05 April 2012 @ 07:13 pm
6th Gumball - Action  
[Well that was stupid. Harmless, as far as Benson could tell, but still stupid. Pranks weren't things Benson put much stock in, but he went along with them to the best of his ability anyway in order to avoid getting droned. Was he good at them? Not really. Did he manage to prank anyone? Miraculously, yes. He got a few people. Even then it wasn't fun. To Benson, there was nothing "fun" about tricking people, or screwing with them. It was cruel in a way.

He felt he shouldn't feel guilty about them, not really, considering how harmless they were. But he does anyway.

Benson also by this point understood what the regain packages were. He had gained at least one during Christmas, after all, though he hadn't seen one for himself since then. So he wondered if the fact that there were two - one big, one small - was supposed to make up for the fact that it had been so long since he'd gotten one.

And for some reason, he has an odd sense of dread. So he'll be careful and start with the small one.]

[Action - Around Ricardo Street]

[Unfortunately for Benson, he chose wrong when he decided to open the small package first. At first, he was kind of delighted by the honeycomb. It was practical and something he could at least use in cooking.

What Benson wasn't so delighted about was the swarm of 100 angry bees that came with the honeycomb. The honeycomb is now laying harmlessly on the lawn of 507 Ricardo Street.

The bees, meanwhile, are a swarming black cloud chasing a skinny man running down the street. Benson flails, swatting and trying to strike at the cloud if it gets too close and occasionally having to brush some of the bees off as he tears ass down the street.

Enjoy the show folks.]

[Action - Outside 507 Ricardo Street]

[After Benson's amazing bee adventure, he wasn't too thrilled about opening his next package at first. In fact, he planned to let it just sit out there and rot, but if it was something dangerous than it was better to get it out of the way before it could hurt someone else. And so Benson began to open the packaging with the hesitation and care of a man working on removing a live timebomb.

And to his relief, this time, it turned out the timebomb was dead from the get go. Instead of some other horror like he had expected in his package, Benson actually smiled a bit as he got rid of the rest of the packaging.

If you're passing by today, you'll notice a fairly nice drum set is out on the lawn of 507 Ricardo Street. Benson sits down by it at the moment, feeling the drum sticks in his hands for a moment. It's been a few months since he's had his set, let alone practice, and maybe out in public wouldn't be the best place to try again.

But he's lazy at the moment for once and doesn't want to carry them inside, so hell. Why not. He'll begin to play.

And he's not half-bad at it, either. He's pretty clearly focused as hell while he plays, but he's pretty good at them.]
08 March 2012 @ 05:21 pm
Fifth Gumball - Phone/Action  


So the whole....droning thing. Is it normal for people to stay like that for a long time? I mean, I know some people don't snap out of it, but...

They're back home, right? If they stay like that for good I mean. It means they're back home and out of whatever this is.

It's just...I'm curious.

[Action; Mayfield Public Library]

[There's a wiry, thin man sitting in the library and browsing the books. Though browsing might be a very simple way to put it: he seems to be examining them as hard as he can, brow narrowed. Not hoping to find anything about the town but as if he's trying to find something, anything, in the book itself. As if there might be some answer to a question he's looking for in the book. A way to just go ahead and lose himself in the book.

In the end, there isn't. But that doesn't keep him from looking through book upon book anyway. And he neatly puts each book back in their spot. And puts any books left out by others back in their spots as well. He isn't a librarian, but he could very well look like one.]

[Action; Downtown]

[Benson is trying to be as inconspicious as he carries several brown paper bags. He'd made a run to Grey's ABC and, to be honest, he'd rather people not see the amount of alcohol he's stocking up on.

Of course, because he doesn't want people to see it one of the bags has to drop to the ground. The sound of glass fills the area as the bag hits the pavement and becomes soaked from the liquor leaking out.]

God dammit...

