10 June 2012 @ 12:03 am
11th Fifth - Marvel Zombies making a come back!  
[The Captain has had a bit of a confidence boost after AUfield went down.

And now, this happened.

The Captain doesn't do well with Zombies. This time though, he has fully lost it.]

A) [Action | Zombie PCs or Zombie enablers]

[The Captain is coming for you! This super hero is landing nearby and is almost too angry for words.]

B)[Action | Those fighting zombies, fleeing zombies, or in trouble]

[The Captain is flying around, looking for zombies to smash or people to pull out of danger.]
01 June 2012 @ 11:31 am
10th Fifth - The Weight of the Universe on one man's shoulders. [AU Event!]  
[With so many people acting different, it's likely people might miss some subtle changes.

The Captain is walking around town with an easy smile on his face and no smell of alcohol clinging to his clothes. He's sober, which does happen from time to time, though it's rare to see him so cheerful about it.

Also, he's in spandex. Dressed as Captain Universe, minus the mask. He has a cape as well, plaid with his trademark large black star painted in the middle.]

A) [Action | 950 Beulah Street]

[The Captain is doing chores around the house, getting the basics done and being generally friendly with his drone wife.

He'll also greet neighbors. All the while dressed in that spandex.]

B) [Action | Anywhere]

[He's around town, being generally cheerful. If you need help, he's actually offering a hand and not ruining the day by trying to save it.

Is your car stuck? Got something stuck in a tree? Got some other problem he can handle in passing? He'll stop and see what he can do.]

C) [Action | Pharmacy]

[He's still dressed funny, but he's doing his job right. If he doesn't understand something, he's passing it off to a coworker or drone worker.

He'll even make small talk with customers.]
30 April 2012 @ 07:36 pm
9th Fifth - Warm Weather Brings Out The Best In Us  
[Guess what Mayfield? The Captain is drunk, he's had a great morning, and he's naked!

That's right. The alcoholic super hero has gone a bit over board. But still! It gets better!

He may even end up in your house! That's right! Your house!

He's super powered and super naked. You can catch him doing one of the following.]

[He's outside picking a fight with your car/tree/mailbox/dog.

It's a heated argument, he seems to be losing. He is swinging a mostly empty bottle of liquor around.

There's a lot of shouting, but it hasn't gotten violent. Yet.]

[In your kitchen, rummaging around for alcohol or food. He's made a mess of things too.

Your fridge is open, your meats are cooking on the stove with OJ marinade and your milk is spilled all over the floor.]

[In your bathroom, passed out in your shower.

The shower curtain has been torn town and the water is still running on him.

Wait, is that your toothbrush sticking out of his mouth?]

[In your bed. Yes, your bed!

Maybe sprawled out on top of you, or maybe having a naked cuddle. Is he big spoon or small spoon?]

[You got lucky, he never made it inside and he didn't destroy your yard.

Instead he passed out on your lawn, on your driveway or even on your car.]
Current Location: Your House!
13 April 2012 @ 11:37 am
Observation 5 - ....This isn't- What. ...What.  
[Action - 950 Beulah]

 Was The Captain even in his bed this evening?
Oh well, he got there at some point, and now Astral is very confused. The fact that this is a different body is immediately apparent- for a number of reasons. As to how different, he quickly finds that out upon stumbling, rather drunkedly, into the bathroom.
His reaction isn't loud, but it's certainly shocked. Eyes widen for... A few moments, and he's holding his head...
Looking at the clock... (Oh, it's early in the morning and- How did he not notice the not-wife, drone or not?)
...Well, he feels REALLY ILL, dizzy, more than confused for both obvious and not obvious reasons (ahh, the symptoms of alcoholism and drunkness...)...
He mind as well at least do some part for whoever is in this house. Even if it's not his, and not his body. Maybe it's like a human dream..?
Regardless. Not-daughter, take a look; someone is cooking you breakfast and possibly even making you a lunch for later. And despite difficulties in moving/thinking/doing much properly... He's not doing too bad.
...He has yet to realize he's been floating a few inches off the ground the entire time. Old habit from his (Well, Astral's) world apparently.
[Phone - 930 Topper]

This is Astral. Ah... Not Astral's body, but it is me. Sorry. If the one present in my body at the moment is there, I would like to apologize for anything that might have caused this.
As to what that is, I am not entirely sure...
...Also, please try not to cause too much damage to my body. I myself have been careful with this one.

