11 August 2012 @ 03:02 am
New nail 001- LIKE THE PHOENIX...  
[Action, Erwin Road.]

[Bang wakes up, really unaware of how long he's been gone. These drones look nothing like those that once lived here...]

Ah, so it seems I have returned to this place once more....

[He steps out of the house, to the street... he looks around for any sign of familiarity, other than the traditional Mayfield look... but sadly, this does not look like he's on Stevens Road anymore.]

How long was I out? No matter, if I have returned here, then it must be for a reason! I must not slack on my training!

[Bang picks up the pace of his walk, so if you're on this street, you may see him turning his walk into a jog.]

[Around town]

[Yep, he's still running. Except now it's up on the rooftops, jumping from building to building all ninja-style. He occasionally stops to dramatically stare down at the town below. This town's self-proclaimed protector has returned, and he wants to let the world know!]


[this is yelled, but the phone is a distance away from his face. He will not stop with heroic speeches ever, don't even bother trying.]

Citizens of Mayfield, those that have been downtrodden by dastardly deeds! Those of you whose...nights....are filled with...night...mares. As of today, you can rest easy! The defender of justice, the great BANG SHISHIGAMI, has made his triumphant return to this place, to keep his ever-vigilant eye on those who stand for love and justice! Evildoers, consider this your one and only warning! No matter if the evil is from the town itself, or those trapped inside that would gladly harm the innocent for their own gain...I, Bang Shishigami, will lay the Shishigami Smackdown upon it! Rest assured, my friends. You are safe once again.