is unfortunately going to be fairly easy to spot as such...

She appears to pay it no mind however, and instead nods to Scrapper at the side; the robot has apparently managed to carry with him a phonograph with records, and so long as he keeps it wound up it should be filling the area with some rather calming if not beautiful music- there's no real choice behind it other than 'it sounded nice', and for the next bit she's using the space in the park to practice dancing.


Unfortunately, while her flight means she can again glide and skip across the air, spinning without pause and moving in a way impossible to those without that power, her injuries appear to put quite the damper on that. "Gh..."

She's still trying though.
26 September 2012 @ 03:27 pm
Case 6: Guesswork/Trigger  
[Action A: John Doe Park: Open]

[Once again, Shoutaro finds himself in the park, a new memory in his hand.]

Why'd they send Trigger? Can I....?

[Having never fathomed using Trigger by itself in the Lost Driver, this was the perfect opportunity to test it. So...without a second thought otherwise...]



[Shoutaro quickly checks himself over as the twangy music of the memory subsided. His body isn't too different than it is while using the Joker Memory. And the Trigger Magnum is clipped to his chest as it should be.]


[Action B: MacCready & Sons Law Office: Open]

[Shoutaro's office is a right mess. Covered in the various pieces of evidence and testimonials he's taken or observed from the town. On the wall is the now larger poster board he's trying to fit this on to.]

Man...Phillip would have my neck for being so sloppy in doing this.

[Come in and bug him about the mess if you want. Or just drop by for a visit...that works too.]
21 September 2012 @ 03:27 pm
10th Key: Emergency! Dispatch!  
[Action A: 7134 Brooks]

[Another day, another small package hanging from the mailbox.]

More fun.

[He'll snatch it up and take it inside to open it...]

[Action B: John Doe Park]

[The Galleon is parked on the ground behind some of the park's trees, where Marvelous is practicing some gunplay as DekaRed. He's using the ship as a safety precaution, in case any of his shots go wild and miss his tree-borne targets. But so far, that hasn't happened. Don't worry: he won't shoot you if you approach him! Well...except if you wanna pick a fight; he's always up for a spar.]
20 September 2012 @ 06:25 am
A number of songs  

Beulah 948 – possible passer-bys are welcome by.

[ Satsuki don't put on his glasses right away this morning – those days happen, after all – and since his drone parents are yet to wake up, he goes to get the newspaper. Because even if Natsuki does not read the new except browsing for anything about music, Satsuki reads it properly.

That's when he notice that there is a package for him.

When he open it, he's returned to his room, and why is their viola packed this carelessly in a box like this? Satsuki's gonna kill those bastards if it's broken.

So, on experiment, he tries the strings, to see if they sound like they should. ]


John Doe Park – Open

[ The sound of music can be heard from a corner of the park. Natsuki just found he had gotten his viola back (finding himself already in the park, for some reason) and of course he can't refrain from playing some of the strings of music that him and Satsuki had composed.

He seems to be pretty emerged in the sounds, and at first, he won't notice if you come up. But when he pause to make a change to the music sheets, or to change page, he will notice you, and give a huge grin. ]</small>

18 September 2012 @ 11:50 pm
[Action: in front of 1486 Kramden]

[Neville is checking the post, not quite sure what will show up this time.

He opens the package and just stares.

Candy wrappers. Droobles gum.

The ones he saved from his mum.

All he can do is stare.]

[Action: Park]

[Neville is bound and determined to be as useful as he can. Things are getting worse. So he's practicing as many charms as he can think of.]

There has to be something else.
18 September 2012 @ 07:26 pm
002 ▲ suddenly, a housing change!  
A. Action | 1447 Mitchell Road

[ Good morning new household! Toothless has woken up at a house he definitely did not fall asleep at. Also, he's in the dog house again, and he is not very pleased about that.

... Wait, is that a viking ship?

Suddenly, all of the panic collected from his confusion fades. There is a boat big enough for him to climb into in the backyard of his new house.

Welp, household. There is now a dragon climbing around in your backyard boat and chittering happily.

