16 November 2012 @ 01:38 pm
8th Headshot || Phone call to ALL  
*The driving rain and hurricane force winds are not the greatest environment for an archer. He'd managed to kill one of the Hazmat guys with his SMG only to have him explode into noxious fumes that seemed to defy the rain and sent Sniper into a coughing fit and back into his house pronto. Now he's on the phones, wondering what the hell they should do about this.*

I jus' killed one of them blokes in th' suits. Just a warning t' all if yer gonna do that, do it from far away. They burst into some sort of .. I dunno, toxic gas.

Anyone got any bright ideas on what t' do here?
21 September 2012 @ 01:26 pm
[ OoC: Since it's an open party, please put in the header whether or not you're open to threadjacking.

Oh, and anyone who's previously met Steve is free to um, not recognize him, because he is noticeably... bigger.

[ It's right before noon on Saturday, and there are balloons tied to mailboxes all along Topper Street. If you've been reading some of the invitations on the street posts outside your house, you should know you're invited to an end of the summer block party! So come enjoy this extremely long post, sorry...!! ]

23 August 2012 @ 11:55 am
2 - Basic Badge  
[A: Park, during the day.]

Okay, Infernape... Use Flare Blitz!

[Training in the park as he often does, Ash Ketchum watches as his flaming ape charges the tree... and goes right through it, causing no damage at all. Not even the slightest scorch mark.]

... Huh, that's weird.

[He'll walk over to the tree and decide to try punching it to see what happens. He finds that his fist connects with a now rather solid trunk.]

Ow! That hurt! Infernape, return.

[With the primate Pokémon now returned to it's ball, Ash shakes out his hand a little as he and Pikachu investigate the solidness of the tree.]

[B: Evening, phone]

Hey, anyone else notice anything odd the past few days? I was training this afternoon and Infernape managed to go right through a tree without causin' any damage...
06 August 2012 @ 11:14 pm
[ Action, 627 Topper ]

[ Uh yeah, so Steve is waking up next to a drone for the first time and falls out of bed because hey, wasn't he in 2012 a second ago? And wasn't he, you know, taller? He's going to do the right thing this time, which is not freak out and tear a hole through the wall, probably because it would kill him to do so.

Instead, he will walk downstairs and snoop around and-- there's a picture of him on the wall, smiling, with his 'wife' and two kids.

He sees a rotary dial on the phone and he picks up to call numbers he remembers from 2012. And then numbers he remembers from 1943. And then zero. And then hangs up and goes to rifle through anything he can find in the shoeboxes of the downstairs closet to tell him where he is and why he's there.

Have fun waking up to your new dad sifting through files all over the kitchen table.

[ Action, around town ]

[ He doesn't believe this for a second. But this isn't just any sort of thing; he's small again. Someone's trying to make him forget. So he walks around town, because the one thing he needs right now is to get out of town. ]

Excuse me. Do you know the way to the train station?
06 August 2012 @ 09:17 pm
First Trumpeting: At least there isn't a Predacon to trick him this time  
Action A | Outside 623 Topper Street | Open to all

[Silverbolt wakes up. That might actually be something he should dwell on since he's a robot and doesn't exactly sleep, but that is not what is important. What is important is he's in a small wooden crate that is bit cramp. Also, this isn't Cybertron, which is where he expected to come back online at once the Maximals finished their space journey home. Mostly out of sheer habit, he immediately stands up with wings at the ready and takes in his surrounding.

Of course this means he pretty much shatters the dog house he was in to splinters, but that's not important. No, what's important is that has no clue where he is, this isn't prehistoric Earth nor Cybertron, so he might want to start getting information, and quickly.]

Black Arachnia?! Optimus?! Rhinox? Cheetor?

[There's a slight sigh before he continues.]


Hrm, they don't seem to be around, nor is my comm working. This is distressing. What could have happened? We had the Predacons defeated when we left...

Maybe I should try some low profile scouting? At least until I figure things out.

Silverbolt! MAXIMIZE!

[Silverbolt actually seems to strike a dramatic pose, expecting something to happen. Which it doesn't. He holds it a moment before he opens his eyes and looks himself over.]


[Again, nothing.]

Okay, I think this has gone from distressing to a major problem...

