02 September 2012 @ 09:49 am
Nineteenth Suite♪  
[Vivio's House - Frontdated later in the event week]

[Ako knocked on the door, waiting for the door to be opened. She wanted to talk to Vivio and see how she felt. She hadn't heard from her friends in a while and had worried that a bunch of them went into the portals. She hadn't seen Yuna in a while, nor the other Precure and she was getting worried.

But clearly Vivio didn't go in, right? It was wistful thinking.

And so she rocked on her heels, hoping that someone would answer the door and relieve her fears that they had gone and done something reckless.]
12 July 2012 @ 11:15 am
Eighteenth Suite♪  
[A. Action - Outside - Benny Road]

[Ako was in the middle of bringing in the packages when she happened on a couple for herself, looking it over. Deciding to open it there before it produced bees or something, she popped the top on the first one and found a card.]

Precure Shining Circle... huh. [Said card vanished as it flew into her chest and she grinned.] Everything's back now. Now I wonder what the last one is here...

[It turned out to be clothing. Not just any clothing, but her favorite outfit. Running inside, she changed and came back, tapping her sneakers on the cement.] About time.

[B. Action - Anywhere Else]

[Ako was wandering around, looking for friends and such to talk to. She wanted to see if everyone was okay now, and wanted to see if any of her friends got through the bad carnival unscathed relatively. She was allowed to be worried especially now that people were calling for revolution and such. Knocking on your door, she waited for it to be answered.]
03 July 2012 @ 03:47 pm
Seventeenth Suite♪  
[A. Carnival Fun House]

[Glass crunched under her boots as she searched around, frowning as Ako panned a old style flash light around. Evidence of people coming in and out, some not coming in and some not going out. And it seemed like this was the epicentre of everything.

Frowning to herself, she looked over at Dodori and Tiri.]

Find anything?

Nothing yet, dodo.

Haven't seen anything since we were last in here, titi.

[Frowning, Ako exited, rubbing her chin. A lot of people weren't around anymore. This could get really ugly soon, if it hadn't already.]

[B. Around Town]

[Ako had went for a jog to clear her head. Seemed like everyone was in a frenzy over lost family and such. She wasn't too worried, but she knew this place got really bad at times. Sometimes one needed to run for a while until she couldn't run anymore.]

[C. Nightime]

[Black Cure Muse was out and about, lurking on rooftops and making her way across them silently. She wanted to get a birds eye view of the Carnival which was still ostentatiously lit up at this point in time. All of these people searching for loved ones didn't bother her. Kind of.]
01 June 2012 @ 08:22 am
Sixteenth Suite♪  
[A. 7134 Brooks - Open]

[Ako woke up that morning, feeling off. Groggily, she got out of bed, reaching for her glasses and upon putting them on, looked at herself in the mirror and proclaimed,] What. The hell. Is going on.

[Patting herself down, she facepalmed.] Great. Great just great. Mayfield finally did it and I'm a girl now.

[Not one to over exaggerate her emotions, Ako got out of bed and shuddered as the cool air hit her bare legs. If he was going to be a girl, he may as well dress like a guy, right? Soon, Ako was trudging down in a pair of suspenders and a t-shirt, looking all the sullen in the morning.]

[B. Anywhere in Town]

[After discovering he still had an Age Candy left from prom, Ako had taken it immediately and gotten herself a suit. She looked fairly professional at 17 and while drones gave her second glances, her hair was tamed into a shorter cut with it held back with clips. She supposed there was some merit to have watched Seika put her hair back. Currently the tall young "man" was making a dashing cut as a crossdressing trap.]

Not bad, but I wish I could have done better.

[C. Evening - Anywhere]

[Cure Muse crouched on the top of the building, hunched over and feeling kind of uncomfortable with all of that cloth bunched into her outfit. She had tested out her Cure powers and found that the adorable yellow outfit was completely wrong for her. So she had put on the Black outfit she had found under the bed, and was doing a credible impression of Batman lurking on tall buildings in the weaning sunlight.]

(ooc: Ako is from an AU where the Precures were all magical boys. She is under the impression Mayfield genderswapped him in her sleep.)
30 April 2012 @ 11:10 am
fifteenth suite♪  
[A. 7134 Brooks - Open]

[There really isn't much to do, considering that the town seems to be gripped in prom fever. Whatever, it wasn't her problem. But there was also something she was thinking about. They wanted everyone who wasn't a drone to come and all.

Maybe you can find her in the front yard, pondering the situation as her two fairy tones played around her.]

[B. In Town - Anywhere - Open]

[Despite her misgivings, Ako was looking in the various stores at dresses and accessories. This was foolish and wasn't her thing but there was really nothing she could do but go with the flow. Who knows, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. You could catch her going around then.]

