27 September 2012 @ 10:23 am
+- Seventh Coin -+  
A: Action: [He had come to grow weary of this town. Once he learned that Dizzy was droned, and possibly for good, Johnny's attitude seemed to have changed. He was more quite and reserved. Though it didn't mean he would ignore you. No, he still greets you with a wide smile and a friendly hello.

He seems almost too good at hiding his true emotions.]

B: Action: [The man in the crazy outfit of nothing but black leather has finally made his way to the park. He's rather intent on taking his aggression out on a tree. A few well placed swings of his sword here and there. However, he insists he's practicing.]
30 August 2012 @ 12:12 pm
+- Sixth Coin -+  
A. Action: [It might've been just a normal day, but Johnny woke up feeling somewhat groggy. He got up, dressed, and readied himself for the day. It was strange that he couldn't remember the past few days. ... and of course it was even more strange to him when the drones in his household seemed to act a bit different.]

This won't do at all...

[So, without another thought, he went on out to check on his friends. Yes, he might have been droned for a while, but he didn't know that. It might be startling to him should you decide to add on that small detail.]

B. Action: [During his mini crusade of making sure those he knew were alright... he couldn't help but come across a drone companion or two. This didn't sit well with him. So for now, he'll head off to the tavern, and ponder on what to do to fix this.]
15 July 2012 @ 09:58 pm
+- Fifth Coin -+  
A. Action: [Once again, Johnny found himself blessed with one, no... two, of the town's gifts in the mail. The man can be seen walking the streets now, with a stylized hat and sunglasses.]

B. Action: [Johnny was making his rounds by checking on his friends. ... or those he would call an acquaintance. Either way, he's stopping by your house, if you know him. Phone calls are easier, yes. However, visits are more personal.]

C. Action: [With the day drawing to a close, this guy can be seen at the tavern once again. He seems to be playing with a deck of cards, and yet has no one to deal to. Go ahead and offer a game. If you're lucky... he'll buy your drink.]
23 June 2012 @ 11:30 pm
+- Fourth Coin -+  
A. Action: [For the record, Johnny has been around town long enough now to know about the town's events and the town's gifts that come in the mail. So the man can now be seen walking around the streets of Mayfield carrying around a wooden handled katana by his side.

He's also seemingly ready to cast many of the females a wide, friendly smile. After all, he's only being polite. However, in his acts of "girl watching" he might accidentally bump right into you. The man is quick to apologize though.]

B. Action: [The pirate has decided to take up some time practicing his sword skills out at the park. He's careful to make sure to have plenty of room as he swipes the blade out in the air. Before every strike he makes, a pause, and a look around his frame just to be certain no one is in the way. Though, he might not get much practice in today. Then again, he might just be trying to show off.]

C. Action: [Johnny's decided to spend the rest of his evening down at the tavern. He's feeling rather good about things, but it could just be a cover up. Can't quite tell with this one. If you're lucky, he may just offer to buy you your drink...]
13 April 2012 @ 06:58 pm
+- Third Coin -+  
A. Action: 1488 Kramden: [First thing's first! Johnny realized something was off right away when he woke up that morning. ... in a dog house. He really didn't think he drank anything the night before that would've caused him to take a nap of recovery in... a dog house. Second! Upon stretching and heading outside of said dog house, that's when he noticed something else was amiss. This... wasn't... his... body.

In an almost comical fashion, he raced to the back door of the house before him and began to 'knock' on it endlessly until someone opened up.]

B. Action: Anywhere!: [The next thing he had to do, was to check up on Dizzy... he had noticed quite a bit of confused looks on people's faces... maybe he'd find out where his body was. Hopefully.]
25 March 2012 @ 12:20 am
+- Second Coin -+  
A. Phone: [He clears his throat before making his call.] Hello~ I must say, this is quite the interesting town. I can't quite decide on what to make of it just yet... This will take some time. Ah, listen to me ramble on... hopefully those that I'm looking for will recognize my voice and tell me that they're alright.

Eh, if they're here that is... I bid the rest of you a good day!

B. Action! Anywhere is fine: [Later that day, Johnny can be found taking a casual stroll. He's careful not to run out into the streets this time around. Thankfully. Feel free to talk to him! Though if you're a female, he might talk to you first...
10 March 2012 @ 01:32 am
+- First Coin -+  
A. Action - [He didn't bother with the phones at all. In fact, once he woke up... he got dressed, and went outside. So! There seems to be a fellow standing outside one of the houses over on 753 Partridge Drive... and he's dressed in the everyday garments that the city provides. He doesn't seem to be too fond of the button down shirt, as it's left wide open... he also seems to be searching for something, or maybe even someone...]

B. Action - [Johnny's calm and collected manner doesn't seem to be with him right now. In fact, he seems almost frantic as he darts down the street. Maybe it's a good idea to snag his attention. After all... it's not usually in the best interest for anyone to be darting out into oncoming traffic...]

C. Action - [With the day drawing to a close, he seems a bit tired. Though should you approach, his attitude is anything but exhausted. Despite his appearance, he seems almost cheerful. Well... almost.]