13 July 2012 @ 11:14 pm
9th Protocol--[Action sort of]  
[In front of 1248 Williams Road]

[Well, that plan hadn’t worked. Somewhere along the line Utsuho had fused Virginia’s “find Caesar or Balin or these other people” ideas, to the news breaking around the carnival that there were rifts opening to strange places accessible by those trinkets people were carting with them, to the fact that she didn’t have one of said trinkets. So she stole one.

It disappeared after she went across, and then—then there was nothing but fog, suffocating and dissolving at once. Like each particle of her body had broken loose from the bonds that held them in place and scattered in every painful direction.

Okuu did not exactly think her clever plan all the way through. But then again, she never really did. Thinking was bad!

And thus there’s now a pile of an…ash-like substance in the front yard, and has been for several days. Minus the blood everywhere aspect, it could be assumed that that was similar to what the hellraven looked like just before she revived. The ash is smoldering, very warm to the touch, and seems as much liquid as powder whenever it’s disturbed. It also stays heaped up over something in the center, no matter what breeze kicks up or when the drones try and sweep the mess away. The pile either stubbornly resists extraction or flows all around the broom or rake like some bizarre liquid. Other than that, it doesn’t do very much.

Utsuho hadn’t reappeared, so her precise location was probably easy enough to guess by now.

Today, though, was a bit different.

A blue jay, emboldened by the usual blue jay hating inhabitant’s absence, fluttered down to investigate and peck at this ash pile.

—but as soon as it does, the inert heap of powder comes alive, forming into a spit of molten, red-orange slag that surges up and out and consumes the bird completely, before it can do much more than a single alarm squawk. The pile returns to being properly ashy in a moment, though it seems to…ripple, like something liquid, even as it does so. The smoldering light has grown brighter, shining through all the cracks and crevices.

Though, aside from hating bluejays from beyond the grave, the ash-pile-that-was-probably-Okuu does little else.

For the moment.
02 June 2012 @ 06:43 pm
8th Protocol--[847 Goldberg and the surrounding property]  
[As hollow as her head was at times, even Utsuho couldn’t not notice the changes that had come over the town lately.

It made her realize she had been slacking in chasing intruders off of “her” territory…mostly, because she was confused as to where that was supposed to be. The old house…there was no one in it she recognized as family in it anymore. This other house had a Satori-like figure in it and was a place to get food, so it probably counted…

In any case, it was reason enough to get the hell raven perched on the roof in her humanoid form, wings spread and braced against the peak of the roof like bipods. Her crouching posture doesn’t stop her from glancing furtively down the roads whenever something goes by—a person or a car. As long as it keeps on moving—or she recognizes the person in a favorable way—things are rosy and Okuu does nothing.

It’s if whatever-it-may-be doesn’t that things might get festive, as this is obviously a challenge! And made Okuu puff up her feathers to look twice as big as she already did and hiss.

…yes, even if you just stopped at the mailbox. Or with the daily paper.

((OOC: Okuu is unaffected by any AUs.))
11 March 2012 @ 12:25 am
7th Protocol--[Action all over the place] ☢  
Boring Stuff of the Introspective Sort )


[The hell raven was moving fast this time; no lazy, mindless circling today. The heat gathering at her wings flickered into flames now, as if the air around her was catching light. More heat gathered into the octagonal cannon covering most of her arm until the light grew too bright to look at—and then tore free in a fiery beam that seared an ugly scar into the formerly pristine road below.

When Utsuho cast her other arm out, suns appeared at her fingertips—tiny, miniature suns that grew alarmingly and then sped away as if thrown, arcing out across the sky until they burned out the instant her focus went elsewhere. Some fell to the ground like stars and burn out in the grass there or hiss and spit clouds of steam when they sink into the pond; the hell raven wasn’t really paying attention. She wasn’t aiming at the ground for the most part, some small bit of her remaining conscience saying her master might be down there, her best friend, her master’s sister…most of her anger was directed at the sky, but engaging a challenge was not beyond her senses.

For all that could be said of Okuu’s lack of intelligence, there certainly wasn’t much remaining in her eyes now. She was angry, very angry, and wasn’t thinking and didn’t want to think.

It probably won’t be too long before she gets herself droned, but in the meantime.

For today’s forecast there is a chance of angry gods flying overhead. You know, the usual for Mayfield.
22 January 2012 @ 06:56 pm
6th Protocol--[Action]  
[Oh hey what's that on your roof?

Depending on the time of day and how much snow is on it, it could be a.) absolutely nothing, b.) a raven of slightly unusual size skidding down it like a penguin or c.) a six-foot woman with gigantic raven wings on her back rolling down the roof and making remarkably ravenlike cawing sounds.

Utsuho has discovered snow! Again. She probably should be doing something else but she's...pathetically easy to distract sometimes.

Whenever she's knocked down one rooftop's supply of snow, the hell raven lazily flaps off to the next to start the process all over again. It might be your roof next! Or your neighbor's. She's pretty flexible.