07 August 2012 @ 05:33 am
[ order 12 ]  
{ Action ; 852 Goldberg }

[ There is something so odd about this morning, as Integra makes her way toward consciousness with the same briskness she generally approaches most things in life.

Of course, waking up tends to be somewhat complicated when one finds herself sharing a bed with a man. Two men, in fact, the knightly filling to a sandwich played by Heaven and Hell itself.

They're about to learn that Integra really has some pipes on her.


Later, after whatever has happened has in fact happened, she finds herself standing at the edge of the front lawn, the low shrubbery and a white picket fence separating her from the pavement and Mayfield beyond. Behind her, Baskerville lowers his head to scratch at an itch with his hind foot, uncaring, just like a dog to remain oblivious, living (or unliving, really) in the moment.

This is no dream. What purpose have I returned for? ]

{ Phone }

[ Integra's made an effort at phoning those she knew from before. Her message is quick and succinct: ]

This is Sir Hellsing. I've made it back.

{ Action ; John Doe Park - Afternoon }

[ Nothing quite like a quick walk around the place to see what's up. While the trailing hound busies himself by snapping at bees, Integra has her hands in the pockets of her slacks, pausing to people-watch in the shade beneath an oak tree. Recon a bit, begin the processes of stockpiling and reaching out to potential allies. By luck it seems the Major is gone for now, just another mindless drone carrying out his business. She doesn't believe in luck. With him, or without him, to stay in Mayfield is to always prepare for war. ]
17 May 2012 @ 11:18 am
[ order 11 ]  
[ Mayfield High - Morning ]

[ Class time is later in the day- at the moment Integra needs time to herself in the gym, expertly fencing against an invisible opponent. Rider has been droned, and in his departure she's lost a friend. Frustrated, angry, sorrowful, Sir Hellsing is channeling the emotion into the deft movements of her foil. ]

[ Shooting Range - Afternoon ]

[ To any who might be in the vicinity, they'll see Integra handing over one of her sidearms to the black-haired child she brought in with her. ]

Shall I get you a stool, Alucard?

[ Olney's - Evening ]

[ Integra drags the mildly-protesting drone by his tie out the door and onto the sidewalk, giving him a firm enough shove to send him stumbling into the gutter.

She returns to her seat at the bar, crossing one leg over the other beneath her shift dress before relighting her cigar. ]
22 March 2012 @ 12:58 pm
[ order 10 - lean into the light - Day 2 and 3 of Slimefield ]  
[ Action - 914 Bilko - Morning - Day 2 ]

[If you're in the neighborhood this morning you might find Integra walking the perimeter of the yard. Dressed in head to toe black, with only a purple sash over her shoulders to break up the funereal attire, she flicks water from the small bucket on her arm at the fence line with a steel whisk.

A group of trollish-looking women of transparent blue shimmer in the air over the pavement on the other side, making an unholy racket while Integra finishes up her clearance of the property. They dig at the cement, pull at the neighbors' shrubs and throw rocks into the street before she turns to them, thundering,]

By the authority God has granted me, I command you to stop that!

[And they do, as if struck.]

[ Action - Around Mayfield - Day 3 ]

[Dr Spengler gave her a slime blower. Highly appreciative of new toys weaponry, Sir Hellsing will be putting this to good use, starting with the slime-coated citizenry. Enjoy your face full of euphoria!]
24 February 2012 @ 05:25 pm
[ order 9 - all I know is that I'm here ]  
[ 914 Bilko | Morning ]

[Integra starts her day early like usual, minding to herself and getting the sleepy house running...except for what comes next. Standing at the foot of the stairs, wearing a ruffled, floral print apron over her bright blue house dress with its wide, petticoated skirt, Sir Hellsing calls up to her housemates with an empty-headed smile:]

Rise and shine, sleepyheads! Breakfast is ready!

[Yes, Mayfield. Sir Integra Hellsing has been droned.]

[ Mayfield High School | Early Afternoon ]

[Your fencing/self-defense coach seems pretty excited for class today. Instead of setting everyone to warming up with the foils however, she carries a crate of what seems to be filled with...art supplies?]

Fencing is such a violent sport, isn't it? So today we're going to be making collages! I've brought extra glitter.

[ Around Mayfield | Late Afternoon ]

[A good wife's work is never finished. Integra hurries to and fro throughout town, pausing for daffodils in the flower shop, ground beef for meatloaf in the butcher's, eggs and extra milk in the grocery store, oh my! Baskerville accompanies her on a ridiculously glitzy lead, looking absolutely dejected as his master carries on in her way. If she sees someone she knows, you're not at all safe. Integra practically drags the hound with her to reach you.]

Hello Darling, it's so wonderful to see you!
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07 February 2012 @ 03:54 pm
[ order 8 ]  
[ Home - Midday ]

[After hovering uncomfortably close to death for much of the past week, confined to bed in misery, Integra awoke feeling warm and alert. Her skin has lost its ashen appearance, warm tan once more and bearing no signs of the surgery she'd been put through. She stumbles over the hound on the way to the bathroom, lifting her shirt (Giles's, actually) to the mirror once there to stare at herself. Integra does a turn. Not a mark.

Flooded with relief, she's spent her morning making the most of it, showering and putting things to right throughout the house with ruthless efficiency. It's only until close to lunch that she emerges to check the mail, comfortably dressed in a coat, black cigarette pants and a fitted indigo jumper, acquiescing to the town's wardrobe options since everything else is in the wash.

The black, 2000 Mercedes sedan parked in the drive affords her a head turn.]

Yes! [She throws her fist into the air, triumphant. Today is going better than expected.]

[ Mayfield - On the road - Afternoon ]

[Integra's left for a drive now that she has the car. Baskerville sits in the passenger seat to her left, all eight eyes squinting against the wind and his pink tongue lolling out of his wide mouth. She's all for following traffic laws, at least until she's near the end of town at the entrance to the highway. After that the road is hers for the taking.]
29 January 2012 @ 11:47 pm
[ order 7 - so the judgment seems fair ]  
[Action | Mayfield | Morning]

[Hypovolemic shock. It has a certain ring to it, medical jargon for the symptoms associated with severe blood loss. Integra has had more than a passing familiarity with it even before her recent brush with Mrs Johnson. Victims of exsanguination provided a wide variety of case studies, the recollection blurring before her swimming vision.

Upon finding herself dumped outside the hospital, she peeled off from the rest of her fellow lab rats, wearing the thin hospital sheet like the shroud of a drifting phantasm. Integra barely registers the late January cold, her skin already chill and clammy, her complexion wan from loss of blood. Home. She must get home, must get to her 9mm and the sweet relief of death. Anything to stop the hunger clawing at her, because she will not break. A Hellsing will never condescend to drink blood like an anti-Christian freak, never.

Stumbling over a curb, she goes down on her knees in the snow. Saliva pools in her mouth, falling from her cracked lips as Sir Hellsing struggles to stand, the need for blood tearing at all reason.

Will you help her up?]

((ooc: Please let me know if you'd like your character to get eaten/attacked for their good deed!))