08 October 2012 @ 05:53 pm
[7th Portal] Cara Mia Addio Encore  
Action - 850 Goldberg

[Chell opens the door to find 3 packages of varying sizes, one small and rather flat, one medium-large one, and one quite large one of a suspicious size.

She opens the small one first to find her clothes from Aperture. She doesn't plan on wearing them again, but they could come in handy later, you never know. The next one contains her portal gun. She hasn't seen many places that portals could be placed on, but if there were any, it'd be very useful.

Finally, Chell turns to the last one. It's about as tall as a turret, so that's what's got her worried. It's a bit wider, though, so she's not sure what to make of that. She circles the box, knocking on it to see if she can get any information that way.

She assumes that if it was a turret, the gun portion would be facing towards the door, so she tips the box over so that if there was a turret inside, it'd now be facing the ground instead.

Chell pries the box open and discovers that not only is it a turret, but it's the oversized turret that she had seen a few times. It had never attacked her or anyone else that she saw, it just somehow used the elevator and oversaw some of the other turrets when they were making music.

It's an odd choice of something to be returned to her, so she shrugs, just leaves it where it is, and goes back inside the house.

She sets her clothes on the Companion Cube, and when she turns around, the turret is standing in front of her. Chell dives beside the couch and peers around at the turret. The turret doesn't make any movements, it doesn't even have a red laser sight for targeting, it just stands there, staring blankly.

Chell waves her hand at the turret, and it still doesn't move. She shrugs to herself and stands up, walking past it and over to the curtains. She turns her back to the turret and pulls off a long strip of cloth and goes to work using it as a strap for the portal gun. She doesn't want to leave it in the house alone with Cliff and carrying it with her hands would get old, so this was a nice compromise.

When she turns around to head for the door, once more the turret stands staring at her. Chell frowns at it and decides that if anyone would know what's going on, it'd be GLaDOS.

She leaves the house and heads down the street.]

Action - Around Town - The streets on the way to 1450 Mitchell Road

[If you're walking down the street or peeking out a window, you may see Chell being followed by a large turret. You never see the turret move, however, if you take your eyes off of it for even a second, it'll suddenly be further down the street and closer to Chell.]

Action - 1450 Mitchell Road

[Chell finally arrives at GLaDOS' house and starts banging on the door, she's got a frustrated expression on her face as she does so.

The turret is waiting quietly behind her and may not be seen at first glance.]
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25 June 2012 @ 10:38 pm
[6th Portal] Victory Favors the Prepared  
Action - Around Mayfield - Inside and Outside Stores

[After her discussion with Henry, Chell started making plans. The first thing she needed to do was to get some general supplies.

Her shopping list included a bag to carry the supplies, small food, a first-aid kid, and a gun and ammo.

The first three items were easy to find and obtain with little trouble, but the last one was proving to be a struggle.

The drone selling guns refused to help her at all. She in turn, refused to leave until he threatened to call the police on her.

Now, she's standing in front of the gun store with her arms crossed and glaring at it. If she's going to go on a mission, she wants a gun of some sort. The portal gun had yet to appear, so she'd have to make do with a normal one. If she could obtain it.]

[OOC: Feel free to come across her at any point during her shopping trip!]
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21 March 2012 @ 09:39 pm
[5th Portal] I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts - Day 2 of Mood Slime  
[Action - The Bakery]
[Chell had somehow managed to not be affected by the mood slime yesterday, but the ghosts that had appeared today were another story.
With her usual stubbornness, she had entered the bakery despite the ghosts trying to make it difficult for her. She was determined to do her job, ghosts or no ghosts.
She was having a rough go of it, with her shift starting off with a haunted spoon repeatedly whacking her upside the head. While she was attempting to bake, the ghosts would continously sabotage her efforts and she would constantly ignore them.
As a result, the bakery was something of a messy battleground with Chell and a good portion of the inside coated with various foods. She hasn't accomplished anything except creating a disaster.
She's currently attempting to mix together some cake batter, while the bowl is struggling to get out of her hands. She's covered in flour, chocolate, and various other treats and may be nearly unrecognizable due to the mess.]
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20 February 2012 @ 05:55 pm
[4th Portal] The Situation Has Resolved Itself  
[Action - Inside 850 Goldberg]
[Chell wakes up on the couch, much like she had been doing nearly every morning since arriving here in Mayfield. She sits up and shakes her head slightly. Suddenly, she realizes that she can feel the softness of the blankets, the cushiony spring of the couch, the warmth in the air from the heating unit.
She looks at her arms, they are no longer white and metal, but human and soft. Chell touches her face, rubbing her eyes, confirming that somehow, overnight, she went from being a robot to back to normal.
Chell hadn't expected to be changed back so drastically, after all, she had never found the factory where she had woken up and believed her original body still was. She throws the blanket off of her to the end of the couch and stands up. She's a little shakey, but she can still walk.
She's angry now about her transformation. Before, she couldn't really feel emotions, now, though, she was furious about what had been done to her. Chell takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. Her time in Aperture had taught her that she needed to stay calm, and if she needed to be angry, it was best to focus it. Getting revenge would be nice, but it should stay low on the priority list. First thing she needed to do was escape. If she managed to give some payback to whoever had done this to her, then it was just icing on the cake.
Could it all have been a dream, though? A quick look around the house to find a calendar led her to believe that she had actually been transformed, as around two weeks had passed. Her anger stirred back up again and she decided that she needed to take a walk to cool down and maybe find some more information about this place.
Upon opening the door, she was surprised with a fairly large package with her name on it. Chell brought it in the house and opened it up. Upon opening it, she discovered that it contained her Long Fall Boots.
She took off her shoes and replaced them with the boots. Considering this place, it's possible they could come in handy. At least they were fairly comfortable.
With that, she headed out the door.]

