11 June 2012 @ 03:44 am
Mada Mada Hamburger: 2 Now with extra much kitty-love! (sliiightly backdate)  
[action; 845 Goldberg Street; house & lawn; locked to housemates & passer-bys]
[ Guess who got a package today? It's got holes in it, and it's moving. Something's scratching and biting open the box until it can squeeze itself out.

It's a cat, a white and brown, fluffy himalayan who makes its way through the house and up the stairs through Ryoma's door that never got properly closed last night.

Ryoma wakes up to a facefull of cat and he flails for a few moments before he manages to remove it. He sits up, and stares. ]


[ He hugs the cat and just sits there with her until she gets tired of it and decides she wants feeding.

He crawls out of bed, looking way more happy than he's ever been about getting out of bed at any time of the day. ]
I'm coming, I'm coming.

[ When he's found a bowl for her in the kitchen, and something cat-friendly to eat, he makes his way outside to the morning sun to sit on the porch and watch his cat eat happily. ]

[phone; open to everyone]
[ Heads up, you've probably never heard Ryoma this happy. But considering what's happened, that's not weird at all. ]

I got Karu-- [ Ryoma's cut off by a loud miao and there's the muffled sound of someone biting the phone. ] Hey Karupin don't do that.

[ Another miao, sounding a bit as if the cat's displeased, but then there's just the sounds of her breathing into the phone as she rests her head on his shoulder and starts falling aslep there. Then Ryoma turns his attention back to the phone. ] I got my cat back.

[action; streets/pet shop; open to everyone]
[ He had meant to leave Karupin back home when he left to get her food, but she wouldn't have that, so instead Ryoma let her come with him. She's walking with him to the shop, looking curious about the new environment.

Well in the shop, he looks around for cat food and toys. ]