Action B | Around Town | Open to all

[Well, so much for keeping a low profile. Silverbolt has taken to the skies, flying relatively low, but still above the buildings, taking in the surroundings. At first look it seems like a really big hawk, but closer scrutinizing will reveal it has four legs and a wolf head. Actually, stop and stare too long and Silverbolt will dive and land in front of you.]

Excuse me citizen, but perhaps you can help me! Could you tell me what this place is? Or perhaps where it is in relation to Earth or Cybertron? I seem to have been separated from my comrades, and so far have been encountering nothing but strangeness.

[Yeah, a flying wolfhawk is talking to you. In a slightly dramatic, but polite, tone. Typical day in Mayfield, right?]

Phone | Later that evening | Not at all filtered

Greetings citizens of Mayfield! My name is Silverbolt, and it seems I have been captured and trapped here like the rest of you. I am not sure what scoundrel is behind this, but fear not, no matter how bleak things may seem, goodness always prevails!

I may be here without my fellow Maximals, but I promise to do my best to help anyone in trouble as I get to the bottom of this evil scheme!

I'm not sure where to start, but the important thing to remember is to never give up hope! As long your spark is online, you can always keep trying to attain your goals! So worry not, for tomorrow is another bright day!
20 July 2012 @ 09:00 am
Memory 005: backtracked to 17th July  
Action: Around town

After this, Terra is limping back to her house. Every step brings forth a wince and there is a giant bruise on her right arm where she had fallen on. Eventually she leans on a lamp post to rest and catch her breath, her left arm wrapped around her middle. Stop and help?

Action: 625 Topper Street

Somehow or another she made it back to her home. Tip-toeing through the living room, she's about to make it to the staircase when a stab of pain up her side causes her to stumble, one hand accidentally knocking a nearby photoframe down onto the ground with a crash.
16 July 2012 @ 02:54 pm
1 ♥ ★ Let Me Intro One More Time ★  
[ A: Action - 628 Topper Street. ]

[ Morning, citizens of Mayfield! For those of you that are in the house, have really good ears, or are just super nosy neighbors, you might be able to see Juliet punching the stuffing out of her unfortunate drone husband. ]

This is so totally not cool and creepy. What the dick is going on?! And just what am I wearing!? [ Juliet stressfully grasps the yellow and orange hibiscus floral dress abomination that she's currently wearing. ] I mean, I like hibiscuses and all but this isn't even practical to wear! It's stuffy, and, it's shapeless!! [ Not cool. ] What will Nick think if he sees me in this! [ The horror! ]

Honey, I just want some toast and eggs for breakfast this morning! Over-easy, like usual!

I'm not your honey! I don't even know you! [ And, if her fellow housemates haven't decided to seek out the cause of the yelling, Juliet will quickly open the door (or rapidly kick it in hopes of breaking in if it's locked) and look around each room individually. Meet your new mom, Peeta. Don't worry. She's totally qualified. ]

[ B - Phone ]

What the dick is this place? Okay, first of all, the clothing here is terrible! Everything is shapeless, and I look like one of those sad lunch ladies no matter what I wear. Is there any place to get clothes that actually look good? I mean, good looking clothes is a basic necessity and it says a lot that this town can't provide them! Are they like, racist against clothing or something? Other than that, I think I like this place! I mean, so far everything looks friendly! Everyone is always smiling, and there are a bunch of nice cars! I mean, my dad would never get me a t-bird and the station wagons have so much wood on it. As much as I like it here, I definitely belong back in San Romeo. Is there some way I can get this mistake sorted out? And still keep the t-bird?

Anyways, I'm Juliet Starling! But, a lot of people think I'm a wife and mom here. I don't know where they got that from since I just turned 18 and it's not like I'm Juliet from the saddest movie ever, Romeo and Juliet. I'm from San Romero, which is some place in California. I wonder how I ended up in this place. It's so Midwestern. Anyways, if anyone has seen either a zombie, or a pink chainsaw with hearts all over it, please let me know! It's very important that I find them, and, it'd be kind of messed up if you jacked some girl's chainsaw. [ Duh. It's a shame that Juliet isn't aware how these phones in Mayfield work, and that no one is going to interject until she shuts up, but, at least she's stopped talking. For now. ]

[ C - Bodine Fashion. ]

[ If Juliet was going to function in this town and everything, she needed to find threads that didn't make her look like a runaway nun. Too bad there's nothing for her. Everything is practically the same. Long skirts that try their best to cover those scandalous ankles! Or dresses that seem as impractical to wear and somehow manage to look even uglier than Juliet's initial outfit. They're all hideously shapeless too!

