16 May 2012 @ 12:03 pm
001 - Phone - Action  
 A: Phone;  Morning / Action; for housemates

[Xavin has already spent a few days in this strange place, slowly learning what she can. Housemates may not have seen much of her though, since she found out that Karolina was here, the skrull's first instinct to find her beloved and make sure she was okay. And then it had just been too hard to leave.

But finally she returns, for a change of clothes, for being told she must be there every 3 days or else. She's no stranger to curfews and rules, and if it's only a few hours she can stand that. Plus she needs the time to think, and explore her own house.

And while she's there she'll make a call.]

Hello. My name is Xavin, and I've recently arrived in this place they call Mayfield. I've been told this is a good way to get in contact with others.

I have a question or two, for those who might know this place better. Why are we here, and if something, an ability, has been taken away from us, how do we get it back?

[She's sorry Karolina, but already she's disliking the one body thing]

B: Action; Around town, school

[Or you can find her making her way too and from the highschool, or even at the highschool itself. Not used to being unable to shift her body and her clothing, Xavin's hair is in a messy ponytail, and her blouse's buttons are slightly out of line. It's all very frustrating, and the fact that her wardrobe only had skirts makes it worse. You can often catch her tugging at the material, frowning as she does so.]

How do women like these things...