20 February 2012 @ 10:22 pm
(004) Further Explorations and a Call  
Action: Throughout the Day, Around Town

[Paprika is wandering around downtown, looking into all the shop windows and occasionally stopping in to check out stores. She hasn't bought anything, but she's browsing like she's looking for something. She isn't, actually, not really, but she's the type that likes to observe everything anyway. When drones greet her she answers back brightly and without any annoyance in her voice at all. If she sees a person, such as you perhaps, she'll wave and say hello.

Later on she'll be stopping by the more important buildings: City Hall, the Dairy, and the Police Station. She doesn't try to enter the Dairy, she just stands outside and looks at it. She pokes her head into City Hall for a bit, but doesn't stay long just in case. She doesn't linger long outside the Police Station either, but that doesn't keep her from looking.

Late afternoon she'll be at the roller rink, gliding around happily.]

Phone: Evening

So that was quite an eventful Valentine's Day, wasn't it? I know it's old news by now, and people are probably just trying to forget it, but denial isn't always the best in situations like this. It might be hard, but sometimes you just have to accept that you're not in control and move on!
22 January 2012 @ 12:09 pm
(003) Exploring  
[Paprika has received a regain. Actually, she's received two regains: her clothes from home, which she is now wearing; and her ability to travel by jumping through images. (NOTE: Paprika does a lot of crazy stuff in that video, but so far she has ONLY regained the ability to travel through images, entering one and popping out of another, nothing else.)

Today she's having fun cheerfully jumping in and out of pictures around Mayfield, not really practicing, just enjoying being able to do something she used to be able to do.

She'll be all over town today, so you may run into her in a lot of different places! Basically anywhere that has a picture or an image is a place you might see Paprika. Maybe she's hopping out of an advertisement for cars down by the used car dealership, or jumping into a picture of a happy couple bowling down by the bowling alley.

Or maybe she just jumped out of your family picture into your living room, a cheerful smile on her face.]