What do? ]

C. Action | Park

[ Okay, so he has a new not!family with a huge boat. Whatev whatev, that's cool. He's still going to spend most of his days at the park.

Toothless is in the process of burning patches into the ground to curl up on so he can take a nap. ]
16 September 2012 @ 03:10 am
11th Tea Party: Heartache beyond Relief  
(Welp...Kreutzer's attempts at being useful fell unsurprisingly short. At the very least, she didn't die or get horribly messed up like she did in Carnivalfield. That was bad. No, this time she made it out with her health intact. Not much she could do at this point except continue to survive through whatever the town decided to do next.

But at the very least, they decided to give her something for her troubles anyway. Made sense; the event was over so things were bound to be given back. On the front lawn of her house, Kreutzer looks over the mail and finds the letter addressed to her. She's hesitant to open it, but puts the rest of the mail back in the mailbox before doing so. In it is a picture of a faintly familiar girl. She stares at it for a few seconds before...


(And just like that, memories rush into her head, filling in the blanks that were there for so long. She remembered everything that happened, actually succeeding and, most importantly, the closest she had to a friend before Mayfield. It's far too much for her to handle; she clutches her head and screams. The sudden remembrance made her head throb in pain while simultaneously making her heart ache in agony. Before anything else can happen, Kreutzer flies away from the immediate area.)

John Doe Park; Nighttime

(It's been a long, long day for Kreutzer. Technically she didn't do anything, but remembering all of these things was the last straw for her. She was already weighed down by losing some of her best friends, but remembering the only one she had back home? And everything she did? She couldn't take it.

Kreutzer is sitting at the edge of the lake, a doll with striking resemblance to a certain unicorn held tightly in her arms as tears roll down the girl's cheeks. She spent enough of the day hiding from the rest of the town, especially from her housemates; they didn't have to see her like this.

Her sobs are quiet, but anyone passing by at the right time will hear her singing a particular song. Crying isn't enough to fully let her emotions out, so with indicative heartbreak, Kreutzer sings the song to completion before returning to her quiet sobbing.
12 September 2012 @ 09:17 pm
[Oh, did you really think that, just because everyone's trying to get those items, what's going on in Mayfield's gonna stop? Pfft, nope. Things are still phasing in and out and, from time to time, Sasami's going to take advantage of them, using them as easy shortcuts! Though, sometimes it feels like Mayfield wants to play a bit of Karma Houdini here.

A) Mayfield Elementary - Morning (Action)

[Having arrived near the end of the school year, Sasami really has no connection to the kids here - both drones or real. And coming in at the same time, it feels the same. Either way, she's taken the time to use the glitches to pull pranks on people... except one prank attempt has her arms sticking out of the utility closet and the rest of her on the other side. Wanna find out what's going on?]

B) John Doe Park - Afternoon (Action)

[At this point, Sasami can be seen leaning against a tree. Is she resting from another day at school? Thinking about something?

Nah, Mayfield glitch caught up to her again and her pigtails and skirt are caught in the tree.]

...oh, this is embarrassing! Someone? Can someone help me?! Please?!

C) Near 1334 Bennyy Road - Afternoon (Action)

[Now it seems that Mayfield's now being incredibly cruel and potentially deadly. It seems that the glitch's hit Sasami at the worse possible time and stopped at the same way. When you find her, from her nose up is the only thing exposed, her face with footprints from glitching drones walking over her and her pigtails partially undone by said walking over. She wants to cry out for help, but with her mouth covered, she's now just crying.]
12 September 2012 @ 07:16 pm
"Happy" Mayfieldversary  
[Action: 1331 Benny Road]

[Hajime is sitting in the living room, a pink... bird thing next to him. He's talking to the creature.]

Do you remember? It's been a long time...

