15 May 2012 @ 09:14 am
vuin (4) - learning the rituals of an American high school  

Can someone help me out on this?

Everyone at school's been talking about this thing called "prom" that's happening on Friday. And there's a king and a queen and people are asking each other to go with them and there's a dress code and it sounds pretty important.

So... what is it? Do I have to go?


[Leaving this option open to anyone who wants to drag Rikku around town in the name of teaching her about prom/getting her ready for it. She has absolutely no frame of reference for it, so have fun with that!]
20 March 2012 @ 10:33 am
drnaa (3) - spring is in the air  
[There hasn't been snow on the ground in almost a month, and the weather is getting just a bit warmer each day. Drones have been babbling that today marks the beginning of Spring, which means that all of the winter weather crap is behind them. While the almost-robotic way the weather shifts between seasons creeps Rikku out a bit, she has to admit that the change is more than welcome.

Today, she can be found outside doing one of the following things:]

A: Front lawn of 1767 Beaver Street
[Rikku is sitting cross-legged in the midst of some scrap metal and electrical parts that she's helped herself to from both her own house and various other places around town. Drones don't really need this stuff, right?

She isn't paying much attention to passers-by, instead concentrating on her tinkering. Currently, she's taking things apart and trying to put them back together. That way, she knows how they work when she inevitably uses them to build something larger.]

B: Mayfield High School
[Class is for suckers, and more often than not it bores Rikku to tears. As such, she's brazenly cutting class and sitting on the football bleachers with the food she's packed for lunch. She even waves to people as they walk by and offers to share her lunch.]

C: John Doe Park
[Rikku is barefoot and her pants are rolled up past her knees. There's water all over the place as she flails, and she's screaming/whining about the temperature. Stepping into cold water elicits a certain reaction when you're not really expecting it.

She's just learned the hard way that it's still a bit too early in the season for wading in the pond.]
05 February 2012 @ 11:59 am
dfu (2) - status effect = zombie  
[The experiments on Rikku at the factory included the unfortunate side effect of death. She's a stalwart girl, yes, but even the most stalwart can only survive so long with surgical tools tearing at her intestines and causing internal bleeding. Her death certificate was practically signed before she left the factory, and she only survived for a few hours after being released from it.

But that's okay, because she's back! Sure, she's not in the best condition, but she's alive again!

Kind of.

If you ignore the fact that she has no heartbeat, or that her body temperature is incredibly low, or that her blood is a congealed pseudo-solid, or that her right hand (stitched to her left wrist) is starting to fall off, or that a scalpel seems to be poking out from her lower abdomen, or that she looks like she's still dead... it's like she's good as new!]

[Action A: Around Town]

[Despite being little better than a reanimated corpse (and after she has a few hours to freak out over her current state of being), Rikku's wandering around town to check on people. Friends and family get highest priority, of course, but if she sees someone in need of assistance she'll approach and try to help.

Rikku is the cheeriest zombie. Or, at least, she's doing her best to be. There's no sense in wasting time bemoaning her state, right?]

[Action B: 918 Bilko Boulevard, locked to [personal profile] sara_mudou]

[Rikku's banging on Sara's front door with the stump of her left wrist, her hand having been lost somewhere along the way. She's heard the phone announcement that they're allowed to blow things up now, and she really really wants to take advantage. It serves them right for putting them through all of this, and maybe they can get something accomplished!

Unfortunately, possessing one backward-and-barely-operational hand means she can't mix the ingredients herself, so she needs a friend. Besides, Sara was such a wreck last time she saw her, so she wants to see if the girl is doing any better.]

Sara! Sara, hey! Open up! We have things to blow up!
14 January 2012 @ 11:18 am
uha (1) - forward dated to January 16th  
[Early morning, 1767 Beaver Street]

[OKAY WOW THAT ALARM IS REALLY LOUD. The klaxon isn't quite the same as the emergency alarms that went off during the seige of Home, but they have the same sort of urgency. This prompts Rikku to scramble out of the bed she's in despite being completely disoriented by the early wake up call.

She stumbles around the unfamiliar room for a few moments before even realizing that it's not the room she went to sleep in. As her mind catches up to her instincts, she slows her frantic pace and begins examining her surroundings. Alien paraphernalia and pictures of her with people she's never met fill the room. Weeeeeeeird.

Well, the door is not locked, so Rikku leaves the room and wanders down the hallway into the rest of the house.]

Hello? Is anyone here?

What's going on??

[Later on in the day, around town]

[Rikku's not in school because she has little idea what school even is. Instead, she's bundled up (it's cold!) and exploring the town. Everything looks the same and there's strange machina everywhere, which piques Rikku's interest enough that people will find her occasionally breaking open the hood of a car and tinkering with its innards. Otherwise, she's simply wandering around, wondering how she ended up here. This must be how Tidus felt when he first got to Spira. Hopefully no one mistakes her for a fiend!]