23 October 2012 @ 07:13 pm
[Magical girl night job aside, Sayaka is pretty weak-willed.  She can't keep herself together when she's hunting witches without someone there beside her holding her hand, she's easily influenced into making bad decisions, and even worse - it's really easy to shake her confidence in herself.  She may have gotten through that Soul Gem incident a few weeks back with a little help from her friends, but part of her still can't shake the dark thoughts that led her down that path in the first place.  And thoughts like that are fertile ground for the sort of memory manipulation Mayfield inflicts on its hapless denizens.]

[Action; Mayfield High; music room]

[Anyone who remembers the last time Sayaka tried to play a violin should recall her complete inexperience, and the fact that she was only able to produce sounds that might remind one of yowling alley cats.  But today is a little different.  Today, she's playing
Pachelbel's Canon in D major in a recital in front of the entire class, and actually managing it quite well.  It's not exactly technically perfect, but there is certainly a great deal of emotion behind the performance.  When she's done, she lets out a satisfied sigh and bows her head before returning to her chair.

Those who continue to pay attention to her after she's taken her seat might catch her sneaking a look at the drone that plays first chair violin during the school recitals, smiling softly and faintly blushing.]

[Action; streets of Mayfield]

[Later, Sayaka can be found taking the long way home from school.  She's spending a lot of time staring at the shining blue gem hanging from a silver chain around her neck, holding it gently in front of her in the palm of her hand.  It looks like she's pretty deep in thought about something or other, but she doesn't seem to be suffering from the headaches plaguing those people who try to remember something from their real history.  She's got that same dreamy look from class in her eyes, though.]

22 October 2012 @ 07:56 pm
Less Awkward Than His Canon Memories!  
[Action: Mayfield High]

[Science has, of course, always been Neville's favourite subject]

Hey, you got any ideas for the science fair yet?

[Action: 1486 Kramden]

[Neville is putting his bag in his room when he notices something odd on his desk. Gum wrappers? Why does he have these?]


[Action: 435 Peepers]

[He's been trying, he really has. But he just needs to see Rory.]

21 October 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Riddle 047: Identity Crisis  

Wouldn't you know it? There are a few drone students whispering right in the middle of one of Edward Nashton's lectures. He continues with the lesson, undaunted, but their chatter doesn't escape his notice. In fact, he's almost entirely certain that he's the subject of their conversation. Why wouldn't he be?

He's no stranger to gossip. Few are, in a town like Mayfield. For as perfect a town as it may be, the people there are still bound to latch onto the imperfections. To the constant stream of rumors regarding a certain ethics teacher caught red-handed in a steamy affair.

What exactly happened all those months ago? Did he really leave Susan for someone else? How were their poor kids holding up through all of this...? All these questions. So many questions...

Enough is enough, Edward decides, as he decides to call out one of the rabblerousers in the back.]

Mr. Daniel. Would you care to share that with the rest of the class?

[A stunned silence from the distracted student in the back; he only seems to tense up even further as Edward strides away from the blackboard and towards his desk.]

No? I thought not. [As Edward draws nearer, he can't help but notice something sticking out from the pages of the student's textbook.] Ohh? What's this? You wouldn't happen to be hiding something, now, would you?

[He would. A quick swipe at the boy's textbook and Edward finds himself in the possession of a ratty old comic book.

Edward regards it for a moment before straightening up, fixing the student with a stern look.]

I'm going to have to confiscate this, thank you very much. Now then...

[The lecture continues until finally, class is dismissed.

Despite that, however, your teacher appears to have decided to stick around the classroom for a little while longer, even after school is out. Whether you're a student of Edward's that's also decided to stick around, a fellow faculty member, or a friend or close relation, you're bound to find Edward Nashton.

Alone. At his desk.

Flipping through the pages of Detective Comics #140.]
21 October 2012 @ 09:58 pm
[action, 1485 Kramden, post-dated to Monday]
[Early in the morning, before school begins, Yuki can be found in the kitchen of 1485 Kramden, humming softly to herself as she prepares breakfast for her beloved family. Absurdly shy, she trusts herself only around her family, and though she is aware at this point in her life that she must be adopted, she has never even questioned them as anything other than her family. She quietly bustles around the kitchen, preparing a healthy and nutritious breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and fresh fruit.

