05 June 2012 @ 03:36 am
❖ 003 [Backdated to 6/3 - AU Event]  
[A. Park]: [ If you knew Rita as she was before, you'd be in pretty major shock at the sight in front of you. Having had her memories altered, she believes that rather than falling in love with blastia at the age of ten at the orphanage she lived at, she instead fell in love with song and dance. With her prodigious talent, Rita rose to fame and become the most popular popstar in all of Terca'Lumireis.

And so in line with this new past of hers, Rita can be found in the park dancing, skipping around and yes, singing out loud for everyone to hear. It's a popstar's duty, after all!]

♫ I would not be just a nuffin',
My head all full of stuffin',
My heart all full of pain, ♫

[She hops up onto a bench and sings with even more bravado, doing her very darnedest to entertain this poor little town.
...Yes, it's completely obnoxious, but she could probably sound much words.]

♫ I would dance and be merry,
Life would be a ding-a-derry,
If I only had a brain! ♫

[B. Phone]: Hey there!♪

So, I'm going to have to rely on the kindness and generosity of my fellow Mayfield captives today, because I'm wondering if one of you would like to make a donation! I'm looking for any kind of fabrics, buttons, threads, the works! The clothes here are so drab and so I sketched out a design for a killer new outfit, but I don't have enough materials to put it together. Oh! Tassels would be nice too! Something with a little flash, you know?

[She's doing her best to sound pleasant and persuasive, because popstars are usually able to charm their way into getting whatever they want and Mayfield should be no different, right? Just god help them if they don't comply with her wishes. It's safe to say there are unhealthy levels of bubblegum and smiles in each of her words. It's almost completely absurd how bouncy her voice sounds.]

I can't do much in the form of compensation, because I haven't gotten my allowance yet, buuuut~
If I can get this outfit together, I'd be more than happy to sing at your birthdays, parties, wherever you need a little ray of sunshine!

So how about it, Mayfield? Are you gonna do Aergirl a favor?
26 April 2012 @ 05:02 pm
❖ 002  
A. Outside 1449 Mitchell Road: [An unhealthy amount of scraping and rummaging is being screeched out from the garage of 1449 Mitchell. Rita is inside furiously digging through pile of junk after pile of junk, digging through scraps and trash for... something, apparently. Whatever it is, it has her pretty fired up. She gets so frustrated with the fruitlessness of her search that she ends up kicking a metal bucket out into the street, and with a weary sigh treks out of the garage to retrieve it.

Let's face it, who doesn't enjoy bothering frustrated teenage girls.]

B. Phone: [Here's Rita on the phone, she doesn't sound any more pleased than when she may or may not have been angrily kicking buckets into the streets.]

Hey, I need a favor from one of you idiot boys.
29 February 2012 @ 05:25 am
❖ 001  
[Action A: 1449 Mitchell Road, locked to housemates.]

[From a moment of intensity grew sudden drowsiness, as her feet pace around the home. Everything is such unfamiliar style, certainly nothing out of Terca Lumireis. Brooding quietly in suspicion for a few minutes, she yells out.]

Whoever the hell brought me here, come out and show yourself! Duke!? [Maybe a bit useless. Like Duke would dress her in different clothes. But then what could it possibly be...? God, maybe she's dreaming. The confusion quickly brews her a burning headache. Working her way further around the house, Rita gains a bit of education to her surroundings, but is ever more disturbed. Whatever happened to bring her to this place...
Her eyes stop on a photograph, quickly grabbing onto it, holding it close to her face.
Green eyes widen.]

Wh-what the...

[Action B: Streets of Mayfield.]

[Those wandering the streets of Mayfield might find a curious, eccentric Rita Mordio Gumshoe examining the town. After all, this place wasn't running on any sort of blastia, or at least it didn't seem like it. There's no telling how useful this information could be once she gets back home, and the thought of new technology is fairly stimulating. No point in complaining about being stuck here, since evidently it's going to be a while. Or forever.

Nothing else to do but push forward, and climb up on a lamp post to check it out.
That's where you'll find her.]

[Action C: Mayfield Public Library.]

[Okay, next logical step in figuring out this town. The library. The literature would have to be telling about this place, wouldn't it? Maybe something about the technology here, or the history, or...
How to make a perfect omelet?

What the hell? Her pokerface quickly turns disgusted as she pens over the rows of books, finding only more cook books, cleaning, gardening...Nothing substantial at all. Shoving the books back into the shelves like a clip into a magnum, she stomps off to keep looking. This couldn't seriously be everything, could it?]