11 July 2012 @ 08:53 pm
Ruling 21 (Phone)  
Since people seem to have returned, will anyone care to share their experiences?
10 June 2012 @ 09:13 pm
Ruling 20 (Phone)  
The most important thing to do in times like this is to stay calm. There is usually little long term affect to such happenings so there's no reason to be overly worked up. But in light of everything I will offer those unable to defend themselves or find suitable safe ground, my own residence. It should be safe enough from all danger and the infected will be kept away.
25 April 2012 @ 07:06 pm
Ruling 19 (Phone)  
Good day Mayfield, there is something I would like to address to everyone.

Lately there is a measure of carelessness in the population, there is no consideration for the consequences, and no desire to face those consequences. There is no peer discussion and a small minority causes a lot of trouble for everyone else. This is a situation that must be fixed, all actions carry consequences, some of them only to you and your immediate acquaintances. Some however will have a greater affect on most if not all other residents.

This is not acceptable.

I have recently been make aware of an organization that wishes to mediate to make a balance. Good intentions or bad intentions will be treated the same, after all someone needs to watch those who will not take the time to consider the consequences. Since this is a goal I can support fully I am announcing my intentions to aid this organization, though this organization my authorization expands and I will make sure to do what I can to maintain a proper balance.

What does this mean for all of you? Please behave and consider your actions before making it, because I will be making a point to keep an eye on every single person in this town. If your actions lead to concerning consequences I will speak with you.

Thank you.
27 February 2012 @ 09:10 pm
Ruling 18 (Phone)  
[Having spoken with Marisa not very long ago about one of the witches concerns, Eiki could not help but find herself curious about this Imperial Condescension. Normally she would have looked in her mirror to learn more about the woman, but it seemed wrong to do that to someone not in her jurisdiction and who she had yet to properly meet. At least something as invasive as looking through her past actions. Instead she would do the next best thing, ask to talk to her, as well as those who know her.]

A person of interest has been brought to my attention. I am interested to learn more about them. They are known as Her Imperial Condescension. If you are familiar with this person I would like to speak to you. If you are said person I would also like to speak to you.

If speaking over the telephone is not a comfortable thing for you, I do not mind meeting you in person.

That is all.

[She wasn't angry, but her tone was all business. For those who knew her it was a concerning tone.]
24 February 2012 @ 05:40 pm
Rulling 17  
[Action: outside 5724 Cunningham Lane; afternoon]

[Eiki was standing on the roof of her house as if she were standing in the ground. The wind around her tossed her skirt and hair to the side but other than that she seemed perfectly steady. It was about time she did this, in all honestly she wasn't sure why she hadn't done this sooner. While holding the Rod of Remorse she raises her arm up as if pointing the rod to heaven, shortly after doing this a large amount of energy is absorbed from her surroundings. It's almost as if a mist is formed around her and drawn into her before she begins. It's enough to be noticeable by anyone sensitive, but then she was generally noticeable by anyone sensitive normally.

After absorbing the energy she lowers the rod down in a swiping motion and expels energy, a much larger amount than what she had just absorbed. It's like a downward blast though without any physical interaction with objects. Around the house a light starts to form taking shape as if the property line was being drown out with a glowing pen of light. When the line completes itself light shoots upward forming a powerful wall, but only for a moment. The minute it becomes it's brightest, almost a blinding white light, it vanishes.

Eiki does nothing further other than take a look around the outside of the house before nodding to herself.

That will do.


Every culture has different ideologies of what happens after death, however most of them are at least similar with the idea that the soul goes onto something either different or more. That the soul is not simply lost. Many cultures have beliefs that after death you will either be rewarded for doing things that were desirable, or punished for those considered undesirable while alive. I am curious if those here in this town have more varying beliefs when it comes to this system.

So I ask you all this: What do you think happens after you die?
05 February 2012 @ 02:43 pm
Ruling 16  

[Her tone is even and just a bit chastising. This was a lesson everyone had to think about, a lesson that came with a high price.]

Situations like these demonstrates why caution and understanding are necessary. Foolish and rash actions will only cause problems in the end and will never lead to a beneficial out come. One who is impetuous with their decisions and actions will only harm themselves and others around them. Though we may not like this place, this place has a method of functioning, and without understanding the system which supports this reality we have come to know, we will only hurt ourselves by damaging it thoughtlessly.

Keep this in mind next time there is an opportunity, learn first and form a plan before simply taking action for the sake of it.

[She pauses a moment to let that all sink in. Also to give a divider from her next topic.]

As for the request for distraction, I know many of you will take it as a chance to do anything you feel like. Please try and behave and not target your chaotic natures towards your fellow captors. It does nothing for anyone in the end. Those I see being out of control for the sake of it without any thought or caution will be judged accordingly.

[Action; All around Mayfield]

[Eiki can be found in various places in Mayfield, but she's not participating in wanton destruction. Instead she is keeping an eye on people, specifically to make sure no innocent people get more hurt than they already are. It's a rare thing for her to get involved, but in such an extreme situation she felt there was no other choice.]