12 October 2012 @ 10:37 pm
First | Awakening  
[A - Action - 462 Stone Street]

[Ventus awoke in his new bedroom, confused. Last thing he remembered was fighting Vanitas and destroying the X-Blade. Where was he now and why? Was this what happened when your heart was shattered into a million pieces?

He got up and opened the door, realising he wasn't wearing his armour and he couldn't summon his Keyblade. Something was very wrong here.]

H-Hello? Anyone there? Terra? Aqua? Mickey?

[B - Action - Around Town/Park/Wherever]

[After looking around the house, Ven ventured outdoors to see what he could find in the way of answers out there. It didn't look like any world he'd ever seen before and he gathered from the few people, drones, he'd spoken to that it was called Mayfield.]

Mayfield. Strange name for a world.
07 October 2012 @ 10:43 pm
A - { Action - 1247 Williams Road }

[A tall, blond man of apparent German descent exits from the parents' bedroom this morning. His cheerful aura makes him difficult to tell him apart from the drones Mayfield's captives have had to get used to over time. The family photos decorating the house have changed, though, to one with discerning eyes. A swap has been made, from the previous drone "father".

But why swap for a new drone?]

B - { Action - Around Town, including Greased Lightning Garage in particular }

Mornin', skipper! Mornin', gramps! And a lovely mornin' to you as well, little miss!

[The new drone seems handy enough at fixing cars, but why is the boss acting like this guy "Ludwig" has been there for years? And wait just a minute; since when does Mayfield name its drones things like Ludwig?]

Hey there, what's on your mind that's got you going so quiet like that, eh?

Let me give you some advise, on the house, my friend. There's nothing worth worrying about as long as you've got a pair of legs still under ya, and your feet are planted right here in Mayfield. Ain't that right?

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05 October 2012 @ 04:23 am
✧ 01  
 A. Action - 1332 Benny Road

[Poland didn't care much for nightmares, especially of the dream within a dream variety. One moment he was happily laying in the ryefield of his dreams, only to shift to a nightmarish one where he woke up in Mayfield.

Although he had to admit waking up in Mayfield again was one of the more vivid dreams he'd had in a while. The out of date pajamas he'd woken up in felt itchy to him. The set up of the master bedroom was exactly as he remembered. Even his assigned drone wife was there, chipper and unnerving as ever. If it weren't so terrible, he'd commend his rem state for it's attention to detail.

The problem with nightmares though, was that you couldn't do anything about them until they ran their course. Trying to force yourself awake didn't really work. No matter how much arm pinching or cheek slapping  or shouting "wake up" repeatedly at your reflection in the bathroom mirror one tried. All of which Poland tried regardless, to no avail.

Waiting to wake up, Poland got up and riffled through his closet. At least this nightmare was kind enough to remember the clothing he'd gotten back from home the last time he'd been here so he didn't have to wait while looking like a dork.]

B. Action - 1333 Benny Road

[Good morning neighbors! You have a vistor from next door of the equestrian variety, poking his head through the kitchen window and trying to snatch fruit off your counter.

You weren't going to eat all those apples yourselves. Mr. Pony is just making sure they don't go wasted. You can thank him when you wake up.]

C. Action - Around Town

[Reacquainting himself with Mayfield was not how Poland anticipated spending his day. It didn't take long to recognize everything and relearn his way around. Compared to finding his way around some of his larger cities it was relatively simple to remember.

His cities were definitely better though. There really wasn't much to like about Mayfield in his opinion. Hence why he decided to reacquaint himself while riding Mr. Pony around. Might as well make something about it enjoyable! Nothing brightens up stuff like including ponies after all.

