16 May 2012 @ 02:33 pm
one minute clapping // voice/action  
A.) 845 Goldberg Street

[It's never easy to know when you're asleep in the Reapers' Game, since Players don't dream. It is easy to know when you're awake, though. The normal wake-up spot is the Scramble Crossing, which is full of voices. People talking, various announcements from billboards, the works. It's impossible to not know where you are.

When Neku jerks awake, the first thing he notices is the quiet. Yeah, the sounds of the outside world are muffled through his headphones most of the time, but it's still way too quiet. The second thing he notices is the lack of the familiar weight of his headphones. Okay, this is now weird as hell, and the weird things keep on piling up - this isn't a city outside his window, and Neku doesn't even think this is in Japan. These aren't his clothes, and they're nowhere to be found. This is steadily getting weirder.

He pinches himself hard, because this has to be some freaky dream, right? Wrong. Neku's yelling before he even realizes it:]

What the hell is going on?!

B.) Mayfield High

[Of course it's a weekday. Of course it's not summer vacation. And so there's a sulking redhead leaning against a locker, wondering exactly what he did to deserve winding up in this place.

He might also be sulking in the back row of a classroom, drawing what looks like some kind of graffiti rather than taking notes.]

C.) Phone

Okay. I have things to do back home that are more important than sitting here in the middle of nowhere. What is this place, and more importantly, how do I get back to Shibuya?