Juliet hopelessly kneels as mountains of fabric and clothing pile behind her. She's definitely agitated, in case the desperate, groggy, irritated groans didn't clue anyone in. ]

This is so hopeless! [ She double checks another pink, rose decorated assault on the eyesight. ] At least the thread count is high!

[ D - The general store. ]

[ Well, the lollipop section in the store is officially missing. A crying drone kid points accusingly at Juliet, who just merrily walks on with two baskets filled with absolutely every last lollipop in Mayfield. Wise financial decisions, Juliet. Wise. ]

[ E - Anywhere in Mayfield ]

[ In the most hideous floral dress ever, Juliet walks around Mayfield to observe the town and fellow people. She'll definitely come up to you to ask you some questions.  ]

Hey! You! Stop! This is really important! [ She has a pencil and a notepad and she's not afraid to use them! ]

16 July 2012 @ 08:30 am
1 - Trio Badge  
[Ash Ketchum awakens this morning and...]

Okay, I think it's time to leave... Virbank... soon...

Iris? Cilan? ... This wasn't what I had in mind about leaving town.

[He'll explore the house at 627 Topper Street, only to find drone parents on a preliminary search...

And so, he'll turn to the phones.]

Hey uh, I'm back in Mayfield, right? This is a different house though... You still here Crowe? Have I missed anything?

[You may also find him down the park later, training one of his numerous Pokémon (Pikachu, Muk, Sceptile, Infernape, Staraptor, Buizel, Oshawott or Scraggy).]
15 July 2012 @ 03:18 am
( ₀₁. )  
( Ⓐ — 624 topper street → closed to housemates. ) )

( Ⓑ — phone → open to everyone. )
Hey Mirai, Nico, Satomi! ( oops, what are filters and indoor voices? ) Are all of you okay!? Also, uh, I just got something back in the mail. You guys get anything?

( Ⓒ — streets → open to everyone. )
( now that kaoru has finally figured out the full extent of her first regain, other townsfolk can find her testing them out by... well, jumping from rooftop to rooftop! unfortunately for her (and possibly others) she hasn't quite gotten the hang of things again, or rather she isn't used to the fact that they are somewhat weaker than she is used to. this all ends in her jumping far to soon to make the next household rooftop and... well, a number of things could possibly happen!

the orange-haired magical girl could end up crashing into the bushes, the limbs of a tree, possibly a side window! which could lead just about anywhere, the living room, kitchen, bedroom even! either way, do excuse the girl now somewhere in the path of destruction she has created.

Definitely not as planned.
10 July 2012 @ 09:43 am
Observation 9 - DEAD  
 [Action - 630 Topper]

Or at least, he was. It's not something you forget, particularly when you have a photographic memory running for you. The last thing he recalled seeing was the wall of house number '501' in that strange other Mayfield, and message 'you kille'. Which was really not much to go on at all when you were sealed in a vacuum of space and holding your breath as long as possible.

As long as possible being... ...Under two minutes.

Needless to say he died, and at the moment found himself awake and staring at the ceiling of his bedroom in shock, coming with a pounding headache in his possession. Residents of the house will find him sitting on the couch downstairs with his cards in silence- though anyone passing will likely catch him outside later on, with his guinea pig. Evidently someone managed to survive the time he was gone by nibbling the food bag through the bars...



It seems a fair amount of time passed between 'death' in that Alternate Mayfield and now... I have little doubt that others were more successful than I in potentially uncovering any secrets to this place, but for now, I feel it would be more suitable to ask how any others fare aside from the obvious.
09 June 2012 @ 02:26 pm
1st Headshot || There and back again  
*Waking up under a floral print bedspread, Sniper went to the closet without much thought, ignoring the woman who was sleeping on the other side of it. He put on his BLU shirt, his hat, slung his bow over his shoulder before...*

Alroight, if this is some kind of joke, it sure as hell ain't funny. This had better not be what it looks like. Because if I'm back in this troppo place there's gonna be hell t' pay.

Truckie? Crowley? Spy? Either of ya spooks? Anyone wanna let me in on why I'm back in this blasted nightmare of a town?

Action in front of 625 Topper Street

Where th' bloody hell is my camper!?!