Don't mind the less than bubbly blonde taking up half the side walk riding around on his pony. Or do mind. Up to you.]
21 August 2012 @ 08:22 am
Latest intro ever  
[//Action for Housemates at 1670 Nelson Street]

[It isn't exactly unusual for Senri to be a little unsure of his surroundings when he wakes up. His mind isn't really good at holding on to details like the events of the previous day. At least not without reminders. That's what his book is for.
And, as this is actually his second trip to Mayfield, the town has seen fit to allow him to keep the things he had regained during his previous stay. The book included. So instead of panicking, he flips through his book, checks his reminders, and looks around. ]


[Yes, this is Mayfield, but... Something seems different. Is this the house he was in before? Well, he's in the pictures so... it must be. He spends a little while poking around the house, confused to find the previous drone woman gone and the drone children too. That's .... somewhat disappointing actually. She had been nice. Odd, but nice. He wonders if there's a reason for the change. He's also wondering if he should be leaving now? Wasn't there a place he'd been told to go to every day? Maybe Cooro would know. He'd been around the last time this happened....]

[//Action for whoever]

[Later on, Senri has finally pieced together that school was the place he was supposed to go. Except not. Because the school year hasn't started yet. But it's not like he knows that. So he's just standing outside the school building, looking confused. The building does seem vaguely familiar, but he just isn't sure....]

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20 August 2012 @ 08:25 am
[Action; morning; 836 Hastings]

[Sayaka wakes up on Monday morning with her usual difficulty, tossing and turning in bed as the sunlight peeks through the window of her room.  Yawning, she rubs her eyes and wanders around the bedroom bleary-eyed and half asleep for a minute or so before finding the doorknob.  She manages to get all the way to the bathroom and is in the middle of brushing her teeth before she finally realizes that this place is unfamiliar and her pajamas aren't the ones she went to bed with.]

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?  What the heck?

[And now she's immediately kicked into high gear, running back into 'her' bedroom and tearing the room apart.  There's got to be something familiar here, or at least something to tell her where she is.  She starts panicking even more when she notices she's not wearing a ring and her Soul Gem is nowhere to be found.]

No way!  No way, no way, no way!  Where is it?

[Action; afternoon; around town]

[Once Sayaka's done tearing the house apart looking for a Soul Gem she isn't going to find, she wastes no time in taking to the streets of Mayfield.  She's managed to find a baseball bat owned by one of the drones, and she holds it protectively at her side as she jogs up and down unfamiliar roads.  It's clear that she has no idea where she's going, evidenced by all the time she spends looking around warily.  She also seems off-put by the backwards-walking drones and other weird things going on.]

This is the weirdest labyrinth I've ever seen...

[Phone; evening; unfiltered]

[At this point, Sayaka figures that if she isn't in a witch's labyrinth, she can probably at least still contact her friends.  So now she's on the phone after having dialed Madoka's number.  Unfortunately, she has no idea that the call is going to go out to the entire town.]

Madoka?  Madoka, are you there?
18 August 2012 @ 11:08 pm
Shot 1 :: Returning  
[A. 431 Peepers Street :: Morning]

[Tyve knows something is wrong when the smell of gunpowder and the great outdoors is missing as she wakes up. Last she remembered was she was of course on the front lines in the middle of a war. This was not it. This is further confirmed by the stranger in bed with her and the pictures she obviously doesn't remember being taken. It dawns on her as she takes stock of her surroundings that she's back in Mayfield. As to why, she's not sure, but she does find comfort in the fact that she knows what she's up against.


She hopes.]

[B. Phone :: Morning :: Open]

[She's not quite sure how long she's been gone yet, but she figures she'll give this a shot.]

Hello? [There's a pause. Of course the phone should work just fine. Why was she even asking?] It appears this place has brought me back. I don't know who's still here but, this is Tyve Russell-Rasmussen speaking. [Of course it's mostly the same old Tyve...Just sounding a few years older.]

[C. Around town :: Most of the Day :: Open]

[It seems like this place has barely changed and Tyve is now about the town, visiting old friends and acquaintances and getting reacquainted with the town. While it may have been only a small amount of time gone for those in the town, it's been years for her.]
18 August 2012 @ 09:37 pm
first ▲ no good very bad day  
[Bunker Street and beyond...]

[Good morning, Bunker Street. You have a new neighbor. He's not as new as he could be, since he's been in town before, but he's new enough to this street! He doesn't need any explanations about where he is or why, because Amaimon knows. He knows he's been turned into a mindless drone for months and months, too.

