05 May 2012 @ 07:29 am
>Sollux: Ask for a date to prom  
[You can't ask for a date to prom because you refuse to go]


What's this about something called a prom? I heard it was something like a dance, is it going to be as terrible as Home Coming was? And is a date required again because my matesprit is kind of not here so I'm kind of out of luck in the date apartment.

Not that I'm actually going to go.
13 April 2012 @ 07:56 pm
>Sollux : Be the excited fishtroll  
5722 Cunningham Lane

[Hello housemates, today's a lovely day, isn't it? Well, prepare to be startled or woken up by a shrill voice.]

What the fuck?!

[There was obviously something wrong with Feferi today and she looked less then happy hurrying into the bathroom. The door is left open and she can be seen with her face practically up against the mirror as she pokes and prods at herself.]

Later that day in the streets of Mayfield

[Sollux had calmed down by now. He had accepted the fact that he was now stuck in his moirail's body but he wasn't used to walking around as her just yet. He finds himself stepping on his own hair and tripping, landing right on his stomach. This wasn't the first time this has happened today, and it certainly wasn't going to be the last.]

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03 April 2012 @ 09:02 pm
> Sollux: Have your life get worse every day (Earlier on the third)  

I think something happened to Aradia. I went to her house to pick her up for dancing lessons and she's human again. Also, she's been droned. Does this happen to people sometimes?
18 February 2012 @ 11:50 am
>Sollux: Apologize (Backdated to the 16th)  

[On the other end you can hear someone taking a breath like they were about to speak then silence for a few seconds. Then another breath, then silence.]


[Sollux wasn't quite sure how to properly... apologize.]

Uh... It's... It's Sollux.

[Oh god he was the most embarrassed]

I'm sorry everyone that I...

Everyone that I hit on and...made out with.

Phone; Filtered to Aradia.

I know it isn't much at all considering what I did but I am so, so sorry for what happened on the 14th. I have no idea what came over me and I want to make everything up to you so if you can stomach talking to me again, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me if there was anyway to redeem myself.

[He already washed his mouth out like 10 times this morning...]
12 February 2012 @ 09:38 pm
~Love is blooming~  
Forward dated to the 13th/14th

Locked to Karkat Vantas

[Sollux was taking a walk today, a rose in his hand. He found it this morning and decided that he was going to give it to Aradia. Girls like flowers, right? That was a thing that they liked?

He idly smells it as he turns a corner and notices Karkat. He blinks a few times, suddenly feeling flustered. Who was he bringing this rose to again? Karkat, right? Well obviously Karkat, who else would he bring it to?

He smiles, cheeks flushed, and walks over to him.]

H-hey KK, I saw this rose and thought that you would like it.

Action; Around Mayfield. Open to all.

[After that escapade with a certain nubby horned troll, Sollux had a little whiff of mint. So if you happen to be walking by and he notices you, you are now a target. He wants a kiss from you and he will pull out all the stops until he gets one.

Cue the double pistols and two winks.]
06 February 2012 @ 06:22 pm
> Sollux: Become even more fucked up then usual  
Action; Around 842 Hastings Boulevard

[Sollux sighed as he brought a package addressed to him inside. He didn't know if it was his or if it was Russia's but he decided to open it anyway. He sits on the couch and reaches inside, pulling out a picture of something. It figures how he couldn't see what it was. It was probably something like his recupracoon or someth--

Upon contact with the photo, he blinked. What he regained wasn't his recupracoon, it was his vision. Though, it was strange. Everything looked almost like a painting, it was all on one backdrop. Nothing had any definition at all. It was all two-dimensional.

Was he high? Was this a dream? He gets up and takes a good look around. It was all 2-D. All of it. He reaches out to the couch and even his arm looked like it was part of the wall. This was all way too confusing.

He makes his way outside and just stares in disbelief. It was like everything was made of paper or something.

If you happened to be walking by, you will notice Sollux looking really confused and also that his right eye is now white instead of black.]
01 February 2012 @ 05:56 pm
> Sollux: Be kind of a zombie except not really (Forward-dated to tomorrow morning.)  
Action; In front of the hospital

[If you happened to be walking by, you will notice the familiar outline of Sollux Captor. Some may or may not know about how he had died a little while ago so you may or may not be excited to see him. But... something seems off about him. A closer inspection reveals that he's bleeding out of his eyes, mouth, nose, ears, basically every orifice and it's not stopping. It's not fast though, it's very, very slow. It'll take him a while to bleed out, probably another day or so. But that seems to be the less of his problems. He's hunched over, holding onto his head and yelling in pain.]


I don't know who all is still alive or even paying attention to phone calls but I need to know about my friends. If anyone knows anything about the other trolls, who's alive, who's dead, etc, please, please, tell me.

[OOC: His side effects are as followed:

Extremely low body temperature
Weak pulse and low blood pressure
And Wounds and physical effects (i.e. poison, illness) are present but reduced to non-fatal levels.

Basically he is practically not living and also he's got a constant splitting headache and bleeding from everywhere going on. Forever Vast Glub happening to him. Fun, huh?]
23 January 2012 @ 09:29 am
>Sollux: Mess up  
Action; in front of 842 Hastings Boulevard.

[This morning, after getting dressed, Sollux finds himself tripping over something. It's hard to tell what he tripped on being blind and all but it sent him falling towards his beehive mainframe and practically face-planting into it. He gets up and licks a little of the yellow honey off his face before feeling a strange yet familiar tingling sensation and realizing what a stupid thing he had just done.

He hurries as fast as he can outside before he had the chance of hurting anything and aim's his head skyward. After only a few seconds, two powerful blasts of gold-black-white alternating beams of energy shoots out of his eyes and he screams out in pain.

After the fiasco of rave-ike strobelights were done being projected out of his face, he stumbles to the side a bit and leans against a streetlamp, smoke flowing from the corners of his eyes and dissipating into the air.

You do not under any circumstances eat the mind honey.]