*And he's just storming around yelling as if that'll make his Land Rover miraculously appear out of nowhere.*
08 June 2012 @ 08:50 pm
.004 No body to speak of  
[A: 624 Topper (Closed to Housemates)]

[Al was used to getting mail from the city now. The last time he was here, he got back his alchemy and some of his books from back home. So he was looking forward to seeing what he got this time, although he was a little wary as to why a package had suddenly appeared. Did this have something to do with Ed going home for a while and finding out-- Regardless, he's opening it up and suddenly the little boy is gone and a giant suit of armour is sat in his place.]

...Oh no!

[B: Phone (Open to All)]

[Al is doing his level best to sound cheerful and nonchalant, though he's terrible at lying so his voice is higher than usual. Also, if anyone is paying really good attention, he sounds a little tinny too.]

Um, hi everyone! I can't come out for a while or see anyone because... I have the chicken pox and I have to stay alone in case I give it to anyone else. [Except now he feels guilty because someone might be concerned needlessly about him being ill.] But don't worry, it's not really bad chicken pox, it doesn't even itch! [Don't go too far back-pedalling, Al!] Oh-- um... I mean, it's still bad enough you don't want to get it, okay?
01 June 2012 @ 07:52 pm
Mantra Four: Another future  
Action for house )

[A. A girl in a blue cloak is walking down the street. She's in a bit of a hurry and might trip on you, or near you. As she falls you might notice her hoods cloak falls slightly and you can see....red glowing eyes?

B. She makes it to makeout point, as far away from the town as she can get. She's trying to meditate. Floating in the air. Her hood still up as she chants.]

Azarath Metrion Zinthos......

[A moment later it's interrupted as she clutches her head and falls to the ground. Nope, this is not going well.]

[ooc: Raven is from an AU where she left the Titans very early on because she didn't think it was safe. On her 16th birthday she become her fathers servant to be used to take over the world.]
23 May 2012 @ 12:48 pm
The Fool - Rank 1  
[action - 630 Topper Street; 2:00 PM]

[Falling asleep on a train was never the best idea. You'd get people stealing your stuff, maybe spilling things on you, and the place is unsanitary most of the time. On the flip side, you could spend some relaxing time catching up on your Zs and upping your status. When Narukami is finally awoken from his sleep, he realizes that both the bed he is in and the clothes he is wearing are not his. Quite the conundrum, Narukami seems to be the quietest person that has ever experienced Mayfield. He'll be doing the usual chores around his house as if he were here the entire time, before finally deciding to head to the phone.]

[phone - 630 Topper Street; 4:00 PM]

Where am I?
22 May 2012 @ 08:33 pm
Observation 7 - Pick a card, any card!  
 [Action - 630 Topper]

Astral is sitting on the floor of the living room using the coffee table to draw on it looks like; numerous sheets of card are littered (albeit 'neatly') around him, some of them decorated with statistics and blank squares and others completed with fully rendered monsters of some sort.

At the moment, he seems to be drawing something that looks like this, before staring at it a moment and sighing.

"Hahhhh..." Remembering all the cards he saw in his world just isn't the same as actually having them here... But it's just not fun to have the deck of real cards and be unable to use them...


Hello? Does anyone happen to know of a proper material for use in colouring on card? I don't want to ruin any of the drawings I've made thus far, but I would like to add some colour to them...

Also, when it is done, I should have enough cards to make a variety of 'duel monsters decks', provided they do not vanish without warning. They of course will not work with a d-pad when I have it returned, but if anyone is interested in a tabletop card game, I will gladly join them.
13 May 2012 @ 11:28 pm
Devil's Nest 14 | As You Wish | Backdated to Mother's Day  
-Action A: Outside of 624 Topper-

[Greed can be found taking down the sign reading 'Devil's Nest' which he hung on the front of the house just about a month ago. He likes it, but his drone wife has been complaining about it, and today he decided to take it down for her.]

-Action B: Around Town-

[After he's done there, he gathers two handfuls of roses from the front yard and hands some to every woman he crosses paths with.]

Anything I can help you with today, lovely?

-Action C: Olney's Tavern-

[At the bar, he's even more eager than usual to take orders from any woman who enters. So eager that he may ignore some of the regulars in favor of the ladies.]

Your tab is on me tonight, beautiful.
09 May 2012 @ 08:19 pm

MEGA MONKEYS 4 holy crud someone get over here and play with me RIGHT NOW.  Dude I don't care how much you hate playing games Raven I've got two controllers and an empty spot next to me on the couch.  It's been like months I bet I've missed out on a ton of downlo -- ...oh.  Right.