That part is only a minor irritation. He easily takes that out on the drone family he's been stuck with. He didn't need them alive to bug him, anyway.

Now the part when he sends out his greenmen to check on certain people, however... That is where everything goes wrong.


[His demons never found the Okumuras! But that can't be right! Big brother would never let them out of this cage and leave him in it! He would never! No, no, obviously they were cowering somewhere!]


[Amaimon's search takes him out of his own house and off into, well, any other house. He can't remember which address the two had been at before, so he's baring into houses at random until he turns them up. Sorry, but you might find an angry, blood-splattered demon ripping your door open soon, yelling for someone who isn't even around anymore!]
13 August 2012 @ 07:15 pm
1 ♥  
Intro... )

[ A ; 459 Stone Street ; Early Morning ]

[ Seiko looks pensive as she sits at the kitchen table. How long has she been sitting there? Who knows. She hasn't even changed out of her pajamas.

Seiko stays quiet for the most part, with her shoulders hunched over the kitchen table. She appears rather dazed and confused. Her eyes are wide and her arms are crossed over one another. She makes make no attempt to move from her spot at the table, and the only thing she appears to be doing is watching the woman -- the person who claims to be her mom -- making breakfast.

Her eyes show the slightest hint of suspicion every time the woman speaks to her. Seiko never gives her a response, and the woman never pushes for one.

[ B; Around Town; Morning ]

[ Seiko is still a daze. There's no school -- apparently they have school here as well -- so she has nothing else to do. Besides, she needs to get out of the house. She needs to go somewhere... anywhere.

Maybe you'll see her along the way? Even though Seiko will smile and greet anyone and everyone, she will seem very unenthused. Shellshock can do that to a girl. Plus there are just too many things on her mind. Especially her arrival here, her best friend Naomi and the burning sensation across her neck that she just can't shrug off.

She will more than likely zone out at some point, with a hand pressed to her neck. Perhaps she will bump into you if she isn't paying close enough attention.

[ C; Downtown Mayfield; Afternoon ]

[ Seiko is popular.

Seiko spends the afternoon in Downtown Mayfield, walking from shop to shop. A bunch of teenager drones follow her around like little ducklings, chattering and giggling as you'd expect.

And Seiko... doesn't seem to mind? She actually looks much more cheerful now than she was in the morning. She smiles and chats with the drones, just like she would anyone else. She doesn't make any attempt to break away from them either. In fact, she even stops to wait whenever one drone falls behind her.

Eventually afternoon turns to evening, and the drones take their leave. Seiko waves them off. Once she stops though, her expression changes immediately. The smile dissolves into a pout. Her eyes droop. She shakes her head.

And she'll stand there, staring off into the distance.

[ D; Phone ]

So this is how everyone keeps in contact? Is this how phones normally work in America? [ She lets out a rogue giggle. ] Doncha think plenty of people would screw up their calls? I bet someone, at some point, must have let slip something really embarrassing for the whole town to hear! I wonder, I wonder...~

[ There's a pause. Seiko tries to stop herself from snickering. The possibilities... ]

But that's not my point of calling though. I actually wanted to introduce myself to everyone! I'm Seiko Shinohara - err, Stanfield! Just call me Seiko though~ it's nice to meet all of you!

Now I know I'm stuck here, same as you, but there's no point in being miserable! Might as well stay hopeful and make the best of this, am I right? And what better way to do that than make some new friends?
13 August 2012 @ 12:20 am
001 | Intro | Phone + Action  
[A - Action]
[Harry awoke in a bed. In a room. What happened to his cupboard? This wasn't even Dudley's room, or his second bedroom. What was going on? So he wandered out, also noting the new pyjamas, and realised he was not in Privet Drive.]

H-Hello? Is anyone there? [He called from the landing before he dared to venture downstairs.]

[B - Phone]
[As Harry ventured downstairs, the phone rang. Seeing no one else around, he answered it.]

