11 April 2012 @ 11:12 pm
1st Morning--Arrival  
1. 310 Miller

[The last thing Connla remembered was closing his eyes as he was hugged to his father's chest. The same father who had given him a mortal wound but minutes earlier. At the time, child though he was, he knew that his time had come.]

[Which is why it's rather surprising when he feels the warm sunshine on his face. He groands and tries to pull the covers over his head. Since he was obviously alive, that experience with his father must have all been a dream...]


[He opens his eyes and sits up. He is lying in a bed, one softer than anything he had lain in, even in his mother's domain. Around him, the walls are painted white. The floor is covered in wooden strips. Sunlight is streaming through the windows covered in some strange, transparent rock.]
[This is clearly not his room from back home. Perhaps...the thing with his father was real? Perhaps he had just fallen unconscious instead of dying. And this was obviously one of the rooms in Emain Macha. It really was different from anything he had back home.]

[His clothes are different too. He's wearing a tunic with strange clasps and trousers. He wonders where his kilt has gone.]

[He carefully gets up and starts exploring the room. There is a strange wooden contraption consisting of a body and some...flaps? He stays away from it for now. He also stays far away from the strange trunk at the foot of the large bed and the transluscent structures connected to the wall. However, he does open one of the doors in the room. He finds that it leads to small storage room filled with clothes hanging from some sort of hook.]

[Pull one of the outfits off the hook, he frowns. These tunics, brightly colored as they may be, were too short for a Goddess' son. And they had clearly provided him with trousers instead of a kilt. They expected him to dress like some commoner!]

[He was just a little offended at the people of Emain. Surely, the son of the greatest hero should have been accorded better treatment.]

[However, he knows that he is in no position to criticize his seniors. Even if they were men who had lost to him, they were still his father's comrades and, as such, he owed them some modicum of respect.]

[Instead, he'll just open the other door in his room and head out into the hallway. From there, he starts opening the other doors out of curiosity. Most of the rooms shared much the same structure as his. In one of them, he was even able to find a tunic and a kilt that matched his size. However, when he wanted to change into the new clothes, he found that he could not undo the clasps of his current outfit. After a couple of tries, he finally tore it apart in frustration. He would have to apologize to his father for this later, but for now, he would go greet the residents of this fort.]

[Good morning, residents of 310 Miller. Your new son/brother is coming downstairs...dressed in one of his "sister"'s dresses.]

2. Olney's Tavern

[After finding out that he had to go to school in this town, Connla decided to walk to the schoolhouse. Of course, he's still dressed in what he believes to be a kilt.]

[Since he is unfamiliar with this town and all but illiterate, he ends up very, very far from his intended location.]

[Namely, the bar.]

[Now, if any other child had walked into an establishment filled with bottles of alcohol and populated by grown men and women, he would have been able to understand that it was not the schoolhouse. However, Connla had grown up in a training camp.]

Uh....hello. Is this the school?

3. School

[By the time that he has finally gotten to school, he is already late. He also has another problem. Namely, he has no idea where his classroom is.]

[His solution is to go up to every passerby, whether sentient or drone, and ask them if they know where his classroom is.]

Excuse me, but could you please direct me to my classroom?