[Action - Around town]

[Chell's walking down the street with something of a stiff gait. She's doing her best to not show her anger, but it's not completely working. The longer she walks, the calmer she gets.]

[Action - At the park]

[Finally, Chell reaches the park. She's still upset, but has become more focused on feeling things again. She wanders the park for a bit, then finally lies down on the ground, takes a deep breath, and closes her eyes, just feeling the sunshine and the cool breeze on her face.]
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03 February 2012 @ 01:13 pm
04. My Little Poland, My Little Poland Ahh ahh ahh ahhh~  
[a. Outside Mayfield Hospital-back dated to January 31st]

[Poland's standing outside Mayfield hospital with a cardboard box over his head while clutching to a prescription pad and a pen. He swiped the prescription pad off a counter and found the box in a hospital supply closet. No matter what, he's not taking that box off his head. He doesn't want anyone to see what that terrible doctor did to him, even if it means he has to walk home blind. There wasn't anything he could get his hands on that was sharp enough to cut through the box, so it lacks eye holes for him to see out of.

Hopefully he'll manage to find his way back to his house, stumbling around stubbornly along the sidewalk.]

[b. 1332 Benny Road]

[Only after getting inside his house, closing and locking the door and pulling all the drapes closed on the windows does he hesitantly take the box off.

In place of his head, rests a pony head sewn to his neck with infected sutures.

Poland knows that cleaning the stitches is important, the incision wound is still oozing slightly of blood and yellow pus and it's been causing him a lot of pain and nausea, making him feel disorientated. He digs around the house for something to sanitize them with, pulling apart the cabinet under the kitchen sink for peroxide or betadine... when he feels something brush up against his back, gently.

Poland nickers something softly, to say "not right now," since he can't verbalize the words thanks to his new appendage, but it brushes up against him again. Turning he expects to see his pet pony trying to comfort him.

Instead he turns suddenly realizing where Dr. Johnson had gotten the decapitated equine head now sewn onto his shoulders. He was face to face with his own human head sewn on to Mr. Pony's body.

Even with everything in his house shut, locked, and hidden away; Poland's horrified scream echos through the neighborhood.]

[c. Phone]
[Oh, right. Poland can only make pony noises. The phone is utterly useless to him.]

30 January 2012 @ 06:19 pm
[3rd Portal] A Belated Birthday Medical Experiment - Backdated to January 29th  
[Action - Outside hospital, inside the front of the hospital, and all around town - Backdated to January 29th]

[After spending the 28th trapped in the factory no matter how much she tried to escape, Chell was finally set free and found herself unexplainably in front of the hospital upon leaving the Factory on the 29th.

Her time in the Factory was marked by a drastic change, she didn't know how it happened, but Chell had woken up in a vastly different body. Instead of being a human, she was now a somewhat sturdier robot. Her new form is plain white and the only distinguishable features are the eyes. If someone had met Chell before, the only way they could tell that this robot was her would be her body language and the way she walks.

Even though the robot body has no mouth, there's a voicebox that will allow her to speak if she chooses. However, the robotic voice will not sound anything like her original one.

She doesn't seem too upset about her situation and she'd be frustrated about that, if she could fully feel emotions.

Even so, Chell knows this isn't normal and is going to resume her quest to figure out what exactly happened to her and how she can reverse it.

Her first act back in town is going to be to turn around and look back in the hospital. Once she sees that this isn't the Factory, she's going to exit and start wandering the town, looking for the mysterious building where her transformation took place.]
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