26 September 2012 @ 09:43 pm
6th Record 「Puzzle Pieces」  
[ Phone : Drone Filter : Monday (Afternoon) / Tuesday (Evening) / Wednesday (Midnight) ]
[ The following is delivered in a calm, professional tone. ]
Good day. My name is Nanoha Takamachi. I come to you all with an urgent notice. I promise that you will want to listen, and appreciate your time, but I will not to take up too much of it.

Mayfield is changing. I don't think this is something that can be missed. There has been new information uncovered and I feel that communication is the key to surviving here for much longer.

There will be meeting on Sunday the 30th of this month, at noon. It will be in the loading hangar of the Nadesico — a large spaceship docked above 947 Beulah. Whether you have a story to share, or just want to sit in and listen to others, I encourage everyone to attend; young or old, newcomer or veteran.

Feel free to spread news of this via word of mouth. My only request is that you not use the telephones, so that we can reduce interference. I will not discuss this further over the line, but I will be available every day at either the high school counselor's office, or my home at 1336 Benny Road. You may also contact Fate T. Harlaown or Hayate Yagami in a similar fashion.

I implore you... please, give this your utmost consideration.

I hope that the rest of your day goes well. Thank you again for your time.

[ Action : 1336 Benny Road : Open after the above calls, and any day this week except Sunday ]
[ Every time she hangs up the receiver, it falls from her hand a little heavier. Stretching the limits of her sleep schedule, Nanoha is quite tired. It is for a good cause. It is the right choice — perhaps the only choice. These are things she tells herself, for she can no longer sit idly by as their simulated world figuratively (and sometimes literally) crumbles around them.

However, she will greet those who come to knock with a pleasant face and a clean, welcoming home. ]

[ Action : Mayfield High : Open during school hours ]
[ —or one can catch Nanoha attempting to take short naps in her office. Whether it is about the meeting, school business, or a personal call, her door is open to all. ]

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27 August 2012 @ 12:25 pm
5th Record 「Entrances & Exits」  
[ Action : Sundown : Open ]
[ If one looks upward during twilight tonight, they might pick out an unusual celestial body high in the sky. It isn't a star, or a moon, or a UFO of any sort. But a few hundred or so feet above downtown Mayfield one can spy a bright pink circle of light hovering there, the circular pattern rotating slowly. Staff at the ready, Nanoha is standing on that circle, wearing her Barrier Jacket and channeling magical energy from a source directly below her on the ground. Her friend, Hayate, stands by with her Tome of the Night Sky at the ready, acting as a sort of living battery for the other woman.

But this isn't a magical attack, though it might look like one. For one hour, every fifteen minutes on the dot, Nanoha scatters streaks of magical energy all around her. These "shots" bounce from roof to roof, stretching out until they hit the barriers of Mayfield that loop back around to themselves. Each time the shot lands, it dissipates completely. Bardiche aids this effort by acting as a co-processor for the search, the golden badge clipped to Nanoha's lapel, but even with the three forces at work here, the information returned is... far from conclusive. ]

[ After the hour is up, Nanoha is strained from channeling the spell for such a long time, and though she wants to continue she realizes that there is nothing more to do right now. She dispels the circle and floats down to the ground. When she lands (a short distance away from her starting point) she looks tired and, above all, frustrated. ]

[ Phone : Evening : Drone Filter ]
In light of the recent... glitches... I have been trying to find a weakness in the border of the town. Has anyo— [ There is a jingle and a clank, Nanoha's voice cut off because the base of the phone just fell through the stand it was on and clattered to the floor. Nanoha sighs. ]

If anyone can provide me with any constructive observations of their own, I would appreciate them. I don't think we can afford to waste time in finding a possible exit. I can offer my own data in return.

