13 May 2012 @ 11:28 pm
Devil's Nest 14 | As You Wish | Backdated to Mother's Day  
-Action A: Outside of 624 Topper-

[Greed can be found taking down the sign reading 'Devil's Nest' which he hung on the front of the house just about a month ago. He likes it, but his drone wife has been complaining about it, and today he decided to take it down for her.]

-Action B: Around Town-

[After he's done there, he gathers two handfuls of roses from the front yard and hands some to every woman he crosses paths with.]

Anything I can help you with today, lovely?

-Action C: Olney's Tavern-

[At the bar, he's even more eager than usual to take orders from any woman who enters. So eager that he may ignore some of the regulars in favor of the ladies.]

Your tab is on me tonight, beautiful.
20 April 2012 @ 11:41 am
Devil's Nest 13 | Looking a Little Green  
-Action: Front of 624 Topper-

[After rummaging through the garage for a ladder, hammer, and nails, Greed can be found on the lawn, looking from the sign in his hands to the house. Feel free to ask him about it.]

[It doesn't take him long to decide it would look best hanging above the front door, and soon he's causing a fair amount of noise trying to get some nails in the perfect spot to hang it. Once he's got the sign perched above the door, he's off the ladder and back on the lawn admiring the sight. Feel free to yell at him about the noise or bug him about the sign.]

-Action: Around Town-

[Greed is so happy with his sign, that he can't help but stop and smell the roses, well, blue flowers, and after a few moments, his skin turns a bright shade of green. Even worse, when he puts up his shield it's a sparkling pink. He'll wander around town as he goes from green to pink, hoping that it will fade.]

-Action: Olney's Tavern-

[Despite his strange green hue, he still makes it in to work, but he's not his usual chipper self. Instead, he sulks behind the bar, hoping the dark lighting will make him look somewhat normal.]

03 April 2012 @ 08:23 pm
Devil's Nest 12 | Just Hanging Around  
-624 Topper: Locked to Housemates-

[Greed just stand in the hall for a minute looking at the mail. Then, after a moment, he shrugs and crumples the paper into a ball.]

Like I'm gonna do something the people in charge tell me to.

[With that, he tosses it into the trash.]

[Hours later, he's on the couch groaning as he scratches at his spot covered skin.]


Anyone got any idea how to stop these spots and itching?

-Action: Around Town-

[Greed is up in a tree, waiting for his targets to walk by. When they do, he'll jump down in front of them in his shield form and give a shout.]

[He might even do this to a friend if he sees them passing by, just for the heck of it.]
27 March 2012 @ 05:28 pm
Devil's Nest 11 | Missing Time  
624 Topper: Locked to Household

[Greed notices the change in the pictures when he wakes up, and he can't help but think a certain kid in the pictures reminds him of Fullmetal. He also notices the weather seems a bit warmer and he can see more flowers when he looks out the window.]

[He clambers down the stairs to the kitchen.]

Oi! Where is everyone? Did it suddenly become Spring overnight or something? And is there and Elric in the house now?

Around Town: Open Action

[Greed's walking around, trying to turn up memories from his missing time. He may seem lost in thought as he tries to get in touch with the souls in his stone to make sure none are missing.]

Seems like they're all there.

Olney's Tavern: Open Action

[He stands behind the bar, watching people mingle, then hops up on the counter.]

Don't know what happened, but I'm back, ready to make sure all those of the fairer sex can get their drinks again.

[He jumps down and grins, waiting for his first customer.]
12 February 2012 @ 10:27 pm
Devil's Nest 10: A Drink For The Brokenhearted  
Olney's Tavern: Day 1 & 2 of Event

[The tavern is decorated with carnations of every color, and no matter how many times someone tries to toss them, they always reappear. Greed grins as he pours drinks for all the customers.]

[If he's never met you he has a question.]

Where're you from, I feel like I should know you.

[If he has met you, he'll saunter over, you're preferred drink in hand. And rather than leaving it and going back behind the counter, he takes a seat next to you.]

I just realized something. I think of you as family. Y'know what I mean?
11 February 2012 @ 08:25 am
Devil's Nest 9 | Looking For A Show?  
[624 Topper: Household/Anyone passing by]

[Greed eyes the package carefully, wondering just what could be in it. Unlike some people, he hadn't been disappointed by his regains yet. Sure, he could do without the ouroboros, but he'd like. He shakes the box and grins.]

[He tears it open and frowns at the number of red stones inside. Of course Mayfield had to do this the hard way.]

[One can find him sitting on the porch digging through the stone, picking each one up and eying it carefully before setting it down next to him. He's not sure exactly how this is going to work. Are they each a little piece of his stone, or is one specific one his stone and the rest are just to screw with him?]

[At one point or another he'll chuckle to himself when he does find the proper stone. It seems to sink into his skin, and for a moment, he's lost in the chaos that comes with the Philosopher's Stone. He might not respond to anything for a few moments.]

[John Doe Park]

[Are you one of the many people training with a weapon out in the park? If so, he's headed your way for a test run.]

Wanna see a trick?

[Olney's Tavern]

[Greed seems to be in a very good mood tonight, and if you ask why, maybe he'll pour you a free drink and give you a show.]

24 January 2012 @ 11:10 pm
Devil's Nest 8 | Don't Keep Me In The Dark  

I heard that explosion, and I'm guessing it had something to do with the dairy from that radio broadcast. Free drinks at the tavern to anyone who'll tell me what the hell is going on, because this sounds bad. Just ask for Greed.

Olney's Tavern

Greed stands behind the bar, watching as people enter. He figures at least a couple of them will be telling him what happened. And from the looks of the crowd nothing is wrong with the drones, all the regulars are there. He just waits, his ears perked up for the mention of his name. But, while he waits he'll be pouring drinks for the regulars and occasionally for himself.]