13 April 2012 @ 07:25 pm
[Freaky Friday] responses will be from [personal profile] alphoster  
[624 Topper]

[Fast forward past the initial shock of sudden teenage boyhood. Foster is currently in the bathroom, checking out her new teenage boy body. By which I mean she is standing in front of the mirror, fully clothed, and waggling her eyebrows.]

Well, just look at me!

[And now she is striking manly poses, giggling in between each pose. Foster what in the hell.... stop hogging the bathroom....]


Hello, dears! I don't mean to alarm somebody, but I seem to be in some body! Does anyone know about this?

Oh, and I'm a young man now, so I want access to all of your secret boy treehouses or whatever the heck boys do that girls don't. I tried all morning to seize the moment, but I'm already into sports, and cars, and I can open pickle jars by myself, and ... hmm, well I guess I haven't tried lawn mowing, but I don't want to do that all day. I could do one lawn if anyone needs it though! And maybe chop some wood. Does anyone need wood?

[This voice is awfully teenaged and male to be talking about secret treehouses. And also too young to be calling people "dears." Foster what in the hell.... stop hogging the phone....]

[Mayfield High]

[Well, she doesn't know who this young man is, but she is almost certain that he goes to school, and she'd hate to tarnish his perfect record! Better go in his stead! So, she makes sure to dress him up nice and sharp (bow ties are involved), and attend his classes.

And then she gets there and has no idea what classes he is in to begin with. TIME TO BUG KIDS IN THE HALLS!]

Excuse me, young [lady/man] ! I'm lost, what class am I supposed to be in?



03 April 2012 @ 04:38 pm
[Guess what, Mayfield? April Fool's happens to be one of Madame Foster's favorite holidays. List of targets in hand, she is out to get every last one. The first person on her list of pranks is Captain Marvelous. He has "Captain" in his name, so she thinks she has the greatest idea ever.]

[Dawn of April 1, Prank the First]

[In various places in town, Madame Foster has put up hand-painted posters. They read as such:]

Career Advice for Being a Better Pirate


Growing a luxuriant pirate beard
Nautical accent, esp. how to speak in a gruff and salty voice
Alcohol Tolerance
Directions to the ocean
Witty banter for use during sword fighting

To respond, direct a call to Captain Marvelous by phone filter.

[Today is gonna be good.]

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07 February 2012 @ 12:52 am
let's knock out this backlog of regains  
[action, 1665 Nelson St.]

[today, the still-hare-ified-Foster went to the mailbox and got another two things: an envelope with a key to another room that has magically appeared in the house, and a mysterious package. She gets the key first and goes to find which room it unlocks. Housemates can find her staring into a beautiful bedroom. Her jaw drops and then she calls out]

Hoo hoo!! Oh Waaaaaally, you won't have to sleep on the couch anymore! I'm moving in here!! Whee hee!!

[and then she SPEEDILY BUNNYHOPS to immediately get her stuff out of the master bedroom, her cackling continuing to echo throughout the house as she SPEEDILY BUNNYHOPS back out with a big box that she has packed up frighteningly fast. When she gets there, one of the sympathy friends is already sitting in the egg chair. Looks like some of them will be moving out of the garage too.]


[In her hustle to move into the fancy new bedroom, she forgot all about the other package. It's on her new bed, though, so she eventually rolls over to open it. Looking inside, her big eyes sparkle and gleam, and she giggles and coos for a moment over her new gift, before realizing


Now she's screaming again until she gets to the phone.]


SOMEONE HAVE A MOVIE NIGHT WITH ME!! I got DVDs back but I don't have anything to play them on and IT'S ROD TANGO and this is very important because I never realized just how much I missed his nice tan and amazing studly abs until just now, when Mayfield decided to torture me with them and THIS WILL NOT STAND.

...And I'll let you play in my super cool arcade if you can do it for me!

[you can almost hear her batting her eyes from the other side of the line. She has five shitty movies to choose from guys, start dialing.]