Nnmmmmnnnngh don't care play with me!

[action, 1124 Taylor]
[So ever wonder what the maximum volume on a TV set goes up to?  Bet you've never dialed it past the halfway point, huh?  Heck, you've probably wondered yourself why they make it go up so high when you'd have to be practically deaf to need it.

Never fear, your long-awaited answers are finally here.  The monkey screeches, banana peel slipping sounds, and bleep-bloops of gaming are fully audible at least two blocks down.  Beast Boy stares at the television with drool dripping out the corner of his mouth.  He sits in a mound of pillows, fruit juice boxes, and empty potato chip bags as he becomes one with the television.]

[action, 625 Topper Street]
[Oh yeah he had something else he needed to do, huh?  Five days later (alright alright five hours he had some self-control OK?), he stands on the doorstep of 625 Topper and rings for the bell.  Ding-dong!  Cue nervous prattling.]

Uhh. Hey, Tara! You home? I've got something I wanna ask you! If it's not a good time or something, totally cool; just... whenever you're ready, haha! Ha.

[It is pretty clear what he wants to ask from the sad posy of flowers he holds in one hand.]
04 May 2012 @ 10:33 am
Observation 6 - Parental Guidance is -Required- [Phone-Action]  

Ah, hello everyone. As I have heard recently, there is a 'prom' event coming soon- from what I have gathered, it's recommended to dress nicely. I was told that a 'suit' would be fine, but I am somewhat stuck as to what sort of suit. I was recommended by one to try a 'tuxedo', but I have also heard those are rather expensive...

[Phone - Filtered to Dualscar]

If it isn't a bad time, I was wondering if it would be alright to talk about troll etiquette at all. I should have called rather than simply arriving unannounced at your home last time, I feel.

[Action - 630 Topper]

As usual, Astral is preparing to cook some lunch for himself, and possibly his housemate if possible. However...

"Now what's this then?"

"Ahh..." DRONE MOM. This house isn't so easy to cook in since the 'parents' were... Yea. "...I am making lunch..."

"Ohhh... You don't have to do that dear. Don't worry about a thing, I'll make something nice and special for you and everyone else!"

"Ah, but you only make sandwiches..." That's not good! He was making rice and carrot flowers and and and-

"Out you get dear, the kitchen is a place for women, not for boys mhmhmhmhm!"

". . ."

Astral can be seen standing outside the kitchen sighing now.

[Action - Bodine Fashion]

Astral is staring at the rather nice looking suits for the moment, frowning. Normally, buying clothes probably wouldn't be a problem. But Astral would rather not come here with a drone parent, which means that buying the EXPENSIVE SUITS (which all of the suits are, arguably) is a bit of a problem on a '13 year old's allowance.

Whoops. The thought probably occurred to him ages ago but...

Well, why is he HERE then?
02 May 2012 @ 12:28 pm
third con | Finally.  
[So Moist has been rather busy over the past few days, working in the garage. It probably has something to do with the golden suit hanging in his closet, but he's been thinking about doing this for a long time.

People don't trust the Post Office here, and for a good reason, too. So what do we do?

Put up a new one.]


Good morning, Mayfield! This is Moist von Lipwig, Postmaster General of Ankh-Morpork. I've been thinking, the Post Office here isn't exactly the best example of one out there. Since I run--or, well, ran one before coming here, I decided to try it again!

We're still finding our feet, of course, and thus, any help from anyone is appreciated! Come by 628 Topper Street, we're hiring.

((OOC: Remember this? I finally got off my lazy ass and posted it. No, there won't be regains. /ducks tomatoes))
25 April 2012 @ 11:44 pm
001 → action; phone; backdated to earlier in the day  
 [action for 624 Topper Street;]

[ Greetings 624! Whatever tiny drone kid you once had in your house is now apparently absent. In it's place is...probably a much tinier non-drone child. Who is currently wrapped up in his blanket and slowly making his way to every room in the house, and not even bothering to knock when he barges right into your room to look around.

Alternatively, he's now found the fridge and is trying to work it open so he can raid whatever is inside. ]


[ And now that things have been properly re-explained to Luca, he's found the phone instead. And is obnoxiously repeating "Hello?" in various levels, at one point plainly shouting right into it. Sorry about your ears! ]