[Benson is tempted to just leave it. To let the bag and it's broken contents lay there. But he can't. Some idiot might get hurt from the broken glass. He tries to pick up the bag only to have the bottom tear away due to being so wet, the broken contents spilling across the ground. Surely now, he'd have a good reason to just leave it be. To just walk away and-


With an annoyed sigh, he puts the bags that are still in one piece on the ground and proceeds to start picking up the glass and wet paper and get it off the street.]
17 February 2012 @ 12:26 am
4th Gumball - Phone/Action  
[Well, someone isn't happy now that he's back to normal and away from the effects mint has on him. To say he was embarrassed would be putting it lightly; Benson was out and out ashamed. And he dealt with shame the way he dealt with everything else: by being angry as hell and trying to bottle it up.

Either way? He owed some apologies to people.]


...Look. I know that there were a few people I might've been...uncouth towards, a few days ago. Okay. I guess that's putting it lightly. I was acting like an asshole. And I'm sorry. That's not what I'm usually like. It really, really isn't, and I don't know what came over me. It won't happen again.

[Phone - Filtered to Mordecai]

Yeah, hi.

Let's pretend Valentine's Day didn't happen, alright?

[Action - Outside 507 Ricardo Street]

[If you're going by Ricardo Street today, feel free to notice the man who lives at 507 removing every single potted plant he could find in the house, hell, everything that could conceivably be called vegetable matter, and placing it on the sidewalk. Watch in amazement as he takes out a lighter and proceeds to try and get the plants to catch flame, running back a bit when the fire actually gets started.

He's just going to wait, and watch, as every plant that had previously been in his house burns.]
13 February 2012 @ 12:44 am
3rd Gumball - Action [Forward Dated to the 13th/14th]  
[Action - Around Town]

[Benson is not exactly the most romantic man. The guy hasn't had a date since high school and, for the most part, hasn't wanted one. But Valentine's Day can do weird things to a person, especially when they're being affected by magical, mind-altering flowers. Benson, for his part? Got mint.

That means it's time to go and see who might be around town. He's dressed in his best or, at least, the best clothes he could find in the closet at home. Which wasn't all that great, since fashion is generally beyond Benson to begin with.

So is being suave. At the moment, Benson is hanging around wherever he can: inside the grocer store, the restaurants, the bakery, the cosplay cafe. Pretty much anywhere other people go. And there's the possibility that, if he spots you, he will come up to you and with the biggest grin possible, ask]


Come here often?

[Yes. That's his A-game.

Again. Hasn't had a date since high school.]
25 January 2012 @ 02:46 am
2nd Gumball - Phone/Action  

Oh my God will you people shut up! Are you even listening to yourselves? You're behaving like children. You want to know who's wrong in the argument? Do you? Okay!

Both sides are wrong! The gung-ho idiots who destroyed the machine are wrong, and all of you calling out about how stupid they are are wrong, especially since so many of you getting angry at them want to stay in this god-forsaken place.

So people may stay dead if they die? Oh no, it's not like that's how real life works! There shouldn't be any friggin' reason people end up dead here to begin with, if it wasn't for the fact that most of you are apparently too dumb to control yourselves! And guess what? Placing blame? Yeah, you're just wandering into an emotional landmine that could blow and cause more violence! But hey, you can afford that since we just-whoops, oh wait, we don't come back now, do we?!

So maybe you morons out to keep your mouths shut and think before you start a whole new slew of crap we can't afford!

Action: Mayfield General Store

[After that charming little speech, Benson will be going to his job to try and pretend it's just a normal day. Which, hey, he hasn't had much happen to him in Mayfield, so what the hell. Why not. Not like he's going to be someone to worry about wounds coming back.

So he'll just be doing his job as a grocer. At the moment, he's trying to stock some cereal boxes, only to find that he has a few too many. A normal person would think about taking the others back, but since he has them and was told by his boss, even if it was a drone, to get all of them on the shelf? By God if that's what he's going to do, even if there isn't any physical room for them.

And when he finds he can't break physical laws for the sake of stocking cereal? His anger and irritation catch up to him and he drop kicks one of the boxes of cereal down the aisle.

Perhaps even towards you.]