[Something is pretty obviously bothering him]

[Action: Park]

[Eventually he moves to the park, where he can be found in his favourite spot by the fountain. Just... sitting by it, quietly communing with the water]

[Action: 5720 Cunningham Lane]

[When he's feeling down, there's only one place he wants to be: Ukraine's. Which is where he can be found, sitting holding a picture from home]


D-does anyone ever feel like they're forgetting what it's like to not be in Mayfield? Two years is a really long time...
10 September 2012 @ 02:30 pm
Phase 4 - The Beginning Of The End  
Ar Tonelico 1 post-game memory and Mayfield-induced nightmares here for reading )

[A.) Thursday, September 6th, Morning/Afternoon - The Dairy Portal, Locked to Chen & Dakki:

Aurica walked down the street, tailing the unfamiliar robot-thing that was claiming to be Dakki, her not!mom from the last time the girl was here. She was warned to not follow, but she couldn't help herself; as much as she wasn't sure to trust her, she wanted to know what was going on.

Though, with her acting just like how her drone self would, she couldn't ask directly, either. Not that she thought Dakki would tell her, at any rate. Mothers are nothing if not caring for the security of their children, real or not. She stepped out from a corner, eyeing the portal that her supposedlynot!mom was preparing to enter.]

[B.) Sunday, September 9th, Morning/Afternoon - The Church of Salvation:

Normally when one prays in the church, they close their eyes, don't they? It's what one does when they reach into their soul, to feel for what they believe in to support themselves. Something to feel good, wholesome. Better.

If one would look closely at the girl sitting there on the empty pew, they might just see that she had her eyes open briefly. If one pays attention for longer though, they could notice that the girl didn't close their eyes at all, all that time.]

[C.) Sunday, September 9th, Afternoon - The Post Office (Feel Free To Intercept At Any Point):

If you decide to walk anywhere near this area today, one might find a girl in Mayfield-style clothes dragging herself along, arms lifeless and head bowed, her posture somewhat off-balance. As she passes by the Post Office itself, she stops and looks up towards it for some time, before she lowers her head again and continues to walk by, her pacing uneven.]

[D.) Sunday, September 9th, Afternoon/Evening - John Doe Park:

It's a casual day for living, and that means recreation in the park for a lot of people. Some are having fun, playing games, and others are relaxing, just taking in the sun and air. Aurica will be one of the latter, seemingly, as she's propped up on a bench. Most of the bench actually, as she's lying down on it, an arm lazily hung downward and a finger twirling around some grass on the ground.]

[E.) Sunday, September 9th, Evening - Phone:

Most of the time people talk on the phone if they're on it. You might be yapping away, with whatever important things or otherwise talkative conversation you're expressing, but there's someone listening in to these things that won't be very cheery. It'll be a surprise if the person even talks at all to you, really. Though, she may not be in the right mind to appreciate you trying to talk to her. You won't know until she starts talking to you.]

[F.) Monday, September 10th, Morning/Aftenoon - Mayfield High:

There was a better step in her feet today, the girl with the long braid that bounced around as she walked through the crowds of students into the faculty office. When Aurica heard that she had to go back to school, she was a little happier. That is, until she found out that one of her favorite teachers no longer taught there. In fact, the drones acted like he never existed.

She moved as fast as she could to the music room, opening the door, and it was... empty. Save for the piano that sat there at the front, where she both heard and played music that touched her deeply.

For those that roam the halls today, you might hear musical notes being played, and if you want to follow it or know where the music room would be and have a reason for being there, you might find the girl there at any time of the day, randomly poking at the piano keys.]

[G.) Monday, September 10th, Afternoon/Evening - Front Porch of 458 Stone Street:

Neighbors or those walking by could see a girl on the steps of the front porch to the house. She's sitting there, back hunched over and arms folded over her knees. She's been there since the end of the school day, not budging at all. In fact, if you come across the residence or look out your window later on, you might see her still there. Did she even eat dinner?]
04 September 2012 @ 04:33 pm
2nd point  
[Action: The Park]

[If anyone happens to be in the park after school hours, they'll notice a young guy standing around with a tennis racket on hand. He looks pretty annoyed... then again that's not really anything new with Akaya. He hasn't been in a good mood for a long time. Today just happened to be a really, really bad day.

So, what is Akaya doing with a tennis racket in the park? He could be hitting some balls to the wall near him, but he doesn't seem to be looking in the direction when he serves one.