Yuki adjusts her glasses as they begin to slip down her nose. She has, of course, always needed them to correct her vision.]

[action, school]
[At school, Yuki keeps to herself, much like she always has. She quietly listens during classes and sneaks a peek at the pages of her books when she thinks the teacher isn't paying attention - still, when called upon, her answers are almost always correct, if a bit inaudible. Or, at least, quite close. Between classes, she hugs her notebooks to her chest and keeps her eyes fixated on the floor. After classes, she waits until all the other students have filed out before following after meekly.

The sole exception to this behavior comes during lunchtime, when she allows her mind to wander. On her napkins, as she reads what clearly appears to be a romance from the cover, her hand subconsciously doodles...

'Yuki + Kyon'....

If she ever happens to spot the boy in question during the day, she will start violently and flee in the opposite direction.]

[A voice speaks out over the phone lines, soft, tentative, and confused.]

I... I-I'm so sorry to disturb you all, but... I... I have a question - for... for film enthusiasts. I haven't been keeping track of the pictures they've been showing lately - t-they're all wonderful, I'm sure, it's just that, I... I prefer reading, but, um, if it's not too much trouble... May I ask if... if there's been a science fiction film lately? ...I've been having... very strange ideas, you see, and I... oh, I can't remember attending, but I'm sure I must have seen them at the pictures.

((All responses will come from [personal profile] disappearance.))
12 October 2012 @ 10:10 am
thirteenth tonfa - let's make fireworks  
A : 1647 Albright Lane : Closed to Cain

[ Hibari's been collecting different things for making fireworks, because it's something that he both like to create and set off. Alone, at least.

As it is now, he's sitting up on top of the roof of 1647 Albright, boxes of material for both fireworks and fuses for them. The most he had things for was sparklers, but he had for other simple types as well. Making fireworks out of the different items.

On his knee, his little Hibird sat fluffed up and softly cooing, while his cloud hedgehog Roll lay curled under the shadow of his other knee. ]

B : High School : Open to All

[ What is he doing napping again? He sure like to nap, doesn't he? With Hibird on top of his head and Roll on his stomach, he lay spread on top of a few low lockers, only half asleep right now. He's paying just a little attention to the students milling through the corridor, and his fingertips are itching to reach for his tonfa. ]

C : Anywhere in Mayfield

[ He is bored, really, really bored. So with Hibird flying around his head and singing Namimori's school's anthem (taught to it by Hibari), he is looking for a fight. Preferrably a good fight, but as long as it's a fight, he won't be picky. Unless his opponent turn out to be really weak. Or if they're Belphegor – but that guy is weak, after all. And he won't measure Cain or Tohsaka Rin, either, because those are some of the few he's not looking to fight with at the moment. Instead, those two might get a passing glance, before he looks to the next prey-- person.

So he scrutinizes everyone he sees, measuring their strength. This is why you might feel his sharp stare in your back, because he's not concealing his observing. ]
10 October 2012 @ 11:06 am
Backdated to Monday  
[ Ever since he got his viola back, he's been bringing it along ecerywhere. Really, everywhere. ]

1 : Anywhere and Open!

[ Today we are making Teru Teru Bouzu! Well, Natsuki is, at least. He found some old sheets and yarn, and is sewing while happily humming. Just look at those cute weather dolls with cute faces and cute hair styles! And hey! If you ask him, I'm sure he'll happily customize one after your wishes, friend!

This is happening at several different locations.

1: the High School, in a classroom or a corridor

2: In the park under a tree or on a bench

3: Anywhere else in Mayfield. Possibly even outside your house. ]

2 : Anywhere in Mayfield and still Open!

