12 February 2012 @ 05:39 pm
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[A. Action/Voice | 5721 Cunningham]
[After frantically ruffling through the closet to find a new tough guy disguise when he realized that he was no longer in Nevada anymore, he finally emerges from his room. He makes his way downstairs to the phone.]

I can't really call the cops...they'll probably think I fell of the turnip truck or something.

[He ponders what he should do before finally settling on dialing a random, totally pointless, number.]

Look, I know you don't know who I am, and I sure as hell don't know you. But this is a fuckin' emergency. You see I think I've been fuckin' kidnapped or somethin'. You gotta help me!

[B. Action | the Diner]
[After he works up the courage to leave the house he decides to go exploring for a little while to see if he can't figure out where this place is. He realized that he was getting a little hungry, so he decided to stop by the diner.
After a little one-sided argument with the drone manager behind the counter, he managed to find enough change in his jacket for at least a burger. The teen tells him to take a number and go sit down and someone bring it out to him when it's done.]

I don't get these people. They keep giving me headache every time I try and fuckin' talk to 'em.