[Not that it likely needs it, uh-
...Wowwwwww it's strange hearing this tone of voice from The Captain isn't it..!!]
[Action - Around Town]

While his observational talents have been more or less inhibited by a still present headache, discovering that The Captain could fly has made this much much much much... Much. More enjoyable.
You really don't realize how much you miss something until you lose it, and then get it back in some sort of bizarre circumstance. The point is though...
The Captain can apparently be seen high above, flying and looking below with a strangely glazed look.
13 April 2012 @ 11:23 am
8th Fifth - The Captain is now Astral!  
A) [Action | 630 Toppers Street]

[This is not his beautiful house. That is not his beautiful wife. Also, why is she so tall?

He sneaks off to the bathroom and notices he is blue.

Well then, time to act rational. By rational, I mean Astral goes running screaming through the house.]

☠☠☠☠! Where the ☠☠☠☠ am I? What the ☠☠☠☠?

B) [Phone | Unfiltered]

[Astral's voice comes over the line, with a lot more emotion and cursing. Also, concerned over his lack of genitalia.

Not really aware he is calling the entire town.]

☠☠☠☠, come one. Oh, hey! Lucas! Ken! Tsubaki! And... uh...

Uh... ☠☠☠☠, guy I work with at the pharmacy... ☠☠☠☠. I forgot your name... I am the worst ☠☠☠☠ friend.

Anyways, guys! I don't know what's going on and I am freaking the ☠☠☠☠ out.

And I don't have a ☠☠☠☠ anymore and I am not sure if that's dangerous or not.

C) [Action | Olney's Tavern]

[Astral walks in trying not to look nervous.

Moving up to the bar, even with the displeased looks from the drones.]

Uh... hey. Could I get a shot of whatever whiskey you got? I've been having a terrible day.

D) [Action | Anywhere | Late afternoon]

[Astral is going around town. Even if he didn't get shots at the bar, he stole some of his not!dad's alcohol and a flask.

Astral is stumbling about with that flask now, having a hard time walking straight.]

☠☠☠☠... I'm a lightweight...
04 April 2012 @ 03:41 pm
7th Fifth - He ain't no Superman [Event End!]  
[The Captain is not so super right now.

April Fools did a number on him. Also, he needs to stop being so gullible.]

A) [Action | Locked to 950 Beulah Street]

[The Captain is on a rampage. He’s torn ups his room, and every closet in the house. Tossing things aside and yelling curses.

Also, you might notice he has a few cuts on his hand. The Captain doesn’t get cuts, he’s invulnerable.

This is the start of a very bad day.]

B) [Phone | Unfiltered to everyone]

Okay, who the ☠☠☠☠ took Special bear?

And don’t play dumb, it’s the damaged stuffed bear I locked away in my home.

Speak up or, when I find you, I am tearing your house apart.

C) [Action | Anywhere]

[The Captain doesn’t look too good. His knuckles are bloody and a few of his fingers are bent funny.

Someone just learned he’s no longer invulnerable.

So he’s trying to be extra cautious, but just ends up being more accident prone for it.

The later in the day you find him, the more scuffed up, roughed up, bruised and battered he may seem.]

D) [Action | Night – Any street | Closed to the first person who tags]
”Car )
01 April 2012 @ 10:37 pm
6th Fifth - April Foolishness! [Event Post]  
[The Captain is trying his hands at pranks!

This isn't killing, so he's willing to go along with it. Plus, it might be fun!]

BLU Scout )

Yuna )

Perry the Platypus )
04 March 2012 @ 08:09 pm
5th Fifth and 60th Inning - Good Old City Boys! [Band Candy]  
A couple of trouble makers have eaten some of the tainted baked goods. Though they're physically the same, something is very different about them.
((OOC: The Captain and/or Scout will be tagging back.))

A) [Action | Around Town]

[Did you like the paint job on your house? Your car? Your fence?

Did you enjoy not having paint on your trees, pets, or lawn?

Well too bad! The Captain and BLU Scout are tearing their way through town, having too much fun painting everything in sight. Houses and cars will end up with special tags.

If you get in the way you might just get painted on too!]

B) [Action | Wherever you are!]

[The two have teamed up to pick on some dorks random citizens of Mayfield.

The Captain is still super strong and Scout is still really fast. Also, they are both kind of jerks.

They are going to be cornering people and picking on them. Expect noogies, wedgies, and other immature behavior.]