[ And now we're giving them out! Completely for free! He might be a bit annoying when he tries to give them to you, though. Because the guy can be pretty persistent. ]
26 September 2012 @ 09:43 pm
6th Record 「Puzzle Pieces」  
[ Phone : Drone Filter : Monday (Afternoon) / Tuesday (Evening) / Wednesday (Midnight) ]
[ The following is delivered in a calm, professional tone. ]
Good day. My name is Nanoha Takamachi. I come to you all with an urgent notice. I promise that you will want to listen, and appreciate your time, but I will not to take up too much of it.

Mayfield is changing. I don't think this is something that can be missed. There has been new information uncovered and I feel that communication is the key to surviving here for much longer.

There will be meeting on Sunday the 30th of this month, at noon. It will be in the loading hangar of the Nadesico — a large spaceship docked above 947 Beulah. Whether you have a story to share, or just want to sit in and listen to others, I encourage everyone to attend; young or old, newcomer or veteran.

Feel free to spread news of this via word of mouth. My only request is that you not use the telephones, so that we can reduce interference. I will not discuss this further over the line, but I will be available every day at either the high school counselor's office, or my home at 1336 Benny Road. You may also contact Fate T. Harlaown or Hayate Yagami in a similar fashion.

I implore you... please, give this your utmost consideration.

I hope that the rest of your day goes well. Thank you again for your time.

[ Action : 1336 Benny Road : Open after the above calls, and any day this week except Sunday ]
[ Every time she hangs up the receiver, it falls from her hand a little heavier. Stretching the limits of her sleep schedule, Nanoha is quite tired. It is for a good cause. It is the right choice — perhaps the only choice. These are things she tells herself, for she can no longer sit idly by as their simulated world figuratively (and sometimes literally) crumbles around them.

However, she will greet those who come to knock with a pleasant face and a clean, welcoming home. ]

[ Action : Mayfield High : Open during school hours ]
[ —or one can catch Nanoha attempting to take short naps in her office. Whether it is about the meeting, school business, or a personal call, her door is open to all. ]

((OOC: Phone calls will not be answered, BUT if you want to express interest without a thread, you can tag this thread with an OOC comment as a sort of informal sign-up. The log will be mingle style, with headers, and more of an IC info-dump conference than a proper Q&A. You can ask me questions directly, hand-wave any threads whereupon characters express interest in attending, etc etc IDK this seems like it could be big so I want to make it as flexible for everyone as possible!))

((ETA: Log is here! For any late-comers. Back-tagging is more than welcome! o7))
16 September 2012 @ 04:32 pm
[Action - Closed to Reimu Hakurei (backdated to after Day 7 portal collapsed)]

Read more... )

[Action - School (forward dated to the 20th)]

[With everything that had happened, Marisa had failed to report to school when she was supposed to. After three days, Mayfield made sure the witch went to school. They droned her.

Dressed in the typical fashion of a Mayfield teenager, the blonde (lacking her trademark braid) was in school perky and attentive. 'Marisa Slick' was a very popular girl. In fact, she was running for Homecoming Queen not that Marisa Kirisame herself knew this. She was a senior after all. The droned witch could be found either in class or handing out fliers and buttons in the hallway. She's especially interested in getting any other Popular students to support her.]

[Action - 1125 Taylor (forward dated to the 21st)]

[After coming out of her second droning in one week thanks to the permanent death of her girlfriend, Marisa immediately took herself down into her lab in the basement to work on something dangerous. Her research was the only way she could cope right then, drowning herself in something she could control to ignore the things she couldn't. And it seemed, given she was working with vampire blood, her own lack of self-preservation was kicking in.

No, she wasn't going to use it on herself, but the hamster in the cage nearby might not be so lucky. Sitting unopened on the table next to the caged hamster was a familiar style of envelope addressed to her.]
12 September 2012 @ 03:37 pm
Switch 2: School Days!  
[All Backdated to September 6th]

[Action 1: In class at Mayfield High. Open]

[Gen is grinning at the back of the room he's in...having managed to get in before anyone else. Written on the board is the following:

"Happy new school year! Let's all get along. Signed Gentarou Kisaragi: The man who'll befriend EVERYONE in school!"