11 August 2012 @ 11:22 pm
Riddle 045: Could you repeat the question?  
[My, oh my. Where does the time go?

As it turns out, Mayfield had taken away more than Edward Nigma's life this time around. He had also lost a month. A month that could have been spent productively, actively searching for the answers that this town was oh-so-unwilling to yield. Still, he supposes it could have been worse. They could have left him for dead this time.

But they decided to bring Edward back. And Ema along with him.

So, question: What next?

Answer: Pick up the pieces.


You may catch the Riddler wandering around Mayfield throughout the day as if trying to discover something, anything out of place. Though he'll spend most of his time investigating the town at large, he does have a final destination in mind: his old abode, 726 Anderson Lane. He's headed there for a few key reasons.
  • If anything crucial has happened in the past month or so, there's a good chance that Susan, Luke, or Slugger will be able to get him up to speed.
  • He'll be able to piece together his old notes once again, if they're still where he left them in the lair underground.
  • All of his things are still there. At least, he hopes they are. For whatever odd reason, the town had decided not to bring any of Edward's suits, equipment, or question-mark-themed doodads over to his new home at 462 Stone. Meaning that, if they haven't disappeared altogether, they must still be at his old home.
Once he makes it to 726 Anderson, he'll try walking through the front door. ...Only to find that it's locked. He'd reach into his pocket and get out the key, only he doesn't have one to this house anymore.]

Oh, for the love of---

[Don't tell him he has to break into his old house.

...He's going to have to break into his old house. Terrific.

Well, he might as well see if the back door is unlocked, at least. He wanders around the side of the house but stops in his tracks as soon as he makes it into the backyard.

Someone appears to have stuck a familiar-looking cane into the ground... Who could have---?

Don't be stupid, Edward. Do you even need to ask?]

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10 August 2012 @ 01:18 am
Onward Aoshima - Action/Phone  
[Action; Locked to 1338 Benny Lane]

[And Mabel thought to herself upon waking up this is not my beautiful bed. And this is not my beautiful attic. Or at the very least she's pretty sure it isn't. If it is then Grunkle Stan did some pretty heavy renovating while she was asleep. Mabel wouldn't put the possibility of Stan messing with her and Dipper's room past him. The idea that Stan would make the room so much nicer though? That was harder to believe. In fact of all the weird things that could and have happened in Gravity Falls it would be the weirdest as far as she was concerned.

The fact that Dipper is no where in sight bothers her a bit too. But that could mean he's just downstairs or in another room. And if that's the case then that means there's nothing to worry about because if Dipper isn't paranoid about something and could be exploring there should be no reason for her not to explore.

When I say she's going to be exploring? I mean quite literally and quite early in the morning. She is just going to be going room after room looking to see what's up with this place. And if you happen to be a vague shape in a bed?

She is just going to poke the hell out of you to wake you up and see who you are.]

Dipper? .....Grunkle Stan?

[Even if you look like a kid, MAYBE you could be Stan. You're asleep and all and covered n sheets and Stan could be a lot smaller without his shoes and hat as far as she knows.]


Hi! So I'm Mabel Pines and I'm pretty sure I'm lost! Lost or kidnapped but I think lost! Like I think I may have sleep walked into someone else's house which is weird because I haven't sleep-walked since I was nine! Apparently it was a reeeaaally big problem cause this one time I ended up back in the school and covered the arts and crafts room in super glue and glitter. I don't remember it but they took a picture so I guess I'll always have that!

So can anyone tell me how I can get to the Mystery Shack? I'm thinking it's....to the west!

[Mabel Pines: master of introductions.]

[Action; Around Town]

[After using the phone Mabel decides that using the phone to get answers is stupid! This calls for action and some first hand investigation of where she is!

Of course after going around the town over and over again Mabel decides not that she's bothered by the town looping over and over again but rather intrigued and interested by it. In fact she's decided, here and now, that she is going to set a new record: the record for most times someone has consecutively run around over and over in the loop of the town. So as you're passing by you might see a girl running excitedly and shouting]


[And then, if you're in the area again, you might see her still running and this time shouting]


[Of course, she's so caught up in the new task she has set up for herself that she isn't paying attention to a goddamn thing in front of her. So it's quite possible she's going to manage to run into you as you're going about your business.

