12 August 2012 @ 12:33 pm
phone ◈ action  
 phone  ◈
[ Winry has chosen to make her call fairly late in the afternoon. Her hope is that the Elric brothers, who she cannot imagine sitting still in their houses all day, will be out and away from the phone. Drone filters are fine, but she wouldn't mind talking to their housemates. ]
Hey, good afternoon! Sorry, I know this is sort of sudden... or maybe it's more late. But the carnival... Can anyone tell me what exactly happened there? [ She lowers her voice to a whisper. It's not something she wants to ask Ed or Al. ] Are there any people trying to organize a way to get out of here? And do you need a mechanic..? I want to help. I can't just sit around waiting anymore.

action ◈
[ Later that day, Winry will be walking around the neighborhood... and stopping to examine every car parked in every driveway. Chances are that she'll stop in front of your house, making sketches on a notebook. If you have any sort of abnormal vehicle hanging out in the driveway then she's just going to stop and stare in awe. You might want to call out to her, since she will otherwise linger around your house for an hour or so.  ]
02 March 2012 @ 04:52 pm
[ Valentines Day ended in a way Winry did not expect. With +1 boyfriend and +10000 happiness. The happiness had confused her logic and let her spend the weeks following the event with a big smile and cheerful attitude. It's only now, long after the fact, that it suddenly clicks in Winry's mind that what just happened on Valentines Day needs a bit more thought. ]

[ Phone - Filtered from Edward ]

Umm.... hey, Mayfield! It's been a while since I did this... oh geez, how do I even start, um.... hypothetically. If someone you, um... "love"... says that they "love" you back... 

What are you supposed to do from there? 

[ Action - School / Lunch ]
[ At lunch, Winry unloads some mechanical devices she stole from her house. Yeah, sorry dad. There's a missing clock being disassembled in the cafeteria, as Winry is trying to relieve stress by taking it apart and putting it back together as many times as possible. She has two packed lunches next to her. One definitely isn't for Ed, and he's insane if he even thinks that Winry would make him free food. No way. Forgot it. ]

I wish I could take the TV to school... There's got to be something more interesting to be taking apart.... [ She sighs and sets the complete clock aside. ] If I had spare parts then I could actually make something...

[ Action - Around Town ]
[ Winry is checking the stores in Mayfield for two things; things to be taken apart and things to be put together. She'll be popping into various stores all day, attracting drone attention as a teenage girl browses the hardware section and geeks over 1950s power tools. You might also find her checking the prices and writing them down. ]
They're so expensive... oh... but I really want one... [ She sighs, defeated by her lack of funds, and starts leaving the store again. ]