05 February 2012 @ 09:07 pm
it's a party, take a shot  
[Action, around town]

[Usually, being given expressed permission to break things sort of kills the fun in breaking them. It's similar to the reason that the Medic doesn't really "get" April Fool's day; pulling a prank isn't as amusing when there's time allotted for it.

Mayfield, though? Medic knows how the droning works. It's not particularly dangerous, but it's not really desirable, either, and getting to cause mayhem without that threat completely overrides the rather sterile Designated Fun Time feeling. Plus, everyone else seems to be getting into the spirit of it! It's almost fate that his beloved Kritz was returned recently, even.

So where will you find Medic tonight?

A. Huffing away at a hose mounted into a metal backpack, probably ducked in an alleyway or between houses. Old habits.

B. Taking a swig off some kind of liquor! Most likely near something that is broken or on fire! Stolen vodka tastes better. Also, option A is probably involved somewhere.

C. Causing various havoc. Molotov cocktails into trees and through windows, breaking stuff, shooting out a lamppost or two, possibly torching critical buildings like the hospital or school. Why? Because fuck you, that's why. The grocery store gets a pass because he has to loot it occasionally. A and B are definitely involved.]