14 March 2012 @ 02:58 pm
4th Code [Voice]  
[Phone - Filtered from Saber (but she can totally overhear this if she's in the house)]

[After a failed trip to the library, it's time to make a request of the citizens of Mayfield!] Hey, um. This may seem kind of strange, but I have a question.

Does anyone have any books on Roman culture? [Normally that wouldn't be something to be awkward about, but considering her current situation...] Things like holidays and traditions... I'd really like to read up on them. I tried looking in the library, but I couldn't find anything.

[Her voice becomes more deadpan, and she mumbles.] Seriously, what kind of library only has books on cooking and cleaning...
07 February 2012 @ 11:32 pm
3rd Code [Action]  
[Action - Outside 505 Ricardo]

[Hakuno has bounced back from her illness surprisingly quickly. Her throat is still a little sore from all the coughing, and there are a few dull purple blotches on her cheek and neck that haven't completely faded, but other than that, she's fine!

So after gathering what she hoped would be the right amount of money for a fancy belated birthday present (ah, the joys of having a friend for... a parent...), she made her way out of the house. Out of habit she stopped by the mailbox, and after checking it, noticed a thin letter addressed to her! She opened it, and read the two words written on the paper inside.]

Magic circuits...? Wha- [And then it hits her. Pain, like being struck by lightning, shoots through her from the top of her head straight to the tips of her toes; she yelps, dropping the letter. It's immediately followed by a light tingle at her fingertips; the familiar feeling of magic flowing through her body, ready to be unleashed.

It all subsides as quickly as it came, and a wide smile crosses her face. With her ability as a magus back, there's no way she's going to just sit by and let things happen. Not like last time.]

[Action - Main Street]

[Hakuno is walking down the street, passing many of the shops and restaurants. Her eyes are darting from one shop to the next, this side of the street to the other, looking for the right one. She's mumbling to herself as she does so.]

There has to be a store around here somewhere... that boy said he bought some for Christmas, didn't he...

[Action - 310 Miller Street]

[Knock knock knock! There's someone at the door! After returning from shopping, Hakuno hurriedly wrapped the present she found and headed out to the address Rin had given her.]
31 January 2012 @ 01:13 am
2nd Code [Action/Voice] [Backdated to the morning of the 30th]  
[Action A - All around Mayfield]

[After being released from the factory, Hakuno immediately starts making her way home. She's still not sure what kind of disease the doctors injected her with, but it's making her miserable, and she doesn't want to risk the chance of making anyone else feel the same way.

It's hard to keep walking though. Between the nausea and the hot and cold flashes, her head is swimming, causing her to stumble and occasionally pause to dry heave - it's been a while, so any contents of her stomach are long-gone. Also, there are strange purple dotted across her visible skin.

So yes, she's looking very, very sick, and will be avoiding people as best as possible. Which means that people should totally harass her, right?]

[Action B - Ricardo Street (Locked to Saber. The red one.)]

[Almost there. Almost there. She had (possibly) been stalled by others for some time, so it's taken her longer than usual to reach home. After all of that, the symptoms are finally taking their toll, and Hakuno's energy is at zero. She stumbles once. Twice. Three times. The fourth time is the last straw, and she finally collapses, right in the middle of the road.]

[Phone - Late afternoon]

[Waking up some time later, what is the first thing Hakuno decides to do? Not raid the medicine cabinet. Pfft, no. THE FIRST THING SHE DOES IS MAKE A PHONE CALL. After barricading herself in her room with one of the phones, of course.]

Rin! [She sounds horrible. You know, from all the coughing and vomiting attempts.] Rin, please tell me you're okay. Everyone else I've talked to... [A pause as she coughs.] What about you guys?

[OOC; IMPORTANT NOTE to those who might tag the action prompt. Her disease, which is noted here, is highly contagious through cough and touch. So be warned!]
14 January 2012 @ 12:28 am
1st Code [Action] [Warning for Fate/Extra spoilers in comments!]  
[Action - 505 Ricardo Street]

[Hakuno practically jumps out of bed when the alarms blare out across town. Alarm floods her first... but then, confusion. It seemed like just a second ago that, with adrenaline still pumping through her after the final battle, she had reached out, fingertips an inch away from the the Moon Cell...

... And then she woke up here. But... where was here? Was this some other construction by the Moon Cell?

Only one way to find out! She slid out of bed, exiting the room and looking around. Is this... someone else's house?]

Hello? Is anybody here?

[Action - Outside]

[Some time later, Hakuno is dressed and outside, looking up at the midnight sky, inky-black and dotted with stars.]

Huh... I almost forgot what this looked like... [Her voice doesn't sound wistful or contemplative of anything like that... she's simply stating a fact. She was so used to the strange digital sky surrounding the school, or the harsh artificial sun of the various levels of the arena. But this... this was different.] ... Considering everything, though, I guess that doesn't really mean much.