... and hits a poor drone.]

Whoops, sorry. My hands slipped.

[He doesn't really sound sorry at all. They're just drones. No one cares what happens to those, right? So he'll do it again... and again. The things he says after hitting someone change from "Sorry, I was distracted" to "Ah, I used too much power" and even "Gosh, what's wrong with me today, I'm really sorry."

Well, at least he isn't using his full strength to hit the balls, so it shouldn't be that bad.

Let's just hope he doesn't actually hit anyone and piss them off, right?]
30 August 2012 @ 11:05 am
Action: The Church

-It seems as though someone had finally snapped back into the world of the living. Once again, the man has returned to his usual routine of roaming around the church grounds. He seems a bit displeased about something. Perhaps one should ask what is on his mind.-

Action: The park

-One fairly tall priest has come to this place, to merely observe. Eventually, he's seen enough, and decides to make his way back home. Though really, why not make him stay and visit?-
29 August 2012 @ 09:16 pm
Patrol Twenty | Instability Abounds  
-Action A: Park-

[Olivier's been a bit on edge since waking up from her two weeks of droning, not just because the droning, but because she'd been in Mayfield for a year now, and it's getting close to that time when they locked her up in a hotel room with Yosuke for a night.]

[Those who cross her path during her morning training will find she seems to be a bit sluggish in her movements.]


This instability thing has been going on far too long. Bingo night tonight.

-Action B: Annie's Flowers-

[Usually Olivier passes the time in the shop by putting together bouquets, but not today. Today she's at the counter ignoring drone coworkers and customers while looking over a notebook in front of her.]

-Action C: General Store-

[Olivier wanders around the store, pulling random snack foods and drinks from the shelves. Have any suggestions for her?]

-Action D: 1671 Nelson: Locked to Housemates-

[After unloading her haul from the store, Olivier specifically seeks out Wes and Emmett.]

I'm holding a meeting tonight, is there anything we should focus on?

-Action E: 1671 Nelson/Underground Base-

[Olivier greets everyone at the door, but quickly ushers/points the way to the basement. Once everyone is settled, she clears her throat.]

As I mentioned on the phone, this instability has gone on too long without advancing. I'm sure it will in the next few days. We need to make plans against the next movements of the town.

[ooc: Mingling Log Here!]

27 August 2012 @ 11:50 am
ninth : now you're thinking with (magic) portals  
[ Well, with the town going crazy, seems like it would be wise for Warren to test out the magical tunnels he's been setting up since his last regain. He starts in his house, which is conspicuously clear of drones for the moment- don't ask what he does with them, but they've been especially annoying lately. Best to eliminate the problem.

In the middle of his living room, he activated the spell that opens up one end of the portal. He steps through, and ends up in any number of places as he tries them out: ]

[ A : THE PARK ]

[ The relative quiet in this little corner of the park is suddenly disturbed as reality practically tears open, and Warren steps out of the hole he's created. He frowns, turning back to the tear, and references the large book he had under one arm. He sketches a few marks in the air with one hand, watching as they feed into the portal.

That done, he sticks his arm through a couple of times. Apparently satisfied, he waves a hand and the tear closes up as though it was never there in the first place. ]


[ Buying some bread? Baking some bread? Well, don't mind the sudden hole in reality along one wall, and the wizard suddenly stepping through, book tucked under one arm. He studiously ignores whoever might be around for the moment, and inspects his handiwork.

If you look into the tear, you'll see what looks like an ordinary Mayfield living room, just a step away. ]


[ Hello Anders! (And Simba??) Warren is dropping in- through a tear in reality in your living room. He probably scared the crap out of Messere Snugglesworth, though. He doesn't know about the lion yet. ]
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23 August 2012 @ 11:55 am
2 - Basic Badge  
[A: Park, during the day.]

Okay, Infernape... Use Flare Blitz!

[Training in the park as he often does, Ash Ketchum watches as his flaming ape charges the tree... and goes right through it, causing no damage at all. Not even the slightest scorch mark.]

... Huh, that's weird.