Sorry. Just the price to pay for glory.]
08 August 2012 @ 10:11 pm
01. (return)  
A: 1447 Mitchell Road

[There's a small, bewildered moose in the kitchen, a large maple tree in the front yard, and a nation with a polar bear patiently knocking from the inside of the master bedroom door.]

Nederland? Hilda? Is anyone around?

[Although she's not sure why she's here again, even after years, her memory's sharp enough that this isn't terrifying, not like it was the first time. Just slightly bizzare. At the same time, there's a little bit of hope for her, too, to think she might see some of her friends here again.]

B: phone

[Canada clears her throat nervously, some time later in the day as she does her preliminary checking up on everyone.]

Um, well, don't worry if you don't remember me, but I seem to have been brought back here, after quite some time. Or... not very much time, by Mayfield's calendar. Anyway, it's Canada, and I really hope everyone's doing alright here.
08 August 2012 @ 06:38 pm
Action for housemate )

[Action for anyone]

[Van's gotten the basic rundown, even had the entire problem of timelines explained. Now, he's just exploring. He could probably be mistaken for Edward Elric at first glance, the same golden eyes and long gold-blond hair, but his build is different (thinner, for one thing), and he's kind of lost-looking (but not frantic, not obviously looking for anyone), and he's wearing basic Mayfield clothes but no shoes.

Maybe Ed and Al had a brother they never mentioned before.
08 August 2012 @ 06:17 pm
Twenty-Seventh File.  

[ Well, hello, housemates! Did you expect to see the robots suddenly drifting to and fro in the house as if they own the place or taking care of things? No? Well, they're there and making as little noise as possible. On top of that, the basement is now transformed into Diana's lab with all of her supplies in it. So, then, where is Diana herself?

Still sleeping in her room until she wakes up, which would be now. She takes a look around and finds that she's not home, but her mind is still loud as ever thanks to people's thoughts buzzing around in it.

Great. She was back here again. How many times did this make it now - three? Where was her frequent flier miles card? ]

...Well, guess I ought to see where I've been placed in now.

[ She stumbles out of bed and walks down the stairs, sitting down at the kitchen table. Anyone expecting her to cook breakfast is wrongly mistaken. She's horrid at cooking for herself.

So, housemates. Wish to meet your new mom? ]


[ Today was the last straw for her job, apparently. If she was serious about being a nurse, she had to get her butt immediately to the hospital ASAP. Coworkers, doctors, etc - you can expect her to be flitting here and there in between rooms changing sheets and also making sure that people are taking their prescribed doses of medication. Don't worry, she's a woman of science and can do the other things herself.

When there's a lull, she'll be in the main entrance and lean against the counter while looking to see if anyone needs help. ]

Need a hand?


[ After her shift, Diana is observing her surroundings to see if anything has been changed since her time in Mayfield. That, and she's also checking to see if there's any old faces around. So, if your character remembers Diana or had interactions with her, she'll be around investigating. ]


Hello once more, Mayfield. For those who don't remember me or are new, I am Diana Ethelbert and I hope that you've all kept yourselves relatively out of harm's way. Would anyone care to fill a girl in as to what's been going on since my departure?

If it'll make things easier, I was last here in June. I believe it's August right now.

Though, to the newbies, should you have any questions, I should be fine with telling you the basics.

Have a good day.
08 August 2012 @ 01:01 pm
[action; 5721 Cunningham]

[Waking up in a strange place hasn't happened for a while for Natasha, but it strikes her immediately. Where her beds are usually kept firm, this one is soft, conventional for the type of person who likes such things, but not her. The pillows are a little too large, a little too fluffy for her liking, and her clothing has changed completely. Her usual conventional sleeping clothes—conventional in the way that she doesn't need to be self-conscious lest she needs to pull a gun on someone—have been replaced by a thin gown. It's not something she's never worn in any particular situation, but it's not what she usually wears.

