31 August 2012 @ 11:32 pm
[action] Stocking up.  
[Mom can be found in several places today. She seems awfully busy. Bother her?]

[Today Mom is out and about doing a little shopping. First stop is the local car lot, where she is perusing the available convertibles. She seems to be leaning toward the cherry red one.

And once she has her lovely new wheels, it's time to head over to the liquor store to stock up. Why yes, she does need a full case of gin. Among other things.

After that she just needs to make one more quick for some groceries. And several dozen cans of shaving cream. Barbasol, since that's the only brand her husband will use.]
22 July 2012 @ 02:33 pm
[phone/action]- Who wants a drink?  
The town has seen fit to return to me my personal bar. I seem to recall promising drinks to several you so feel free to come and collect.

And anyone else who is interested in a beverage of slightly higher quality than is usually available in Mayfield may pay a visit to 311 Miller street at their leisure.

[And Mom will be waiting, reacquainting herself with the many fine offerings in her personal liquor collection.]
03 June 2012 @ 09:19 pm
11th Hat - It's Good to Own Land  
AU Information )

[Today, Dad and Mom can be seen on the porch of 311 Miller Street, sitting in rocking chairs and sipping mint juleps.  Dad appears to be wearing a fake mustache and beard - because what classy gent should be without some equally classy facial hair - and a white seersucker suit.  Mom is decked out in a long dress with a full skirt, and a pink shawl in place of her usual scarf.  The two are enjoying the nice calm summer's day, just rocking together and commenting on the weather.]

Warm today.


Warm yesterday.


Supposed to be warm tomorrow.

[Rock.  Sip.

They'll go on like this all day, really.  Looks like there's a third rocking chair set up on the porch, for anyone who feels like joining them.  Be careful, though - there's a whoopie cushion on it.  There is also a nice fresh pecan pie sitting on the table next to the empty chair.  Make of that what you will.]

07 May 2012 @ 02:19 am
[phone] Help wanted...  
[Mom Lalonde sounds almost distracted today, or perhaps just bored.]

I have a proposition for any interested young people who may wish to take on a job after school. I wish to hire a personal assistant to aid me in several small projects I plan to undertake in the near future.

[She pauses, for a sip of her drink.]

Nothing of particular importance, just something to occupy my time. The job will entail taking dictation, some light filing, and running simple errands. Compensation is negotiable, but intended to be more than adequate.

Interested applicants may apply at 311 Miller Street.
17 March 2012 @ 07:08 pm
Happy St. Patrick's Day~  
[Mom is at the bar, drinking. Just like every day, right?

Oh no. No, today is different. This is St. Patrick's day. This is the day when Mom drinks while wearing green. She also has a festive little hat, tilted to one side at a jaunty angle.

She is also displaying a preference for green drinks today, just to get into the spirit of things. She's still wearing her pink scarf though. Join her?]
03 March 2012 @ 02:18 pm
6th Hat  
[Well, anyone who knows Dad probably saw this coming a mile away.  Delicious chocolate-based baked goods?  Yes please.  He bought a big heaping helping from some of the drone kids that morning, and can be found in several places in Mayfield suffering the band candy's effects during the events of the weekend.]

[Action; around Mayfield]

[Being the grandson of a legendary prankster himself, Dad has always had a certain affinity for jokes, gags, japes, and shenanigans, going back even further than trying to please his son John by filling the house with harlequins.  In fact, one could say he was even more serious about this hobby in the carefree days of his youth.  Back when clowning seemed like a pretty attractive and realistic long-term career aspiration.  Watch out, citizens of Mayfield, there's a prankster on the loose!

So today, all throughout town, Dad can be found looking much like
this, except with the addition of a jester's cap in place of his normal hat.  He's playing all sorts of practical jokes on anyone and everyone he can find.  Besides throwing a lot of pies, this also includes just about every silly Looney Tunes style prank you could imagine - buckets of water perched on doorways, ringing doorbells and hiding in the bushes, lighting smoke bombs and putting them in peoples' mailboxes, replacing their doorbells with the prank kind that shoot water... all that sort of thing.]

[Action; Achewood Bakery]

[Later on in the day, Dad decides to actually show up for work.  And it looks like he's
brought someone with him.  He'll still be doing his job... more or less.  You're just going to have to get past the fact that the two of them are spending most of the day making out on top of the bakery counter.  Oh, and anyone who orders cookies?  Regardless of how hot and heavy things are getting on the counter, Dad finds the time to pull a pie seemingly out of nowhere and throw it in your face.  Pies and cakes are superior to cookies - geez, everyone knows that.]

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22 January 2012 @ 09:21 pm
4th Hat  
[Action; 311 Miller; locked to housemates]

[Things have been busy in Mayfield since Christmas, and unfortunately Dad and Mom hadn't gotten around to opening their presents until today.  They've also been a little apprehensive, since they'd both heard that sometimes the town gives back bad things.  But today is certainly a joyous occasion and a cause for celebration, because in addition to Dad's MANGRIT and Mom's pink scarf that took thirteen years to get back to her, the entire house is now full of paintings of wizards and various harlequin-themed decorations.]

Well, well!  Isn't this a surprise!

[Action; outside 311 Miller]

[But that's not all, oh no.  Out on the front lawn stands the magnificent capstone to this hideously mismatched set of decorations - a twenty foot tall wizard statue made entirely of granite.  Yes, it is the majestic and noble visage of Zazzerpan the Learned, towering over the house for all to gaze upon in awe and admiration.  And Dad and Mom can be found outside doing just that - Dad smoking his pipe and nodding appreciatively while Mom sips at her fifth martini of the day with a somewhat wry grin on her face.]

[Phone; Dad to John]

Son, if you've got some time, why don't you come over for a visit?  I've got a surprise here for you!

[This clearly shouldn't worry you at all, John.  Especially not coming from your dear old dad, right?]

[Phone; Mom to the town; filtered from drones]

I am interested in acquiring the services of an artisan to craft a large statue.  If any are interested, generous compensation will be provided.

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