07 May 2012 @ 01:32 am
Backdated to May 5th  
[Action: 1486 Kramden Road]

[This afternoon, you’ll find Sue busily and cheerfully active in the kitchen. She’s prepared loads of sandwiches and pastries and is packaging them all up for transport! What could this mean?!]

[Phone, open]

Hey everyone, it’s Sue! Hee, I don’t mean to make a big deal of it, but do you know what today is? No? It’s my birthday! I’m eleven years old today! One year closer to becoming a beautiful and sophisticated woman! Hee hee! Anyways, to celebrate, me and Puffy are having a picnic in the park today! Anyone who would like to attend is welcome! I’ve made tons of sandwiches and desserts! I… I especially hope that you’ll attend, Mr. Yosuke. I really appreciated your help recently… so please come and have some food, okay?

I hope to see you all there!

[Action: John Doe Park]

[In the middle of the park, Sue and Puffy are camped out on a picnic basket, a bountiful spread placed around them. True to her message, there are a variety of sandwiches and desserts, including pie, brownies and cookies. If she sees you looking at her, she’ll smile and motion for you to join them.]

Hi there! You look hungry, why don’t you come over and have a bite to eat?
13 April 2012 @ 11:31 pm
[Action 947 Beulah Street]


[Apologies to other occupants in the house, you may be awoken by a very high pitched girly scream of absolute and total horror.]


[Seconds later, she (...he now) bursts out of the room and looks about frantically.]

Is... Is there anyone else here?! Hello?!

[Action: Around town]


[OK, Sue would love nothing more than to go to bed and hope that she’ll awake from this nightmare, but she’s got a very pressing concern: Puffy. Where is her pet?!

Still, she doesn’t feel at all comfortable walking about in another person’s body… so she’s kind of… creeping around, hiding behind anything that will provide her with some cover. If there is a merciful presence at all, this will all end soon without anyone realizing it’s really HER.]
28 February 2012 @ 09:20 pm
I Just... Don't Want You To See Me Like This  
[Little Sue hasn’t told anyone in Mayfield this, but… she’s actually well versed in losing people in her life. Her parents passed on when she was very young, and her surrogate uncle, Justin’s father, too. She had to separate from Justin and Feena back home after becoming physically exhausted by their journey and go home after crossing the End of the World. Since her arrival in Mayfield, she’s lost two good friends to droning, and now, Sunny…

Sunny… hurts even worse than the others. With Sunny, it was easy to momentarily forget about their situation, their kidnapping from home and inability to escape from Mayfield, and just be a young girl. They played together, baked together, had an impromptu sleepover during the last trial Mayfield threw their way. Sunny was like the younger sister Sue always wanted. She was her best friend… and she misses her.

But Sue is adopting her usual method of dealing with loss in three steps: keep busy, fake it until make it (being happy, that is) and appreciate the people still with her. She’s not alone… and it’s imperative that no one think that she’s just a child. People have enough to worry about, she doesn’t want to add herself to anyone’s list. She just hopes that they won’t notice that her smile is a wee bit forced and that she seems a bit quieter than normal…]

[Action: 1486 Kramden Road]

[Sue has made a biiiiig breakfast for everyone. There’s an excessive amount of pancakes, waffles, and French toast, and a sliced up a grapefruit for each of her housemates. It’s alright if you can’t finish it all, Puffy can eat whatever is leftover… really. For such a small creature, he’s got a big appetite! She hopes you’ll all enjoy it!]

[Action: Library]

[Sue is searching for a dessert cookbook that will allow her to expand her cooking horizons. She likes making cookies, but making them without Sunny… it’s just not the same. Time to try something new…]

Hmmm… this looks good. But would it be too difficult? Do I have everything needed to make it?

[Action: Park]

[On her way home, Sue stops at the park with Puffy to run around and get some exercise. But she’s grown used to seeing Dia and Lax there and she misses them sorely too. After a few minutes of chasing Puffy gamely, she sighs, plops down on a bench and pulls a charm out of her pocket, looking at it almost longingly for a while.]

[Later, Phone]

Hey, everyone, it’s Sue! I decided to try and expand my cooking skills, so I made something I don’t usually bake: a cake! It’s chocolate with chocolate frosting! Maybe that’s too decadent, but I figure everyone should be allowed to indulge in something heavy in calories sometime! Would anybody like a slice? I taste tested it myself, it was yummy! I wouldn’t offer anyone something that I didn’t enjoy myself, after all! And Puffy gave it a seal of approval too!

Oh, and if anyone has any recommendations on good treats that I could try to make, I’d appreciate it! I’m always looking for new recipes to try out!