((OOC: If you don't want your character beat up, or rather avoid certain teasing, let us know!))

C) [An argument in the park]

What? You got to be ☠☠☠☠ kidding. Why would you be rooting for less than the best?

Why're you assumin' I'm not! I'm rootin' for the greatest damn team in the east and don't you forget it!
13 February 2012 @ 10:18 am
4th Fifth - Lover of Loving Love! [Event! | Open to anyone]  
[Action | February 13th]

[The Captain is confused about all the flowers and what's going on.

Today, he manages to avoid the crazy effects going on and is, instead, wandering around town. You can find him almost anywhere, though he spends a good chunk of the time walking. He knows a holiday is coming up and he wants to be ready.

of course, that never actually works.]

((OOC: The Captain is normal on this day. If you want to trick and or accidentally get him influenced by flowers of your choice, this is a good day for it.))

[Action | February 14th]

[The Captain lost track of what was going on and ends up taking a face full of Mint before he has time to wonder why he'd even want to.

Guy, girl, or other thing. The Captain is coming to see you and he seems to be in a rare, wonderful, happy mood.

Oh, and he smells clean and actually seems sober!]

[Action | February 15th]

[The Captain, this time, ends up under the influence of roses.

Who will he meet?]

((First come first serve. This one only applies to the first character to tag this option. This one only really applies to non children humanoid characters.))
11 February 2012 @ 09:33 am
3rd Fifth - You're Going To Be A Star Kid  
A) [Action | Outside 950 Beulah Street]

[The Captain finds a large manila envelope addressed to him. Opening it up, wondering if he has to try to do taxes again this year.

What he finds are newspaper clippings. With pictures! They are of stuff he did back home! Of course, he can't read the articles, but the pictures look cool.]

B) [Action | The Pharmacy]

[He puts the articles up in the employee break room. Wanting to post them up at his job. The pictures are usually of him thwarting some thug or thief. The articles tend to be things like:
Cut for length )

C) [Action | Anywhere]

[The Captain is in a good mood. He's spending his off time doing super hero things.

In Mayfield, that means flying around and helping people. Even if it is something small, so long as someone looks like they need help, he'll be there.

Maybe your car broke down? Your cat is stuck in a tree? You tripped and fell? Why is it raining? It's sunny out, why didn't you bring sunglasses? Put your shirt on inside out?

Or maybe you have a real need for help?

No matter the cause. The Captain will be there.]

D) [Action | Anywhere]

[Does The Captain know you? Are you out side and easy to spot?

If he does and if you are, he's going to show off his newspaper clippings. If he doesn't like you, it might be just to brag. If he does like you, he is just trying to prove he was a hero back home.

Too bad none of the articles are of things he actually did right.]
(See the two examples above, under the cut, for ideas of what they might be about.)
31 January 2012 @ 04:18 pm
2nd Fifth - We Have The Tech, We Can Rebuild Him! [Event]  
[Action | Wandering The Streets]

[The Captain is not doing so well.

He is wearing pants and his coat, but is going shirtless. Bandages are wrapped around his abdomen. Blood stains, most of them about a day old, dirty the bandages.

He's holding his stomach with one arm and a bucket with sticky quarters in his free hand. The bucket says "Swear Jar" on the side.

He's walking slowly, stumbling a bit. Muttering to himself.

On occasion he forgets what not to mutter about.

So, on occasion, you will find him on his knees. He's going through spasms that end with him coughing up a quarter into that bucket.]
17 January 2012 @ 08:24 pm
1st Fifth - A Hero's Got To Do What A Hero's Got To Do! [Event]  
[Back Dated to the 16th]

A) [Action: Beulah Street]

[The Captain is trying to cope with the sound.

His method of coping involved emptying his stock of whiskey.

He's wandering around the street, drinking from his last bottle and cursing at anything that agitates him. That dog, that curb he tripped over, the sun for being too bright, or whatever else he can blame for his misery.]

B) [Action: The Dairy]

[That's it. Enough is enough!

He flies at top speed, tearing through the air and driving straight towards The Dairy.

The impact is loud and sounds painful. The Dairy is unscathed as The Captain bounces off and tumbles a distance away. Knocked unconscious by the force of impact.]

C) [Action: Olney's Tavern]

[Eventually, The Captain will wake up and find his way to the one place he can go to drown away his problems.

Walking in, sitting down at the bar and ordering a drink. Not planning to stop until someone forces him out.]