10 July 2012 @ 10:01 pm
First Move: The Brilliant Pervert Arrives!  
[Action: 730 Anderson Lane]

[Despite being a normally sound sleeper, Battler Ushiromiya wakes up with a start. He can tell that something's off. For one, he's not in his normal pajamas...and for another, there's a warm body sleeping next to him. Now, despite all of his comments of his prowess, the closest he's come recently was when Ronove played a trick on him.]

Hey. Who's there? Where the hell am I?

[Eventually, he will make his way around to the rest of the house, and finally outside, looking slightly bewildered.]

I don't think that this is Rokkenjima...

[Action: Around town]

[As the day goes on, a bewildered Battler will just wander his way around the town, trying to figure things out, and thus will do so in the only way he knows how.]

Uh...do you know of a good place to play chess?

[Action: John Doe Park, evening]

[As the evening sets in, Battler will have made his way to the park, if only to find a quiet place to sit down and think, possibly at one of the tables around the park. He'll look restless, before slamming his hands down on the table, milky white tears streaming down his face.]



So, I've been wandering around this town, thinking. I know that some people might say that we were brought here by magic, but that's completely impossible, because magic doesn't exist. Personally, I think that this could have happened by one of two methods. First of all, and stay with me on this one...aliens. This could easily be an alien abduction. Second of all, this could be a government experiment, taking all of us from our homes and putting us in a situation where we have to live and learn together.

[There is a slight pause.]

Huh, that's odd, it didn't turn blue...