So she doesn't hesitate to remove herself from the bed to survey the situation. In her time, she's been in a lot of strange situations. She's ended up in the house of people she doesn't know to get specific information for a kill—or just to bring something back to SHIELD. There have been times when she's played the dumb college student, unwittingly walking into a fraternity to find the son of a wealthy corporate executive. And then there's everything in-between.

But still, this is new. Unfamiliar. Unwanted. There's a picture of her in the distance with a person she's never met, and it twists and unsettles her stomach. This is elaborate.

Elaborate means that whoever's behind it might not be the cause of some great hoax. This isn't Stark's idea of a practical joke. This is a lot worse. Escaping as quickly as possible without her usual contact information won't be easy, but she's good at thinking on the fly. She's dropped enough cellphones while on the run throughout the years that she can come up with other solutions. It's why she's good at who she is. Or was. (Is.)

Natasha checks the closet for a change of clothes and finds some in her size. Well, it's not that surprising. The make of the clothing is what confuses her. If she's right, this is about sixty years dated. Or perhaps whoever's behind this is into vintage. Her survey of everything else goes along with that. The conservative style of her surroundings confirms that they have a certain ... taste. Her lips twist down wryly at the thought.

Once she pulls on a pair of shoes—short heels, but at least she's accustomed to that aspect of this—she starts to move through the house surveying everything. More pictures ...

But perhaps the most disturbing part is how happy she looks in them.]

[action; around town]

[It's not that being without her guns necessarily makes her feel weak, but in this situation, she's beginning to wish she had them. Whoever she's up against probably has enough on their side that she could use them. Or her stings. Actually, those might be better right now.

She has observed enough by now: that everyone is dressed similarly, that the make of the appliances and everything else all slot into the era that matches their clothing. A number of possible scenarios have popped into her head as for the reasoning, and she doesn't like any of them. (Loki is high on the list and she doesn't even like giving him that much credit.)

Still, it won't do to look out of place. One unsmiling woman compared to the rest would seem out of sorts. So she does smile as she walks, constructing an identity and a plan in her head for the time being. If she's meant to be the person in those pictures, happy, content, well—she'll do it. She'll pull up the mask and see where it gets her. That, at least, might be able to buy her some time to work this all out.

So when she does run into someone, she continues to smile ... though it fades to pleasant, calm, and she adds a certain care to her voice, so that she seems genuine].

Hello, sorry for bothering you. I'm new to the neighborhood and I'd appreciate any wisdom that you might have to offer.

[Of course, Natasha is going to be reading anyone's body language that she meets up with, and it won't take her long to realize she's not alone.]
07 August 2012 @ 03:11 pm
[action: 306 Miller]

[He's not unfamiliar with the experience of waking up in a totally strange location, but it's always a sign that something very, very bad has happened. He doesn't even have the aches or the flashes that usually accompany an... incident, and if this is one, someone must have dressed him and brought him back to their house afterwards, which is even more unsettling and might mean he's in custody.]

[He fights the rising panic desperately, not realizing that the push behind it is missing, as he gets out of the bed-- no restraints?-- and peeks out the blinds to try and get some grasp on his surroundings.]

[And then he dresses as quickly as possible in whatever clothes he finds first, glancing hurriedly over his shoulder at the door, and moves steadily out into the hallway, ready to bolt as soon as he sees anyone or hears anything.]

[action: around town]

[He's calmer outside the house, though that's not saying much. But it's time to get a feel for his surroundings and actually investigate, all while trying to blend in as much as possible. This means a brief, distracted smile at anyone he makes eye contact with (that's what you do in the suburbs, right?) before lowering his head slightly and speeding up a little, though the more... eccentric-looking people do catch his attention.]

[Still, he can afford to ask a question or two without seeming too out of place, so he'll smile apologetically, doing his best to not sound urgent, and ask]

Excuse me, hi-- how far to the nearest city?

