09 June 2012 @ 09:49 pm
07 ~*~ Day of the (re)Dead  
[ Action : 1334 Benny : Morning (Before infection) ]
[ Who's that knocking on the front door? Just an ex-zombie looking for the lady of the house. ] Hayaaaate! Are you hooome?

Here's the mail, it never fails! )

[ Action : Around Mayfield ]
[ Yoshika is looking pretty good, for a dead woman. While her movements are stiff and she is rather tight-lipped, this is not much new to any who have seen her around town before. Heck, her first week her, she could barely remember to bend her knees or figure out how to operate stairs with a 50% success ratio. Compared to her fresh life in Mayfield, this is going so smoothly!

Except... has she always drooled that much? Have her eyes always looked so empty and, at the same time, sharply scanning her surroundings for movement?

Oh, there's someone. A person! Familiar or not, Yoshika will amble on over, waving her arm in a lazy, soundless greeting, and grinning like she just found salvation.

You'll help her with her problem, won't you? ]

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01 June 2012 @ 08:57 pm
06 ~*~ I'm not the man I used to be..  
[ 436 Peepers Street ] (cut for TL;DR) )

[ Phone : Midday ]
[ When she comes over the receiver, there is something distinctly different about her voice. She no longer sounds perpetually uncertain; speaking in a confused rush. No, the woman is taking her time and picking her words carefully, rather than extending them in order to let her thoughts catch up with her. ] Good day to everyone. The weather is pleasant, so I have decided that I will take respite in the park this afternoon. I will be bringing my writing tools with me, so all who find comfort in the written word are welcome to share in my company.

Until that time, however, please indulge my curiosity. It has been some time since I have laid eyes on texts from my time, and before. What are your favorite stories or poems? How was the author able to draw you in?

Or, if you would prefer, describe to me the most breathtaking sight you have ever witnessed. I am eager to spark my imagination.

[ John Doe Park : Afternoon ]
[ As promised, Yoshika can be found in the park. She has rolled out a checkered blanket — sufficient only because she does not own any other type of mat. On it, there are drawing pads, note pads, pens, pencils, and brushes all laid out. Someone had gone shopping and found themselves somewhat disappointed in the tools this town offered.

Alas, she will have to make due with what is around. The woman can be found writing in a notepad, or perhaps chewing on the end of that brush (she might be fully alive now, but some habits die hard), or just staring off into space as she admires the scenery and attempts to find some inspiration. It's a slow process, okay? ]

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30 April 2012 @ 11:39 pm
05 ~*~ Imperial Decree: Don't forget the milk!  
[ Action : Around Town / In Stores ]
[ Yoshika can be found walking around town all day, today. Her usual aimless meandering is nowhere to be seen. Instead she is moving forward with a purpose, and has several destinations in mind! First the pharmacy for some bandages and medicine; then the clothing shop to replace some torn items of hers ; finally, the grocery store for food!

What is the motivation behind her focused mood today? Well, if someone takes a closer look at the paper dangling from her forehead, tucked beneath the brim of the straw hat she's wearing, they can make out a few different words:

That's not her ofuda, and it was certainly not placed there by drone!Seiga. No, It's a shopping list! ]
13 April 2012 @ 10:55 am
04 ~*~ O, when the Saint goes hopping in...  
[ 5719 Cunningham : Morning ]
[ Just when Yoshika had become used to her new, living body in Mayfield, they had to throw this at her. She has managed to make it out of bed (somehow) and get into clothes (again; somehow), so now it was time to try to descend the stairs and figure out where she was, and what was going on.

But stairs, being what they are...


Now Yoshika rests in a pile at the base of the steps, quite lucky she didn't actually break anything, but moaning pathetically all the same. ]
What's haaaappening? [ And why does her body ache so much, even before that stumble? ]

[ Anywhere : All Day ]
[ She's dressed in a breezy number, not seeming to care that her new body is not in the best condition due to Miko's health. The cool air feels good on her skin, and helps take her mind off of the aches and the itching. Every brush of cloth on her skin just set her teeth on edge, but the plan to just go out naked was halted before she could try it out. (What is modesty?)

Maybe if she found Miko, she could fix this? She did say she worked with the living, and they're both not dead right now!

To reward herself for not dying so far, Yoshika is out wandering to try and find her way home. She has to find some landmarks, as she doesn't actually know where the street that Miko lives on is at, and she has this tendency to get distracted along the way. ]

[ Oh, and it seems like some drone kids mistook her odd walking habits for a game, so now she can be found either jumping rope with them, or playing hopscotch. Or with you, if you're playing those games, too! ]

This is... reaaaally tiring...

How can she live with her body like this?

