13 January 2012 @ 09:12 pm
[726 Anderson Lane]

[The invasion has gone underway. As usual, Giegue relied on his strategy of turning the people of a planet against itself with his mental abilities before having his own forces directly step in. His people were able to conquer so many worlds the same way. There is no more effective strategy than turning enemy against enemy before taking over. Giegue knew this and this is precisely why PSI was such a dangerous power. Humans were increasingly becoming threats. That is why he cannot turn back on hate for them.

Giegue hardly rested. His kind didn't have to especially those who have gone through the mechanization process. He simply observed from his Mothership in a secluded location on Earth the pointless struggles of man against man. He would sometimes become weary when hate alone could not sustain him. It was then in that instant he found himself now awake in Mayfield.

A tall, slender, cat-like, yet humanoid creature lying down on the carpet allowed its gaze to wander around the living room of the Nigma household. This was very much like the 1950's of Eagleland. Frowning, he attempted to contact his troops scattered throughout the world with his psychic abilities... but to no avail. PSI has left his body. Most troubling.

Something had happened. He lacks the power to communicate to his troops let alone other people. He has become mundane like any other Earth creature. Therefore, he should act like an Earth creature if only to keep his disguise. And so he does. But it is quite obvious from appearances that he is not a normal Earth creature. He stands on both of his legs like a human would, but he will not show that he can think or speak as they do. Standing on both legs, mimicking a more balanced ape, he walks around the home feigning innocent curiosity to gather data.]

[Around Mayfield]

[And this continues even outside. When he grows tired of walking, or perhaps to fool others, he will crawl on all four of his legs before getting up again. As Giegue wanders around town, he looks into store windows, remarking silently just how mundane all of it is. How bold to pretend that it is completely normal after kidnapping a conqueror of his stature. He sits on both of his knees in front of a store window and looks, feigning curiosity yet again.]


[The voice of a man perhaps in his late-thirties to early-forties speaks from the other line. He seems nervous, but only a little bit. Otherwise, he remains quite calm as he speaks.]

... Well, well...

This is quite the quaint burg that I've found myself in. I've always dreamed of waking next to a beautiful woman, but it's a little different when it actually happens.

[He laughs a little.]

My name is George. I was a journalist back where I'm from, but I don't think anybody has the imagination to believe in a story like this. The story of a town, no, a world... Mayfield, is it? That would pull all of us into while we were all sleeping.

There's no use calling up a taxi out, but that's fine with me. Men know how to adapt and adjust. It's a new beginning and I'm a man who believes in opportunity. Am I speaking to anyone who has been here for a while or just arrived along with me?