And he's making no attempt to hide himself at all.]

[Action 2: Mayfield High School yard at lunch or after school (please indicate which)]

[Gen is outside, and if it's lunch, he has a large sandwich either by his side or in his face. He's also holding in both cases a large sign advertising the 'Kamen Rider Club', complete with large Fourze head logo.
10 September 2012 @ 02:30 pm
Phase 4 - The Beginning Of The End  
Ar Tonelico 1 post-game memory and Mayfield-induced nightmares here for reading )

[A.) Thursday, September 6th, Morning/Afternoon - The Dairy Portal, Locked to Chen & Dakki:

Aurica walked down the street, tailing the unfamiliar robot-thing that was claiming to be Dakki, her not!mom from the last time the girl was here. She was warned to not follow, but she couldn't help herself; as much as she wasn't sure to trust her, she wanted to know what was going on.

Though, with her acting just like how her drone self would, she couldn't ask directly, either. Not that she thought Dakki would tell her, at any rate. Mothers are nothing if not caring for the security of their children, real or not. She stepped out from a corner, eyeing the portal that her supposedlynot!mom was preparing to enter.]

[B.) Sunday, September 9th, Morning/Afternoon - The Church of Salvation:

Normally when one prays in the church, they close their eyes, don't they? It's what one does when they reach into their soul, to feel for what they believe in to support themselves. Something to feel good, wholesome. Better.

If one would look closely at the girl sitting there on the empty pew, they might just see that she had her eyes open briefly. If one pays attention for longer though, they could notice that the girl didn't close their eyes at all, all that time.]

[C.) Sunday, September 9th, Afternoon - The Post Office (Feel Free To Intercept At Any Point):

If you decide to walk anywhere near this area today, one might find a girl in Mayfield-style clothes dragging herself along, arms lifeless and head bowed, her posture somewhat off-balance. As she passes by the Post Office itself, she stops and looks up towards it for some time, before she lowers her head again and continues to walk by, her pacing uneven.]

[D.) Sunday, September 9th, Afternoon/Evening - John Doe Park:

It's a casual day for living, and that means recreation in the park for a lot of people. Some are having fun, playing games, and others are relaxing, just taking in the sun and air. Aurica will be one of the latter, seemingly, as she's propped up on a bench. Most of the bench actually, as she's lying down on it, an arm lazily hung downward and a finger twirling around some grass on the ground.]

[E.) Sunday, September 9th, Evening - Phone:

Most of the time people talk on the phone if they're on it. You might be yapping away, with whatever important things or otherwise talkative conversation you're expressing, but there's someone listening in to these things that won't be very cheery. It'll be a surprise if the person even talks at all to you, really. Though, she may not be in the right mind to appreciate you trying to talk to her. You won't know until she starts talking to you.]

[F.) Monday, September 10th, Morning/Aftenoon - Mayfield High:

There was a better step in her feet today, the girl with the long braid that bounced around as she walked through the crowds of students into the faculty office. When Aurica heard that she had to go back to school, she was a little happier. That is, until she found out that one of her favorite teachers no longer taught there. In fact, the drones acted like he never existed.

She moved as fast as she could to the music room, opening the door, and it was... empty. Save for the piano that sat there at the front, where she both heard and played music that touched her deeply.

For those that roam the halls today, you might hear musical notes being played, and if you want to follow it or know where the music room would be and have a reason for being there, you might find the girl there at any time of the day, randomly poking at the piano keys.]

[G.) Monday, September 10th, Afternoon/Evening - Front Porch of 458 Stone Street:

Neighbors or those walking by could see a girl on the steps of the front porch to the house. She's sitting there, back hunched over and arms folded over her knees. She's been there since the end of the school day, not budging at all. In fact, if you come across the residence or look out your window later on, you might see her still there. Did she even eat dinner?]
09 September 2012 @ 09:19 am
second hunt | backdated to after Day 3  
[ACTION, 749 Partridge Drive, Sept. 5]

[So, here's the thing about killer drones: when you go up against a mob of them armed with only a knife and another knife sticking out of your shoulder, there's a good chance you're going to die. Even if you've got a witch on your side. Sam's learned that lesson the hard way, but now he's waking up in his bed, in his house, and sucking in a deep lungful of air.