[ I'm sure she'll make it home. Eventually...... ]

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09 April 2012 @ 08:36 pm
03 ~*~ Home is where you bury your dead  
[ 436 Peepers St. : Morning : Open ]
[ You would think that retrieving one's own gravestone would be the cause for alarm, or at least grief. On the contrary, Yoshika is clinging to the freshly unwrapped stone block with such a huge smile on her face that you would think she had won it at a raffle or something.

While her mind may be scattered, and she forgets a lot of things, there is one thing that is rarely far from her thoughts:

Home. ]

[ Phone : Open ]
You knoooow...? [ For a second, it's as if she was going to just stop there. No one reasonable would trail off like that, would they? ]

This town could really learn a thing or two about reviving bodies from Lady Seiga. I died twice already and I feeeelt really icky afterwards. It's not supposed to be like that!!! [ Yes, the regain reminded her of something she meant to comment on weeks ago, but got distracted from. ]

[ 436 Peepers St. : Nighttime : Open ]
[ Yoshika is nowhere to be seen. The headstone sits in the yard, unattended, with nothing but a fresh track of dirt in the grass showing where it was pushed into place.

And that's all there is to it. But there's something odd about that track of dirt, isn't there? Maybe it's worth inspecting... ]
26 February 2012 @ 12:43 am
02 ~*~ Thriller Night  
[ Makeout Point : Evening : Open ]
[ Yoshika has decided that wandering the town lost aimlessly was good and all, but she should really get a good vantage point to see just exactly how BIG this place was. After all, it felt like she could just keep walking on and on and on and never run out of buildings!

So, here she is, at the popular park-and-snog spot, taking a look out at the lights of the streets and buildings in the distance. It was kind of impressive. She's never seen anything like it; or rather, she doesn't remember if she has.

But it turns out she isn't alone here. Maybe there is one car — maybe there are a dozen. But the point is that these cars are parked, and not driving around, but they are also playing music and making other strange sounds?? Clearly this means she should investigate! So Yoshika shuffles through the dirt and gravel towards a vehicle.

Your vehicle.

Don't mind the pale, ambling figure as it stalks up to the car and scratches at the windshield or the hood. ]
What are you doing??

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[ Phone : The Next Day : No Filter ]
I still don't know how I should use ....


It's upside-down. [ Rustle rustle. She comes in clearer, now. ]
So, okay! There.

How do I use the makeup they have here? It's nothing like what I'm used to, but apparently it's my job?? ...I don't want to get droned. Again. [ Poor Kyouko. You have such an idiot not!mom. ]
15 February 2012 @ 11:42 am
01 ~*~ Dude, where's my grave?  
[ Action : 436 Peepers St. : Early Morning ]
I swear I parked it right here... )

[ Phone : Open : Later ]
[ Greetings, Mayfield! You are joining a conversation already in progress. The first voice that pipes up is that of a young lady who sounds very much alive, if very confused. The latter is a younger, perkier girl who has been doing some (read: LOTS) of explaining. ]
—now I just talk into it?
Uh huh, uh huh! Just talk into it and people will talk back!
...how do I hand it to them to let them talk?
You don't need to. The sound travels through the phone. Kinda like one of my echo chambers.
I don't know how those work.

Just trust me, okay? Sound is my specialty.
I trust you but it just seems weird --- aaa!
[ A clatter as the receiver is dropped onto the table, but it doesn't disconnect. ]
... Do you want me to handle introducing you, Yoshika?
I think so. This is all too weird. Too weird!!
[ A sigh. The receiver is picked up once more. ]
Hello everyone! This is Kyouko Kasodani reporting from... apparently my new house! My friend from home is here, though! Her name is Yoshika Miyako! So be sure to give her a friendly Good Morning, okay?
[ From the background: ] Good morning people I can't see!
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[ Action : Around Town ]
[ Yoshika is taking her newly whole body for a test drive!

Literally. If she was any less adept at walking normally and keeping her arms down, she would need a "Student Driver" sign tacked onto her forehead. Or any kind of sign. It's kind of unusual, not having a slip of paper dangling between her eyes perpetually. She is half wondering how she did so for what seems like such a long time (though it really wasn't), and now, how she is going to live without it.

She's shuffling around rather stiffly, and occasionally just sort of hops for no discernible reason. She's so focused on this that she doesn't see who, or what, she might run into. A person, a stop sign, a parked car.

And when she does, she loudly exclaims: ]
Ow! Why did that hurt?!

((OOC: Please put a note if your character is affected by or carrying along the scent of any particular kind of flower(s) for the event. I am open to absolutely everything, even violent stuff! Yoshika will just be an oblivious derp about it all, but she may try to bite characters who get violent.))