[Unless, of course, he sees anyone wearing anything that even comes close to looking like a police or military uniform, because then he casually turns right around and down the nearest corner, which is not remotely suspicious behavior at all.]
06 August 2012 @ 11:14 pm
[ Action, 627 Topper ]

[ Uh yeah, so Steve is waking up next to a drone for the first time and falls out of bed because hey, wasn't he in 2012 a second ago? And wasn't he, you know, taller? He's going to do the right thing this time, which is not freak out and tear a hole through the wall, probably because it would kill him to do so.

Instead, he will walk downstairs and snoop around and-- there's a picture of him on the wall, smiling, with his 'wife' and two kids.

He sees a rotary dial on the phone and he picks up to call numbers he remembers from 2012. And then numbers he remembers from 1943. And then zero. And then hangs up and goes to rifle through anything he can find in the shoeboxes of the downstairs closet to tell him where he is and why he's there.

Have fun waking up to your new dad sifting through files all over the kitchen table.

[ Action, around town ]

[ He doesn't believe this for a second. But this isn't just any sort of thing; he's small again. Someone's trying to make him forget. So he walks around town, because the one thing he needs right now is to get out of town. ]

Excuse me. Do you know the way to the train station?
05 August 2012 @ 10:49 pm
➶ so when the sun is coming up and you go  

[ Nathaniel finds himself awoken by the sun poking in through the window. ) ]


[ A hesitant pause. He's still not sure about this thing, even after a tutorial. ] Apparently I should try this... thing out.

This is the fastest way to get in touch with the town at large, correct? At least, that's what I've been told. [ if Hawke is just messing with him, they're going to have words later. ]

I guess this is the part where I ask questions about our situation, but I've been mostly informed, I think. Unless someone can point me towards where I might lay my hands on a bow and some arrows?
Current Mood: awake
06 August 2012 @ 02:33 am
{ episode VI - the empire strikes back  
{ Action ; 724 Anderson - Morning }

[ Housemates might hear what sounds like a piece of furniture falling over in the master bedroom. Vader all but explodes from the room shortly after, the doorknob banging against the wall. Walking rather stiffly and somewhat bandy-legged, pulling on a spare shirt, he very nearly trips multiple times over his own feet on his furious search through the residence. ]

This can't be, it can't be the same...

{ Action ; Around Mayfield }

[ Kriff this. He's disoriented and afraid and furious. Without the Force his anger isn't a fuel, it's suffocating, but he's pelting hell for leather down the pavement as if he's got a whole squadron of Seps on his tail, gulping air. Anyone in his path might get shouldered out of the way.

Murkhana is still fresh in his mind, the Emperor's orders ringing in his ears, fighting with the abrupt wash of memories that flooded him as soon as he awoke. He hadn't been back in the galaxy more than a few hours, how can so much time have passed here? And Padmé- his wife is gone, an empty shell in a house full of other empty shells. He's failed, again.

Coming to a sudden stop, he presses white-knuckled hands to his temples. Agitated, he releases a noise of frustration, the sound welling up almost to a scream.

Yeah, so... approaching the guy in the midst of a psychotic break might not be the greatest idea. But hey. It's Mayfield. ]
05 August 2012 @ 09:07 pm
First Hit - Recon in the Loosest Sense  

[Let's skip over the confusion for a second and look back about an hour or so ago; Gin woke up. Immediately went on high alert thanks to the obviously unfamiliar situation he was in. Attempted to interrogate the drone woman in the same room.

...Drone woman didn't react or bat an eye, and if anything seemed certain they were married.

It didn't take long for him to find everything else, and it's obvious that bothering with the people in the house is just a waste of his time. Picking up the phone leads to an open connection...

Hn. And a mere glance out the window says there are probably others in this situation. Time to ask questions 'nicely' then.]

If anyone is on the other end of this line, [he'll start off with rather calmly...]

I would like some information as to my whereabouts- among other things...

[Because by this point? He saw the mail addressed to 'Gin Juniper'. Which means whatever got him here did not do their homework... ...But definitely isn't something he'll be even slightly expose on-job skills to. Better to keep the element of SOME surprise....]
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