He's alive. He's alive, which really shouldn't be possible. But then, he's seen and heard a lot of strange things, both in and out of Mayfield.

Still, there's no denying the fact that he was dead. Nor is there any denying the fact that he can barely feel his pulse, and when he sits up, he has to grip on to something to steady himself, his sight blurring for just a moment before it clears up as he tries to catch his breath. Then the mother of all headaches comes on.

Housemates, your newly resurrected not!dad is trying to make his way down the stairs, though he's looking a little pale. Which is pretty difficult when you're suffering from a headache, shortness of breath, and trying to fight off unconsciousness.

Everyone else, feel free to visit him over the next few days. Just expect to see that he's...not doing so hot.]

[ACTION, Mayfield High, Sept. 8]

[From all the chatter his drone kid has been directing at him while he's been sick, he's got a job at the high school as a teacher, which means that as soon as he's feeling better (or at least can stand for long periods of time without falling over), he'll be showing up for the first time at work.

Anyone who comes into their Social Studies class is sure to be in for a surprise, because Sam is sitting at his desk and reviewing the lesson plan, with "Myths, Legends, and How They Affect Various Societies" written on the blackboard. He's still a bit pale--death will do that to you--but at least he's feeling better.

As soon as everyone's sitting down, he stands up.]

Uh, hi. First things first, I'm Sam Winchester, and I'll be your Social Studies teacher for the year. [He pauses, just letting the words he's just said sink in.] We'll be studying various myths, legends and various kinds of lore, and see just how it's affected society. So, I'd like to hear at least one or two from you guys.

[Actually, this is kind of just an excuse to get his mind off of the fact that he died and to record at least some lore. Especially the ones that feature monsters and how to kill them, just in case he runs across one.

Other teachers are free to encounter him either in his classroom, writing something down in a notebook, or in the canteen, where his food looks more or less untouched as he goes over what he's written down, or even in the hallways, where he's leaning against one of the lockers and just breathing in and out.]
21 August 2012 @ 08:22 am
Latest intro ever  
[//Action for Housemates at 1670 Nelson Street]

[It isn't exactly unusual for Senri to be a little unsure of his surroundings when he wakes up. His mind isn't really good at holding on to details like the events of the previous day. At least not without reminders. That's what his book is for.
And, as this is actually his second trip to Mayfield, the town has seen fit to allow him to keep the things he had regained during his previous stay. The book included. So instead of panicking, he flips through his book, checks his reminders, and looks around. ]


[Yes, this is Mayfield, but... Something seems different. Is this the house he was in before? Well, he's in the pictures so... it must be. He spends a little while poking around the house, confused to find the previous drone woman gone and the drone children too. That's .... somewhat disappointing actually. She had been nice. Odd, but nice. He wonders if there's a reason for the change. He's also wondering if he should be leaving now? Wasn't there a place he'd been told to go to every day? Maybe Cooro would know. He'd been around the last time this happened....]

[//Action for whoever]

[Later on, Senri has finally pieced together that school was the place he was supposed to go. Except not. Because the school year hasn't started yet. But it's not like he knows that. So he's just standing outside the school building, looking confused. The building does seem vaguely familiar, but he just isn't sure....]

[OOC: replies after work ^^;;]
25 July 2012 @ 02:09 am
chapter 4  
[769 bunker; early morning to mid-afternoon]

[Today is a day of both recuperating and relaxation for Tokiomi. It wouldn't be uncommon to see him sitting on his porch or taking rest in the large chair in the living room, red wine in a glass between his fingers. The look on his face is pretty neutral, albeit traces of content here and there.]

[phone; mid-afternoon]

Rin... when you are able to find time for your father, I must speak with you.