((OOC: The magic moves fast, so it could be easily missed. It is not hostile and will dissipate on contact with any flying vessel or individual contact, and will not make the same exact pass twice. Could still spook someone, though!))
28 July 2012 @ 03:37 pm
4th Record 「Bonds Formed」  
[ Phone ]
Good morning, Mayfield. This is Nanoha Takamachi speaking. [ How formal! But she has a question, so it's only right she does it this way. ] I have a request. I know that we can recover items from home, and such technology was not available in the era this town is modeled after, but does anyone have a more modern television or entertainment system available that I might be able to borrow? It would need to play video discs of DVD quality or higher. I promise to take really good care of it. [ And she is using her mature-but-cheerful voice for this call. ] It would either be that, or I would ask to borrow your property for a time, so that I might show off a film from home. I will even clean up when we are finished.

[ Action : On the streets of Mayfield ]
[ Nanoha is out walking today, dressed simply but outside of Mayfield's usual standards. It's amazing the difference a shorter skirt makes. Those who know her can probably take a guess that her neighbor and friend, Hayate, is the one responsible for this alteration.

The woman is moving with a purpose in mind, but she'll still stop for some pleasant conversation if someone approaches her. ]

[ Action : 945 Beulah : Closed to residents ]
[ There is a knock at the door! But this should come to no surprise as she had called ahead the day before to make certain everyone she wanted to see would be here. Nanoha would very much like to meet Fate's assigned "family". No reason they cannot all get along well, right? ]
11 July 2012 @ 08:49 pm
3rd Record 「Lost & Found」 -- backdated to 7/10  
[ Action : Locked to Housemates : Early Morning ] )

[ Action : Makeout Point : Open ]
[ There is only one thing left to do after receiving her mail this morning, performing a little damage control, and checking in with the others from home:


Nanoha stands in a clear space and brings her hand up, fingers touching what appears to be a red marble hanging off of her necklace. She is otherwise not wearing anything unique for this session. ]
I think this spot will do. Are you ready?

[ The orb flickers with light as it — she — replies in a smooth artificial voice: ] ⌈Yes, my Master. Prepared for counting.⌋

[ It is an old exercise, but a good benchmark. Nanoha closes her eyes and draws her left hand up, holding it palm out away from her. A bright pink magic circle appears on the ground at her feet, the rings circling opposing directions as she recites a lengthy incantation she has not had to use in years. ]
Holy light, come to my hand.
Under my guidance, reverberate through the sky!

[ A ball of pink light gathers in front of her her left hand. She tosses something from her right hand high into the air — a pinecone — and then stretches her left finger out after it. ]

Divine Shooter.... Shoot! [ The ball zips forth, pink light tracing after it as it arcs through the air and hits the pinecone. It is not a direct hit, and the impact causes the object to bounce higher into the air. With a motion of her hand, Nanoha wills the shot to curve around and home back in on it for a second strike. Then another. And another. ]

⌈Fifty. Fifty-five. Sixty. Sixty-five.⌋

[ All the while, Raising Heart continues to announce her current progress every few shots. She'll just be juggling this until she is satisfied that the other limits in place will not affect her concentration and longevity, nor her accuracy and control.

...or unless she is interrupted. ]
17 June 2012 @ 09:55 am
2nd Record 「A Job Worth Doing」  
[ Phone : Drone Filter ]

Good afternoon, Mayfield. My name is Nanoha Takamachi, and I am a recent arrival here. You will find "Nanoha Kurenai" on all official documents and signs, I ask that you please disregard that change. [ This town can do a lot of things, but she has some pride in her family name. What would they think, back home, if they heard her giving it up so easily?

Clearing her throat, she moves on with her announcement. ]
I wanted to introduce myself, as it seems this town has seen fit to place me in the position of guidance counselor at the high school — or that I will be once it opens its doors once more. [ Talk about timing. Coming in right when summer vacation had started. ] While I've learned that the work is largely optional, I will say that I have no intention of closing my doors to anyone who might need some advice, or maybe just someone to talk to.

If you are curious about my qualifications, let me just say that I have acted as instructor and mentor to many mages of all ages, and I find the personal approach to function the best. How can anyone focus on improving themselves if they carry a heavy heart around with them?

I know things can be rather difficult here, and for right now, lending my ear like this is the least of what I want to do for you. [ Her voice is soft, cheery, reassuring. ] This offer is not limited to students, or school hours. While I cannot promise I will always be available at a moment's notice, I will do my best to make the time.