[C. Elementary School]

[Ako was late for class. That was fine with her and she's just walking in, setting a bag down next to her. It might contain a dress or something else.]
19 April 2012 @ 05:02 pm
Fourteenth Suite♪  
[A - Mayfield Elementary]

[Ako hadn't really given it much thought, but there was a lot of kids coming up to her when the party was, saying things like 'Ako throws the best parties' and 'when are you going to have it, I hope there's cake' and other things. After checking the date, she had a sinking feeling that put her into a little more dour mood. It was her birthday on Friday. FRIDAY. Why did the drones know when she was turning eleven? This didn't make much sense at all.

You can probably catch her trying to ignore the drones who were excitedly asking her when and where the party was going to happen.]

[B - Mayfield High]

[Ako needed to talk to someone, other than her parents. She couldn't burden them with the information, not yet. So she was in the Mayfield High School, looking for a certain pink head. She needed to talk to Nozomi and fast. Surely she knew what to do. But sadly, older kids were getting in her way, and some of them were trying to intercept her. Apparently her parties were notorious for being really fun, and even teenage drones were wishing her birthday greetings. One could probably help her out, but she's also looking for Nozomi in particular.]

Has ANYONE seen Nozomi around? Anyone?

[C - Home, 7134 Brooks And Surrounding Street]

[Ako was in a dour mood that evening. She didn't want to be reminded about her birthday, she didn't want to burden anyone, she didn't want a party, not without her own family. Anyone who wanted to talk to her here could, as she makes her way to the house and slams the door.]

I'm home. I'm starting dinner.

[D - Phone, Drone Filter]

Okay, seriously. This is getting out of hand. How in the world do drones know when you're turning another year older?
01 April 2012 @ 09:18 am
Thirteenth Suite♪  
[A. Prankfield - Sara Mudou]

[Ako had it all planned out. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with a few harmless pranks but she tended to get a little more physical in this. As such, she was lurking outside of Sara's house in the bushes, a roll of saran wrap in her hands. She needed to get her flat-footed and hoped this wouldn't be too mean.]

[B. Prankfield - Zidane]

[Saran wrap seemed the way to go this time, and as such as she was stretching a length of saran wrap across Zidane's door early in the morning before anyone got up in front of his house. She was hoping to catch him at least, before he got up. To boot, she smeared honey across the front to make sure that it would stick to her target.]

[C. Outside from Morning to Afternoon]

[Ako was spending her day outside, and thus a viable target. She wanted to make sure anyone who wanted to prank her could find her, since she was a good sport like that. Also, she wanted to find a few people and talk to them, and thank them for the good mood she was able to achieve due to their advice.]
28 March 2012 @ 02:06 pm
Twelfth Suite♪  
[A - Starting at Brooks Lane and moving to Makeout Point]

[Ako had enough moping around. She needed to get frustration worked out, and going over to the window, she opened it up, fished out her Cure Module and commanded,] Dodori!

[Seconds later, a yellow Precure leaped out of the building, running along the rooftops and leaping from roof to roof, making an endless circle around the buildings. Creating several piano keys, she ran up the road created by it and leaped to the tallest part of Mayfield. It was here that she stopped for a moment, standing atop the high area of the deceptively sleepy looking town.]

[B - From Makeout Point back to Home]

[Ako took the long way back, trudging through the streets and not really paying attention to where she was going. Her hands were shoved in her pockets of her dress, as she seemed to be quiet, sullen and withdrawn. Maybe call out to her if you know her?]
20 March 2012 @ 07:39 am
Eleventh Suite♪  
A. 7134 Brooks, Closed to Housemates

[One could tell something was amiss as soon as someone woke up that morning. For one thing, the smell of rapidly prepared breakfast wasn't in the air, along with the scent of coffee. Another thing, there was a soft feminine voice humming from Ako's room as she stepped out, dressed in a child size sundress with a brilliant smile on her face.]

Golly gee, why isn't breakfast ready? Mother? Father, aren't you two awake already?

[Beware, your daughter just got droned.]

B. [Retconned] Mayfield Elementary

[Ako's been a dutiful student, doing her homework, answering questions, and doing her gymnastic classes. There was a distinct lack of SELF however in her eyes as she bounced from person to person, giggling and wishing them a good day while she worked diligently on her embroidery. Clearly something was up and her drone-like responses to any questions would have been off-putting.]

C. Anywhere

[You might find Ako outside, humming to herself and tending to the flowers that were sprouting. After all it was the first of spring and there were buds everywhere. She was smiling happily, but across the way, a concerned Fairy Tone was watching her, terribly confused at her actions. You could probably talk to Drone-Ako or Dodori if you could find Dodori hiding behind his obvious hiding spots.]

D - 7134 Brooks, 9pm

[Drone-Ako laid down in her bed, preparing to go to sleep like good little girls when suddenly her eyes snapped open. Sitting up and throwing her blankets off, she was holding her chest, looking like she was hyperventilating.]

Ako? What's wrong dodo?