[uptown - tiger field; night]

[In the cover of the night, Tokiomi is deciding to practice his magecraft with the jewels given to him by Rin. A fire or wind spell here or there can be seen fired from the jewels and, once he is finished with that, you might just see Tokiomi practicing a few martial arts moves. So much for relaxation? Tokiomi was never the kind to stay stagnant for too long though.]
11 July 2012 @ 09:35 pm
21st Tactic  
[...the faintest memory of fog closing in on them, a horrible burning pain, and now waking with a start to stare at an unfamiliar ceiling is what welcomes Caesar back to the normal Mayfield. As normal as it is compared to the other one, at least, but it isn't a comparison he can make just yet.

He doesn't remember it, not beyond some panic-inducing nightmare which grows fainter and fainter in his memory. Memories... Where was he, anyway?

action; locked to 847 Goldberg St. )

[phone; no filters]

Hello? Is anyone there? [Caesar's talking in a hushed, uncertain voice, though not really all that panicked.] Can someone connect me to the authorities? Or at the very least tell me where I am? I think I've been kidnapped or I'm lost or...

[He's not quite sure, even though he should know better, having already been trapped in Mayfield for over a year!]

[action; the rest of town, later on in the week]

[And despite any warning about staying inside he may or may not have gotten, until his amnesia faded at the very least, Caesar can be found a day or so out and about after his confused call to the town. He may have snuck out through the window, but can you blame a guy for being curious?

He wanders aimlessly, stopping at certain places to look around and try to find anything to jog his memory. The school grounds, since it's closed itself. The park, following some half-remembered paths to places he thinks may have been old haunts, favorite trees to be in. The library gets a visit. He can even be found standing just outside the bakery, though turned to stare uneasily at the dairy instead of the other building. Even he can feel the dread about that place, though he wishes he could figure out why...

(OOC note: Caesar is back from a grisly fog-ridden death! He did not revive immediately following the end of Event: Step Right Up and has been missing a day. His penalty is full amnesia for several days. He doesn't remember his time in Mayfield or his time in his original world beyond the extent of thinking the occasional person, place, or object is vaguely familiar.)
13 June 2012 @ 11:28 pm
004 | Aoko Nakamori  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield High | Before School }}

[ Aoko made it to school super early today after cooking a nice healthy breakfast for her lovely Drone!Bro, Drone!Dad and Crazy!Mommy. What could have possibly convinced her to be at school this early you ask? Maybe it was a recent claim about a haunted house, or maybe she has detention, or maybe she just wanted to come early and sweep the front walkway. ]

[ ...Wait a minute... didn't school let out for summer vacation? No matter! As a way to distract herself Aoko is happily humming as she sweeps the front walkway. ]

{{ →!Action | Hospital | After School }}

[ Not ready or willing to go home yet, she's decided to take up some extra volunteer hours and if you're looking for the dear little candy striper you can find her dusting this and scrubbing that clean. She's a very busy girl. ]

{{ →!Phone }}

Does anyone here need a maid? I-I don't exactly like staying at home right now, so I thought maybe I could make myself useful by cleaning houses-that is if anyone wants a maid...
Current Mood: contemplative
07 June 2012 @ 03:13 pm
AC: Spurread wonderful news  

Evurryone evurryone guess what!!

[Someone's excited.]

I'm ME again!! I got my horns, and my blood and and YAYYYY!!!


[Action - Mayfield High]

Nepeta was so excited to wake up in her body today that she neglected to do her usual wardrobe altering with the dresses Mayfield provided- because of that, she looks something like this... But that's okay too.

At the moment she's bouncing from hall to hall looking for anyone she knows- maybe someone new too! But most of all-

"Equius!~~~ Equius I have a supurrise fur you!" Because even if she caught him on the phone before, seeing is believing!!

[[ooc - Art in the image belongs to 'alexiadraws' on tumblr, and was made for the blog Kanaya's Beauty Salon; it is not mine, but the art itself is specifically 50s themed sooo... also it's a good blog -cough- ]]
07 June 2012 @ 09:06 am
Dai Ichi Wa ☆  
1. [ 436 PEEPERS | Starting House, morning ]
Gosh this intro is pretty long! )

2. [ HIGH SCHOOL...? | Daytime ]
[ Okay, yeah, Yukko is still freaking out by the time she runs out the door. And by running, Yukko is actually zooming down the street as fast as she can. Speedy Gonzales ain't got nothing on her.