[ And here is where her tone loses some of its strength, her sentimental nature bubbling to the surface. ] I have one more thing to add. To those who are friends with my daughter, Vivio, and my dearest friends Fate and Hayate, I want to personally thank each of you for lending them your strength during a time in which I could not. [ Like the flip of a switch (or the flick of a tear from the corner of her eye), the cheery vibe returns. ] There might not be any way I can repay you, but I'm quite confident my family's baking recipes will give me a leg-up as I try!

Oops, I think I've talked long enough. I look forward to speaking more with you all. Keep your chins up, everyone, and have a good day!

((ooc: Just so you know, Nanoha is not affected by the Father's Day event!))
06 June 2012 @ 04:38 pm
1st Record 「The Value of Family」  
[ Action : 1336 Benny Road, for Housemates ]
[ Her wide violet eyes take in her surroundings as the panic slowly creeps in on her. Whose bedroom is this? Whose house is this? Whose dress, and purse, and photos? Gone are her ribbons. Gone is her uniform. Gone is her A.I. partner; her magic; her ability to communicate with others with a simple thought.

Let's get one thing straight: there are few things that will unsettle the placid Ace of Aces quite like a kidnapping. To even consider that she could be taken so easily from such a secure location... the thought chills her to her core. The calm, rational part of her mind takes a back seat to momentary, blinding panic. She needs her bearings. She needs to find the comfort and peace of her family, and safety of the Bureau. She needs to get out of this house.

And that's exactly what she does. The door she assumed was locked gave way to a twist of the knob. The hallway was unguarded, as were the stairs, and the living room. It seems the house was impeccably clean, and yet there were still signs that it was lived-in. Plates and crumbs here and there, newspapers, school books, bags, shoes by the door, a coat and hat on the rack. She took all this in and it is this delay that led to the sound of footsteps.

Tense, Nanoha could not bring herself to a proper ready position before she turned toward whom she assumed was her captor. Though she might be stripped of her power, there is a fighting spirit that no amount of bindings can suppress, and she is quite fit, to boot. There is no way she will take this situation sitting down! ]
Who's there?

[ Action : 1336 Benny Road : Outside, for Hayate Yagami ]
[ The revelations were... exhausting, to say the least. After those talks, Nanoha really needed some fresh air. She could try and take to the streets, but those efforts have been deemed futile before she was even out of the door. Later. She'll recover her strength, and head out later. There has to be a plan of action and not just blind stumbling through this town.

Though she has no reason to distrust the information she has gathered, there is no reason to outright trust it beyond her usual habit of giving others the benefit of the doubt. And trust me, there are a lot of doubts in her mind right then.

—like the fact she looked to the side and there, visible through the window of the neighboring house, stood one of her oldest and dearest friends. It's almost unreal. ]
Hayate...!? [ Hoping beyond hope, she cups her hands to her mouth and shouts. ] HAYATE!! [ If this is not a dream or a nightmare, then it stands to reason that this is not an illusion. ]

[ Phone/Action, for Fate T. Harlaown & Vivio Takamachi ]
[ Her voice takes a moment to find its strength, but it's there. She is much calmer after having spoken to a close and trusted friend, but there are still yet two people she must really hear from, today, to help ease her troubled thoughts. ]

Fate? Vivio? ...my, this is such an outdated method, isn't it? But...

[ No! She will not ramble and lose focus. Nanoha takes a breath. ] I'm here, now. I'm at 1336 Benny Road... it seems I'm going to be Hayate's neighbor for just a short while. [ A subtle promise that yes, she WILL get them all out of here. ] Won't you please come see me? I'll be waiting.

[ And once she hangs up the receiver, she will go out and wait on the front porch, hands clasped tightly before her, eyes alert for the arrival of her family. ]

((OOC: sob, I'm sorry how closed this all is, but I do have a voice post prepared for Nanoha after she's settled in a bit! Feel free to come across her standing out front and waiting for arrivals in the last prompt if you really want to, though. o/ ))