06 August 2012 @ 09:17 pm
First Trumpeting: At least there isn't a Predacon to trick him this time  
Action A | Outside 623 Topper Street | Open to all

[Silverbolt wakes up. That might actually be something he should dwell on since he's a robot and doesn't exactly sleep, but that is not what is important. What is important is he's in a small wooden crate that is bit cramp. Also, this isn't Cybertron, which is where he expected to come back online at once the Maximals finished their space journey home. Mostly out of sheer habit, he immediately stands up with wings at the ready and takes in his surrounding.

Of course this means he pretty much shatters the dog house he was in to splinters, but that's not important. No, what's important is that has no clue where he is, this isn't prehistoric Earth nor Cybertron, so he might want to start getting information, and quickly.]

Black Arachnia?! Optimus?! Rhinox? Cheetor?

[There's a slight sigh before he continues.]


Hrm, they don't seem to be around, nor is my comm working. This is distressing. What could have happened? We had the Predacons defeated when we left...

Maybe I should try some low profile scouting? At least until I figure things out.

Silverbolt! MAXIMIZE!

[Silverbolt actually seems to strike a dramatic pose, expecting something to happen. Which it doesn't. He holds it a moment before he opens his eyes and looks himself over.]


[Again, nothing.]

Okay, I think this has gone from distressing to a major problem...

Action B | Around Town | Open to all

[Well, so much for keeping a low profile. Silverbolt has taken to the skies, flying relatively low, but still above the buildings, taking in the surroundings. At first look it seems like a really big hawk, but closer scrutinizing will reveal it has four legs and a wolf head. Actually, stop and stare too long and Silverbolt will dive and land in front of you.]

Excuse me citizen, but perhaps you can help me! Could you tell me what this place is? Or perhaps where it is in relation to Earth or Cybertron? I seem to have been separated from my comrades, and so far have been encountering nothing but strangeness.

[Yeah, a flying wolfhawk is talking to you. In a slightly dramatic, but polite, tone. Typical day in Mayfield, right?]

Phone | Later that evening | Not at all filtered

Greetings citizens of Mayfield! My name is Silverbolt, and it seems I have been captured and trapped here like the rest of you. I am not sure what scoundrel is behind this, but fear not, no matter how bleak things may seem, goodness always prevails!

I may be here without my fellow Maximals, but I promise to do my best to help anyone in trouble as I get to the bottom of this evil scheme!

I'm not sure where to start, but the important thing to remember is to never give up hope! As long your spark is online, you can always keep trying to attain your goals! So worry not, for tomorrow is another bright day!