19 August 2012 @ 12:06 am
002 -- {phone//action}  
[ First things first, a phone call to the general public: ]

Hello. [ And clearing his throat. Completely not at all awkward, that's him. Oh, wait. ] My name's Rory Williams, I work in the hospital? Got listed as a doctor even though I'm a nurse. I mean, I don't really expect everyone to know me, and congratulations if you've not had to be hospitalized here, but... it usually helps to introduce myself.

Anyway. Apart from the part where I make sure everyone knows that they should go to the hospital if they need to- which you should- I was actually wondering how many people with medical experience we have here. Uh- nurses, doctors, surgeons and everything. People who've gotten back healing powers. Maybe even people who'd like to learn a bit of first aid in case of emergency? It's just. It's been really quiet lately, and I thought that now might be a better time to try to find out who we have where and what they can do. Nothing stays quiet forever. We could probably do with a little pre-emptive organization.

So, uh. Yes. Thanks.

[ And then all that action.

Which is honestly mostly just Rory going to work and then eventually deciding he's too old for this 'finding reasons to not pop in on the Doctor' bullshit. ]
06 May 2012 @ 11:23 pm
001 -- {action/phone}  
[ Action, 435 Peepers St.: Well, this is certainly a familiar sort of forward-dated to May 07 post in the late morning for Rory Williams. Strange bed, strange house, strange woman claiming to be married to him- the children he never actually had, the wallpaper, the picket fence.

Yes, hello again, Mayfield. He supposes he's lucky enough in being able to remember being here before- not often that he remembers seeing that first-hand. Or maybe that depends on how long he's been out of it. And as opposed to a morning spent pressed against a corner in the living room, this time he just goes ahead and has a seat on the couch where it's easier to reach the phone. It's harder to be intimidated by the place than it used to be, which. Well, he doesn't expect will last all that long. It might just have to do with frankly terrible timing to be pulled out of the TARDIS and away from Amy.

He'll take it while he can get it.

Phone: ]

Right, um. Rory Williams speaking. Again. If anyone remembers me. However long it's been. [ Very smooth, man. ] Which I was wondering about, actually, if anybody could give me the date, because I think it's been a while. I'm mostly just calling out for that and to say hello again, and I'll probably be working at the hospital if anybody could use a nurse.

[ Annnd a hesitation, because he's debating asking if specific people are around or still around or came in and left and came back or anything crazy like that. He decides against setting up for disappointment. ] Yeah, so. Guess that's it, thanks.

[ More Action: From there he figures he may as well take a walk and see if anything drastic has changed. Stop by the old tin spaceship location, head to the park, hit the streets and scope for familiar faces and eventually camp out in the hospital whether he's employed there yet or not. The relatively small world is his oyster, as you can see. ]
10 February 2012 @ 10:18 pm
007 ▶ don't need any roads  
[ Phone ]

Uh- right, hello. I don't have too much to say, I was just- my name is Rory Williams, which I sort of forgot about a little while back, but I'm done with that. Pretty sure. Mostly sure. And I just... wanted to apologize, to anyone I met while I was like that.

If I said anything or- did anything really awful, I'm so sorry. That's not- I'm not like that, I swear. That's. That's about it, really, so. Yes.

[ Action: In the area of running into people, Rory will definitely be spending a bit of time at 1486 Kramden, since actually remembering the place gives it a little bit of charm for spending time in, and then dutifully going to work at the hospital. And from there... mostly head over looking for the Doctor, or the TARDIS, people he knows in general, really, because he wants to take a bit of a headcount, make sure nobody's in severe mortal peril or bleeding to death.

It helps to be sure, when it comes to things like this. ]
27 January 2012 @ 09:10 pm
006 ▶ I don't know where you've been  
[ The only thing he can think about is how much he doesn't want to be here. Not even a little, not in this town, but oh god not where he was again, either.

Rory is deposited in front of the hospital beyond confused and not sure what he's supposed to do. Frustrated, terrified, trying not to touch anything because if he's not careful about it he'll dent it, break it, and he can barely think enough around this pain to keep on his feet. Why won't it stop, he just wants to find someone who can fix it, slam them against the wall until they tell him what to do.

That wouldn't work, would it, maybe it would, he's not sure. There has to be something here for himself that he knows, that he can have control over, because he apparently has none over himself or what gets done to him and apparently never will.

He spends most of the morning walking aimlessly through the streets, hands in tight fists at his sides, and ultimately winds up huddled against a tree in the park, gripping his head in his hands.

He doesn't know if he's trying to remember more or forget everything he can remember that led him here. ]

((forward-dated to patient release because of reasons, aww yis. Also in warning here, Rory has superhuman strength and is prone to anger/violence. I would obviously never have him hurt a tagger without asking permission, but felt it was wise to note just in case.))