[He'll walk over to the tree and decide to try punching it to see what happens. He finds that his fist connects with a now rather solid trunk.]

Ow! That hurt! Infernape, return.

[With the primate Pokémon now returned to it's ball, Ash shakes out his hand a little as he and Pikachu investigate the solidness of the tree.]

[B: Evening, phone]

Hey, anyone else notice anything odd the past few days? I was training this afternoon and Infernape managed to go right through a tree without causin' any damage...
21 August 2012 @ 07:10 pm
005 ♥  
Phone | Morning:

Hey, to all of you people out there who've been here for a while and are willing to help a girl out. Can I ask you a few questions?

Action | John Doe Park | Midday:

[ Since her house is fifty percent drones, the glitching started getting really creepy really quick. Therefore, she packed up her laptop and hauled her butt to the park. Surprise, she's spending a day outside of the church! She finds herself a secluded bench, as far away from other people and any noise as she can get. Then she proceeds to listen to something on her laptop over and over again. It's a recording of the radio, and she's attempting to make out the murmuring voices.

With little success, though. ]

Ugh. If Budge were here, he'd be able to clean these up in a snap. Can't believe I'm saying it, but he would be really useful right now.

[ More grumbling continues as she starts the recording over. ]
19 August 2012 @ 09:41 pm
10th Tea Party: Shameless Simplicity (Also, haters gonna hate)  
Action: John Doe Park

(Anyone passing by the park might notice Kreutzer flying over it and scouting over it from above. After gesturing for her dolls to follow, she touches down on the ground while her dolls begin to carry in...furniture? Yup, that's most certainly a table they're carrying in. And chairs. And various pieces of silverware, including cups, spoons and even a few tea kettles. Once they're all finished, the scene is wonderfully decorated and welcoming with treats, chairs and even a lovely parasol for shade. Yup...she just put together a three minute tea party.

Kreutzer takes her own seat and begins drinking tea, but there's more tea and tea party treats than she can consume herself. There's also multiple chairs around the table. Care to join in?
19 August 2012 @ 03:03 pm
fifteen ❖ the surprise  
cut for introspection )

option a: phone

[When Suzumiya Haruhi picks up the phone with the usual drone filter, she sounds very tense (even though she's trying her best to sound normal, excited). Which obviously means that the conversation is dead serious.]


[There's a short, overdramatic pause before she clears her throat and speaks up.]

Anyway! I'm Suzumiya Haruhi, the brigade chief of the SOS Brigade -- at least, if you didn't already know that -- otherwise known as the most important brigade in all of Mayfield, no - the entire multiverse!

[Though there's probably only one brigade to begin with. Not that Haruhi knows that, of course.]

But... I didn't call to answer any of your trivial questions about the brigade, so don't go asking them. If you want to ask any of those questions, just ask Kyon or Yuki! I'm not in the mood to answer any questions, so don't bother asking any.

I'm going to ask a very important question. If you don't have a good answer, then you shouldn't even answer it at all, got it?

[Though she's honestly going to be lenient about this. Probably. Most likely.]

So, hypothetically speaking, if you were to find something... [There's another pause.] ... like a picture, or a message that isn't supposed to exist belonging to somebody you trust, what would you do? Hypothetically speaking, of course! And if any of you give me a lame answer, I'll make sure there's a penalty to go with it, alright?

That is all!

option b: john doe park

[In the afternoon, an uncertain Haruhi lies down next to a tree, opening, closing, and literally just messing around with the screen of a cell phone that obviously doesn't belong to her. At least, until she stares down at the wallpaper, frowning.

After all the talk about "shinjin", or 'Celestials' -- she doesn't know what to believe anymore. If he was telling the truth, then that wasn't a dream. Those blue giants were real. And maybe this picture was real, too.

But it didn't make any sense. Sure, she did enjoy finding the supernatural. But she didn't want it to become the "mundane". Things like this becoming the norm was a no-no.

... Damn it.

The mere fact that this picture existed definitely bothered her. And the big question lingered in her mind. Why?

Do you dare to approach?]