27 July 2012 @ 07:27 pm
{FOUR} -- RED Scout Can't Jump.  
[A] - [PHONE]
[Scout sounds really excited about something. What could the reason be?]
Yo! Anyone wanna race me? I got my speed back! And I ain't about t'waste it by not runnin' around circles and bein' real awesome.

I may even be nice 'n letcha get a head start! C'mon, let's do it!

[As excited as Scout is about getting his speed back, he's not too happy about not being able to jump on top of a gazebo in the middle of the park. If you're in the area, you may see him try really hard to double jump and get some height, but quickly fail and fall back down to the ground.]

Damnit! Why can't I make this?
07 July 2012 @ 08:13 pm
{THREE} -- So confused.  
[Scout has just 'woken up' from being droned for a month. He's familiar with his surroundings: the uncomfortable, cold house with a 'wife' he can't even speak with, the lack of any fun items (ie: his bat/ball) and, peering out the window, the rows of houses virtually identical to the one he's currently cooped up in. It's all very creepy, very strange.

Scout has no recollection of being droned, of course. He feels as if he had simply slept for a really long time. He's agitated, however, at still being in Mayfield, and this rings obvious by the tone of his voice:]

Hey, Scout here. I'm real tired'a this place. I need enjoyment, somethin' fun. Like ... I dunno. A baseball game t'play in. I bet there's a sweet ass baseball field just hanging out somewheres around here and I ain't playin' in it, so that means it's really not sweet ass, it's just got the potential t'be.

[He yawns.]

I need some Bonk! or somethin', even just regular tonic, I don't care.

[Scout is currently wandering about the town, stick from a tree in hand. No, he's not looking for someone to hit -- he just wants to play baseball or something.

Bother him?]

[Scout is hanging around the counter, waiting to order. The person ordering is taking forever and he will have none of that!]

YO! Pick somethin' already, ya freakin' dipshit! I'm starvin' here!
01 June 2012 @ 04:23 pm
{TWO} -- Here to fix your pipes.  
[A] ACTION -- At YOUR door!
[Scout had gotten a phone call this morning from a very irate man claiming to be his boss. Somehow, little Timmy had forgotten that he was a plumber and was due to go to a client's house to fix their toilet's piping!

At least, that's what the irate man on the phone had told Scout, but he personally did not believe such a thing was true. Still, he had nothing better to do today, and even though he was not going anywhere near anyone's stinky old toilet he did kind of think some of the tools in the company truck conveniently parked in front of his house were pretty sweet, and well, he had a truck now!! So, he figured it wouldn't hurt to at least ride around town a bit and go to the house he was instructed to work at. Maybe he'd be lucky and the residence would have a hot chick inside and he could impress her with his sweet guns, or something.

You will hear your doorbell ring several times in a row as well as the pounding of a fist against your door until you answer; when you do open the door you will be greeted by RED Scout, who is wearing overalls that are several sizes too big and a fairly soiled shirt with the faded logo of a plumbing company on a pocket in the upper right corner.]

Yo! I was told you called 'cause ya needed some pipes fixed, or somethin'.

[In the hand not clenched into 'door knocking' mode, he's carrying a large toolbox. He'll shake it a few times while waiting for you to answer.]

[OOC: Scout is NOT participating in the AU!Event, jsyk!]
12 May 2012 @ 01:54 pm
{ONE} -- The strangest respawn.  
[A] ACTION -- 336 Brady Lane
[The loud thunkthunkthunk of footsteps can be heard throughout the entire house as Scout awakens and darts around the master bedroom, millions of questions just rushing through his head. Immediately, the young man discovers that he's not wearing his usual attire but instead is fairly dressed up in a pressed long sleeve shirt and dark slacks. He locates the closet after a minute or two of frantic searching and is disheartened to find that his old outfit is missing.]

Aw, crap! I ain't wearin' dis!

[Not expecting anyone else to be in this strange house, Scout yells and slams the closet door shut, then heads over to the dresser next to the bed. Maybe something of his would be there. He reaches for the knob on the top drawer but his hand doesn't ever make it there; instead, it slowly trails upward to the top of the dresser where there's a picture inside of a frame. He picks up the framed photograph and brings it closer to his face, in sheer disbelief at what the picture contains. It appears to be an image of himself in a tuxedo, standing next to a woman in a wedding dress. Next to the 'couple' there's someone else, presumably a child, though this child is almost as tall as Scout.]

Wh-wha ... I got married?

[The hand holding the framed picture begins to shake and he throws it back onto the dresser, face down. This is all just too weird for him to comprehend and he needs to figure out at least where he is. He rushes out of the bedroom, slamming the door, and dashes down the stairs.]

[The sound of him fumbling with the phone is heard before he actually speaks. His first words are quiet, but the volume quickly picks up.]

Does this thing even work
HEY! HEY! I dunno where I am or where my shit is but I'm gonna find out an' I'm gonna make whoever did dis pay. Got it? So make it easier on yerself an' just tell me who y'are so our time ain't wasted an' I can just kick yer ass now.

[You can hear Scout tearing apart the living room as he searches for his belongings. He starts to yell into the receiver since he's being so loud rummaging through things.]


[C] ACTION -- Around town.
[Scout, still wearing the fancy pressed shirt and slacks, is attempting to run. He has to stop to catch his breath after every few minutes, and when he actually does manage to run he's not going fast at all.

You may currently find him somewhere either catching his breath, cursing, or lightly jogging.]