14 June 2012 @ 05:20 am
second blossom ✽  
[Action; the flower shop]

[School has ended, leaving Sophie a little disappointed- without Asbel here to teach her things, it was a good way to improve her reading skills, though it was fun while it lasted. With her newfound free time, though, Sophie has turned her interests to flowers, her potentially second favorite thing aside from crablettes (or even better, those royal crablettes Pascal talked about). With the small allowance she has, Sophie can be found at the flower shop today, having remembered where it was from her first day in town, looking at packets of seeds. She can't read all of the names, but choosing based on how pretty they are is alright too, right...?

After making her selections, Sophie goes up to the counter to pay, only to find she has more than she can afford. Well, time to figure out what to go without.]

What should I put back...?

[Action; 728 Anderson]

[Later on, with the seeds she could afford, Sophie can be found sitting outside her house, looking deep in thought. Where is the best place to plant the seeds?]
17 April 2012 @ 12:53 am
first blossom ✽  
[Action; 728 Anderson

With all the traveling Sophie has been doing with Asbel and the others, it doesn't dawn on Sophie at first that something is different. She realizes soon enough, though, that she's dressed differently than she remembers, and that her equipment is gone, as well as the general feeling of something... feeling off about herself.

First thing, first, she should look for everyone else, especially Asbel. Still clad in the pajamas she woke up in, Sophie checks around the house for a certain white-clad swordsman.]

Cheria? Asbel...? ...Where did everyone go?

[Action; downtown Mayfield

Sometime later (and presumably after getting dressed), Sophie can be found wandering through town, still on the lookout for her friends. She has trouble reading signs, having not fully learned to read yet, but one thing attracts her attention after awhile- the flower shop. Even if she can't really read the sign, she at least can see the flowers.

... So she'll wander inside to take a look.]