31 July 2012 @ 02:21 am
10 - So you blow on the connectors three times, and then tap it on your knee, and...  
[Action A - Morning, 7132 Brooks]

[Picky had woken up convinced that it would be another normal Mayfield summer day. He washed his face, ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth... and then when he opened the door to head out and go find somewhere to play or something to do, there was a package. Right on the front step. And it was for him. And it was huge!]


[He was quick to drag it inside, and wasted no time peeling off the packing tape and opening it up. Inside was his old NES, with two control pads (one of which was sticky and was missing the A button), and three game packs.

This was awesome.]

Kaylee! Key-Fu! Hey! Hey, I got something! I got something cool!


Hey, who likes video games? I got my Nintendo back! I did! And we've got it hooked up and everything! If anyone wants to come over and play... you can come over and play! I've got Mario Brothers, and Zelda, and Metroid... and that's it. But... but those're all really good!

[Action B - 7132 Brooks, any time of day]

[Maybe you heard the phone call and are stopping by to get your old-school gaming on. Or maybe you can hear the beeps and boops of those classic games coming from inside the house and are curious as to what's going on. Either way, Picky will answer any knocks on the door in the same sort of way.]

Come in! C'mon! ...aaah, d... drat! Shoot! Stop doing that!

[His exasperation is not at the visitor, but at the NES itself. Somehow he had managed to find someone to figure out how to get it hooked up to an ancient 50s TV set, but there was still an additional hurdle to vault. Old-style NESes were finicky, fussy things, and this one had belonged to the Minch brothers. Neither boy was the best caretaker of electronic equipment. Picky's NES only seemed to want to keep a game loaded for a few minutes at at time, before freezing... and that's when he could get the game loaded at all. This was turning out to not be anywhere near as cool a gift from home as he had thought it would be.]
16 May 2012 @ 09:59 pm
09 - Security, Home and Otherwise  
[Action A - 7132 Brooks Street, Morning - Backdated to May 15th]

[Mother's Day came and Mother's Day went, and Picky was just as effected as any other little boy in town was. And having a drone for a mother didn't dissuade him from showing his love and affection. He had gotten up early and managed to make her toast and (only slightly over-browned) scrambled eggs for breakfast in bed. He made her a card. He did every chore she asked him to do. And he felt good the entire while that he did it. It felt right to be a good son. And the praise... even if it was drone-praise, empty words and empty smiles... it was the best.

Waking up the morning that it was all over was... kind of awful. First it hit him that all those feelings had been fake.

Then it hit him that he didn't really have a mom here. Or anywhere.

Then he sort of felt like he had to throw up.

His blankets were tossed aside and he made a bare-footed dash out of his bedroom and down the hall. Bathroom, he had to make it to the bathroom... If anything was different in the house this morning, he hadn't realized it yet.]

[Action B - Around Town - Backdated to May 15th]

[This is one kid that is skipping school today. If it's bad to do... well, so what? What did it matter? It didn't, not in this dumb town. Maybe he had his backpack and his school stuff with him, but he wasn't going to actually use any of it!

Well, maybe his history notebook. History was a pretty dumb class, here, and he had a lot of extra pages in it. Pages he could draw on. Draw cool things on, like... like his plan for the best home safety system thing ever. If Engie could do it, and Pokey could build things, then... then someday, he'd do that too! He'd just have to get the plans ready.

So maybe he's sitting in the park. Or at a booth in the diner. Or on the sidewalk in front of one of the stores. Or somewhere on your front lawn. He's got a pencil, an eraser, and a look of intense concentration. If you were to peer over his shoulder, you'd see something more or less like this:]

Goofy and low-quality art beneath cut )

[Give or take a few traps in the yard. Or canon-looking things. Maybe art isn't his best class... but enthusiasm and creativity is what really matters, right?]
14 April 2012 @ 01:36 am
08 - There Is Not A Big Enough Cootie Shot In The UNIVERSE  
[Phone, morning]

[There's a sweet and possibly familiar voice on the phone, but it's a lot less airy and formal than might be expected.]

Uhh... o-okay, is anyone else having a really weird morning? Cuz... cuz this is the weirdest morning ever, and... and when things get weird, they get weird for everyone, yeah?

[Action, around town]

[Weird or not, Picky couldn't spend the entire day inside doing nothing. That was boring. There was nothing to do all day, inside. So, embarrassing and weird as it was to be a girl and wear a dress while out and about... he's out and about.

Mostly at the diner, ordering hamburger after hamburger. Or the bakery, trying one of this and one of that. Je was an adult with a wallet and he could do whatever he wanted, right? He wanted to eat cool stuff. But somehow, he's never quite able to get full. So he eats, and eats... it's all pretty undignified. There's chewing with "his" mouth open and possibly a bit of ketchup or jam on "his" cheek..]

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07 - I come to you with my heart (and liver and kidneys) in my hand  
[Action - January 30th, Morning - Leaving Factory, Around Mayfield]

Cut for organs and general yuck )

[Phone - Afternoon/Evening]

[Somehow, he had made his way home. And a very, very exhausted Picky Minch dials out to the town.]

How many... how many of us made it home? You know what I mean. The ones... the ones who were in there. Who got changed. Did everyone get help?

[There's a pause, where he seems to be catching his breath.]

Anyone... anyone that's healthy enough... you've gotta help them. Some of them are hurt really bad. Please? Help get them home, at least.... maybe they're still out there....

[Phone - Call to 502 Ricardo]

P-Pokey? Is Pokey there? I gotta... I gotta talk to him, he's probably worried, I'm really sorry, is... is he?
22 January 2012 @ 12:24 am
06 - Because Snow Forts Are Freakin' Awesome  
[Action - 7132 Brooks Lane - Morning]

[A brilliant idea has come to Picky today. An excellent, brilliant, incredible idea. If there's all this snow... then he has to build a snow fort. Of course, that's a lot of work for one small Picky to do on his own. He has barely managed to outline the area on his front yard. And his clumsy robot's help isn't that helpful, being that the robot is so clumsy. But he has a plan. He knows what to do.

Pokey has already been called. Pokey will know what to do! Pokey might even, like, have a robot that'll build forts! Or at least steal enough snow from all the other yards so they can get something REALLY AWESOME going on.]

[Action - 7132 Brooks Lane - Afternoon]

[The fort is built! There's a lovely wall of snow in the front yard of 7132 Brooks Lane, and faint boyish voices coming from inside.

Also, snowballs. Snowballs are definitely being launched from inside, if you get too close. Do you dare get too close?! CAN YOU SURVIVE SUCH A PELTING?! CAN YOU?!]

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