16 July 2012 @ 06:42 pm
A New Not!Wife! Oh, My!  
 Phone Call, Unlocked:

Hello?  I've got a problem, of a sort. Mayfield has given me a new Not!Wife, and I really ought to give her something that suits her as a welcome present. But I'm not entirely sure what. Does anyone have any good ideas of gifts to give Mistress Esme Weatherwax? I'd like to present her with some small token of my esteem to let her know she's welcome at 1126 Taylor. Does anyone out there know her well enough to have a few ideas?

Action (Closed, for Granny Weatherwax):

[Tarvek's been busy on the way home from work. He skulks and slinks as a proper trained Smoke Knight can, and waits till Granny Weatherwax is occupied upstairs. He then drifts in like mist on an evening lake. He locates a vase in the china cabinet in the dining room, and brings it into the kitchen. Once there he carefully arranges a full vase of daffodils and daisies with ferns to fill it out. He sets it at the place at the kitchen table that has already become Granny's. He then thinks again, glaring dubiously at You, the cat, and hunts up a huge enameled stock pot, which he upends over the flowers to protect them. He tucks a small envelope under the edge of the pot. When Granny Weatherwax opens it--if she does--it says only, "With respect and welcome, Prince Aaronev Tarvek Sturmvoraus," in really good, fancy copperplate script. Tarvek feels there are some standards he ought to live up to...and it's nice to have someone in the house besides drones. It's been a long time since he had a "real" not-wife.]]
12 July 2012 @ 07:11 pm
Back from a Europan Holiday  

Two Days After Welcomefield


1126 Taylor Road, Morning

[Tarvek wakes up with a sudden, doom-filled whumph. His brain is crammed with memories: a very full couple of days worth of memories. They rattle and bang and crash against an equally crammed year of Mayfield memories, leaving him with the bizarre sense of living two lives, in two places, on two entirely different time scales.]

[He's heard about people who were droned out coming back with new memories. Now he's one of 'em...and the feeling is not good. Just so very, very not good.  Which is why it takes a little time to realize that he's not in bed alone...and the person he's not-alone with is not a drone. At all. Not in any way, shape, or form.]


[Tarvek has levitated about one foot backward--and promptly crashed to the floor, dropping with all the grace and ease of the Roadrunner plummeting to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.]

Oh! Ah!  Um!


Oh, my goodness. Hello?  Is that.......?

[He's almost afraid to say it. No--he is afraid to say it.]

Phone, later:

Ilsa?  Ilsa?!!  Ilsa, get over here now!  Please!


And her cat is chasing my mimmoth!



Someone, please, help...

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11 March 2012 @ 11:19 pm
The Electric Muse  
PHONE CALL, To Quinn, but not locked.

Quinn? We were talking about making a muse... er... robot. I was wondering, if you're still interested, why don't you come on over to my place at 1126 Taylor Road. We can work in my lab. Expect to spend the first day sitting around drawing ideas and discussing options.


Quinn and I are thinking of making a, er, "robot." Anyone who wants to join can come on over to my place to consider ideas.
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