... I was back home, Dodori. I was back home...

[And with that, she started to cry.]
02 March 2012 @ 12:05 pm
Tenth Suite♪  
[Park - Open to All]

[It was secluded enough for Ako as she changed into her costume. Boots, thigh highs, bodysuit... within minutes her makeshift Cure Muse Black outfit was on. Now came for the hard part.

Summoning up her magical organ, she tested the keys and was relieved to note that her magic was still strong. With that, she began to play a lively tune, moving into a obvious second stanza, and then a third and a fourth. Each song was lively and energetic in its own way and she continued to cycle these songs as magic flowed around her, floating into notes as she continued to play.

She wished she could do this in the privacy of her own house, but like always, Ako felt like she couldn't do this without people finding out who she was. So in the park, music was heard that day.]

[Later That Afternoon - Open to All]

[Ako was headed home after her performance. It was tiring to keep the magic going for that long, and she almost tripped over a crack in the road. Darnit. Her fairy tone Dodori gazed on her, worried but saying nothing.]
15 February 2012 @ 10:15 pm
Ninth Suite♪  
[Filtered to Negi - Phone]

Apologies for kissing you like that Negi. I wasn't quite in my right state of mind... but I don't think any of us were. Again, sorry.

[Filtered to Cain - Phone[

Cain I am so sorry for how I acted under the influence of flowers. I still want to remain friends though, if you're willing.

[Filtered to Yuna - Phone]

Yuna, that teacher of yours is a cutie. But I dunno if I could kiss him again after this. How are you by the way? Have a good date?

[Phone - Drone Filter]

Apologies to anyone else I've kissed. No harm done?

[Locked to Housemates or Street Members]

[Once her phonecalls were done, Ako sighed as she went over to the bed to flop over onto it. This sucked. She had been completely out of her control. What's worse was that she was feeling conflicted about this. Dodori floated around her, chiming a little. If the housemates came by, Dodori would flit under the pillow.]

That sucked. And worst of all is that I think my 'parents' did it.

[She did the laundry, she KNEW.]
14 February 2012 @ 09:11 am
Eighth Suite♪  
1. [Around Town]

Hi there, you're looking nice today~

[Those flowers had gotten to Ako after all this time, and daisies and mints were on her mind. She was looking at you with an adoring look, blushing. She was fidgeting her fingers a little, hoping to steal a kiss from the person she had a puppy love crush on, and a soft smile was on her face.]

2. [Around Town - Black Muse Version]

[There's a tall figure wandering the town, giving people a look here and there. A small floating gem-like fairy was next to her, and she was silent for the time being. The little creature coughed and came up with the opening line.]

Cure Muse would like a kiss, dodo. For what reason I dunno dodo.

3. [Around Town - Yellow Muse Version]

[There's a sound behind you, as a soft footfall was heard.]

Excuse me... can I have a moment of your time?

[Behind you is a honest to god magical girl, her yellow costume shining in the sun. She seemed familiar or not, and her cheeks were pinked.]

You're looking nice and I've admired you from afar... I'm uh, Muse.
05 February 2012 @ 09:22 pm
Seventh Suite♪  
Morning of the Announcement:

[Ako had heard the statement from the man over the phone -- and chose not to participate for now. Instead, she had decided to go and get something more important: groceries. With her parents incapacitated, it was up for her to keep the house running. Like a boss. And her drone brother was no use. Absolutely no use.

As such, she is picking her way through the streets, carrying a couple of woven bags for groceries in her hands. She is keeping an eye out for anything crazy, and something possibly detrimental to her own health.

SMASH. A window practically exploded in front of her. And she stopped short, the shattered material landing at her feet.]

... nice.

[Hear that? That's sarcasm.]

Later on anywhere in Town:

[Cure Muse said nothing. But she finished setting the charge from the homemade explosive. Where she got it could be attributed to her enigmatic methods. Stepping back, she lit the fuse and hid bravely behind a brick wall.

BOOM. The lightpost toppled over from the force of the explosion, hitting a car. And then another lightpost toppled over. And another. Like a chain of dominos the lightposts fell over, impacting cars in a specific spot, sparking.]

That's our contribution to this, dodo. Are we done dodo?

[Muse nodded as she turned to go, putting on a pair of sunglasses she had bought earlier at the store.]

You could say that we really rolled out the lights for this one dodo.

[And then the cars exploded.]
18 January 2012 @ 11:12 am
Sixth Suite♪  
1. [School]

[Just another day at school for Ako, and she's working on a project. It seems like nonsense but she's working on home ec stuff at the moment. You'd think a kid of her age wouldn't know much about it, but she's sewing stuff right now, working with thread and needle.]

2. [Anywhere]

[Ako's out for a walk, humming to herself as she wanders around town. She wants to get a feel for the area in her civilian form, instead of hiding out as Muse. Dodory is hiding in her jacket as well.]