Wait. Isn't school out for the summer?

Yes. Yes it is.

Cut for several sub-prompts! )

3. [ AROUND TOWN | EARLY AFTERNOON, open to everyone ]
[ ... and of course after Yukko realizes that school is out, she can't find her way back. Everything looks the same, how could she ever find it?

Yukko is thinking that, maybe, if she keeps wandering around aimlessly, the house will suck her in like a blackhole. Even though she isn't sure how that would even work...

So Yukko's going to be wandering around town, anxious, excited, lost and painfully alone.

Do your worst Mayfield.

4. [ PHONE ]

So, it's summer vacation? Great time to be brought here, huh? It could be worse - they could have brought me in during exams! Ha ha, just kidding! But I guess this is kinda cool! The longer I'm out of school, the better!

[ Yes because this totally makes up for getting kidnapped... sob. ]
07 June 2012 @ 11:59 am
015 ❖ nope nope not telling you about feelings  

Uh. Sorry for bein' an asshole the past week or so. I mean, yeah, everyone was actin' weird, but-

[But she feels she has to apologise for being so unnecessarily awful, even if everyone knows why she was acting that way. Because, when she thinks about it, she gets the feeling whatever happened to make her like that couldn't have been that significant.

When she thinks about it, she wasn't even acting that different.]

... But hey. Don't want anybody thinkin' I just go around beatin' people up for kicks and pickin' on little kids. I ain't like that.

Unless ya deserve it. Like... like What's-His-Face. Dude who's always bein' totally fuckin' creepy on the phone, all "Ooo, but are you sure about your truuue seeeeelves?" That guy.

He's a dick.

Action: Mayfield High )

03 June 2012 @ 08:05 pm
→ third shot; AUfield  
AU information under cut. )

[ action; mayfield high, afterschool. ]

[ Poor Jakey. His moodswings were getting the better of him and the less kind side of the school body took notice. A young islander who was dealing with his demonic father messing with his personality had little to go off of except for elbowing the holy bejeezus out of someone, breaking their nose in four different places. Needless to say, the principal disciplined him as lightly as possible to avoid a bashing of his own and Jake found himself in detention.

Lovely, lovely detention. This is Jake's first time ever being scolded for his ruffianism, so don't mind him as his pencil taps against the desk impatiently before a loud SNAP can be heard as he breaks it into two. Yeah, it was getting worse by the hour. ]

[ action; bodine fashion, after detention. ]

[ After that boring ass routine of boredom, Jake is compelled with the desire for a nice, long coat. Oh, yes, that sounded fucking pleasant. To have an overcoat draped over his shoulders, maybe even a peg as a replacement fo-- oh god, he needs to resist the urge. Normal or not, he can't fight the urge to get fitted for some new duds. It took all of the money he had earned in the past month through allowances, but dammit, he needs this.

As his suitor is getting his measurements, Jake takes a nice, long look at the mirror infront of him and swears he sees flickering, colored splotches decorating his clothes... ]
01 June 2012 @ 09:33 pm
014 ❖ If you hadn't been there  
AU info )

[Mayfield High]
[It's just another crappy old day in Mayfield, and Clover is itching for some action. Her kind of action, not the town's idea of fun or anything, thank you very much.

So she is not very subtly on the prowl. A lot like a big predator hunting for helpless little critters, except somewhat less intimidating because Clover is a 15-year-old girl and kinda short. She tries, though, and her scowl could certainly make particularly sensitive beholders shriek and cry. The really sensitive ones. Maybe.

Not that she's thinking about any of that. Her main thoughts at the moment are, more or less,
"I've got a goddamn reputation, I wanna punch someone's face in and I give no fucks."

And that's exactly what she's looking to do.]

[Around Mayfield]
[Did she succeed? Who knows? I sure don't yet. Either way, her search continues even as she heads home.]