29 July 2012 @ 10:05 am
8th Smile  
[Action A, 1670 Nelson: It's just another bright, cheery Mayfield afternoon when your local Smile Junkie goes to grab the mail and sees two boxes for him. How exciting! Not bothering to wait, he opens one right there. He lets out a thrilled "Yes!" and runs back to the porch to sit down and immediately play his Gameboy Advance. Looks like he left the other box in the open mailbox. Care to check out what's going on?]


[Action B: Hardware store, then back to 1670 Nelson: Looks like Elmer is stocking up on supplies. Planks of wood, nails, paint, things like that. He'll be bringing them home in his car and dumping them on the front lawn near that nice, big maple tree in the yard. Soon, he's sawing, hammering and nailing things to the tree. Seems like a treehouse is underway! Elmer cheerfully hums and sings to himself as he works. So serene, so happy. Feel free to interrupt. He might even flag you down as you walk by.]

Oi! Are you busy? Can you hold on to this for a moment?

19 June 2012 @ 04:42 pm
7th Smile  
[BACKDATED to Father's Day Sunday because I'm a failure]

[Elmer knows what today is. His drone children woke him up to celebrate early this morning. And since Mother's Day was the day women had to listen to men... Now it's the other way, right?

It doesn't take long for him to figure this out. Time to use it for his advantage.]

[Action A: HELLO, LADIES. You're being followed by one (1) Smile Junkie. He's not trying to be sneaky or anything, but he is seems to be closing in on you. If you don't turn around to say something to him first, eventually, he'll be right in front of you, or keeping pace.]

Hi, there! Lovely day, wouldn't you say?

Action B: for household )
29 May 2012 @ 04:08 pm
6th Smile  
[Phone call, no filters]

Sitting around waiting for something to happen is boring. Who are those people in charge of this place, again? The Mayor and... some other people? I'm thinking of paying them a visit.

Out of curiosity, what's the longest anyone has been in this town?

25 April 2012 @ 11:53 am
5th Smile  
[Action A: Maybe you work at the used car lot, or maybe you're just passing by. Either way, something is very noticeable about it: it's empty. Or rather, there's one car left, and standing in front of it is a drone couple, and a blonde man with a name tag - obviously an employee. The men shake hands and then the smiling couple get in the car and drive off in their beautiful new 195X Nash Rambler. The employee waves them off, a huge grin on his face.]

Enjoy! That car is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for a long time!

[Seems like the Smile Junkie speaks the drones' language. Elmer has managed to sell every car in the damned lot. He looks at the empty lot, satisfied. Of course, Mayfield will restock it in a day or so, but he doesn't know that.]

Okay then, I guess I'm done for the day.


[Action B: Time to share the wealth. Elmer walks into the diner and announces to everyone:]

Oi! Lunch is on me! Order whatever you like, I've got it covered. So smile, okay?

11 April 2012 @ 11:23 am
4th Smile  
[Action: Outside of 1670 Nelson today, Elmer stops at the mailbox to see some things with his name on it. Yay! There are two boxes (his lovely prizes from the April Fool's event), and an envelope in the mailbox. Curious, he opens that up first. Upon looking at the card, his usual smile slips into a confused look for about 2 seconds, after which he suddenly makes a strangled, pained noise and promptly passes out where he stands. Hopefully someone's around to find out what in the world just happened.]


[Phone call placed later in the day:]

Hello! So, whoever delivers things into Mayfield, I have a suggestion. When sending things to us, you should label what it is on the outside, so we know if we should be careful or not. People might get hurt.

03 April 2012 @ 11:04 am
3rd Smile [Action]  
[Action A: Sometime after his prank against Remilia Scarlet, Elmer will be seen out and about town sporting a nice new pair of pink and black bat wings! They'll probably be recognizable to anyone who knows Remilia, and it's obvious that they're not Elmer's anyway. His attempts at flight are a bit less than graceful, as he bumps into trees, houses, you, etc.]

[Action B: He's on a mission, though! For each hand, he carries a water pistol, each filled with water dyed with food coloring. Blue in one hand, orange in the other, he's out on the hunt for his targets! Sure, he's not being subtle, but this is fun, and his targets don't know who he is anyway. Karkat Vantas, Elizabeth, Jade Harley and Olivier Armstrong best watch out, as there's some weird smiling guy flying awkwardly behind you, water pistols hiding in his pockets. You might not even be one of his targets, and you might find him coming up on you. WHAT DO YOU DO?]

[Action C, 1670 Nelson: Elmer returns home eventually, splashed with blue and orange himself, and suffering from some scrapes and bruises. A weird sensation, considering he hasn't had any injuries that last more than a few seconds in 300 years. Once inside, he finds all the mirrors in the house broken. How odd.]

Hey Grellie! [Yes he did just call her that] Are you home? What happened?

[OOC: just like others: this post is open to his targets, those targeting him, anyone!]]

17 March 2012 @ 10:56 am
2nd Smile  
[Action: Sure, El's only been here for a week, but that doesn't mean he can't have some fun already. Plus, today is a holiday! And since he already missed teaching everyone about White Day this week, he needs to pick up the ball with Saint Patrick's Day.]

[Getting all of his green clothes from his wardrobe, Elmer will be outside sprucing up his porch and fence at 1670 Nelson with shamrock garland, leprechaun decorations and the like. Naturally he does all this with a smile on his face, happily humming to himself. Look, he's even set out a cooler of beer on the driveway and a few chairs for any visitors or housemates!]


[Phone call to everyone:]

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone! Haha, I hope no Irish folks get mad at the Englishman for explaining? But I know a lot of people might not know what it is. It's a saint's feast day for a guy who spread Christianity around Ireland a long long time ago and is still celebrated hundreds of years later! Parades, sports... but since we're in the U.S., it's mostly just a lot of wearing green, partying and drinking. [He laughs]

Nothing wrong with that though, if you ask me! Holidays are a great way to spread cheer, and from what I can tell, some people around here need it. Though, for being kidnapped and dropped into a town you can't escape from, with no explanation, a lot of you sure seem happy. I guess that's good, eh? If it's bad where you're originally from, this place would be great.

Well, if you feel like celebrating, I'll be at 1670 Nelson Street. Come on by!

[[ooc - I'm still tagging his last post too o/]]

10 March 2012 @ 01:55 pm
1st Smile  
Action locked to household - 1670 Nelson )


[Phone call, open to everyone - a chipper voice comes across the line.]

Hello, operator?


[Action A - Streets: There's a new guy in town wandering about, curiously looking at everything in town. He's stopped in front of various houses, reading the names on the mailboxes; he's looking over storefronts and street names, and just walking about calmly with a smile on his face. He might stop you to talk if you're passing by.]

Hi! Do you live here? I think I'm lost.


[Action B - the library: This is hardly the first time Elmer has been in a new place, so he wastes no time heading to find the library to collect more informaton. We all know how that goes though. Since all he can seem to find is books on car repair and golf, he'll be looking for a librarian or anyone else browsing the shelves.]

This place is pretty weird! Can you tell me where the rest of the books are?