30 March 2012 @ 12:38 pm
Bonjour, Mayfield! This would be my first official address, no?

Names mean little in a town predominantly populated by mindless drones, so I'll just introduce myself as a curious mind, currently investigating the technological aspects of this place. Complaints of not being able to find the right books are common, but, how lucky of me! The library has provided me with resources on these "cars" and other "motor vehicles". Yet it still fails in providing the "ooomph" of hands-on experience. So I ask you, dear prisoners of Mayfield, on how I can better adjust myself to these machines? I've tried experimenting in the Mechanic Shop, but the drones start to get testy when I'm handling their vehicles.

Shame that whatever results from this census business will likely delay any projects of mine. I guess I should keep relevant, myself: what passes for a good sword in these parts?
02 March 2012 @ 08:46 pm
[Most aren't happy to wake up somewhere different from where they slept, especially if Mayfield has changed them along the way. Nox never wanted to live his current life. During the process of waking there is a brief, precious moment when he convinces himself that his dreams have somehow crossed the space between his sleep and life and all he ever wanted has come true. Disappointment makes his wrath all the more terrible.]

[1671 Nelson St.]

[Nox is being the most inconsiderate host. The furniture is no obstacle to his manic investigation - in fact he's considering cannibalizing some of it. The receiver falls when he lifts the phone, catching some of his mad ranting]

- had to be made out of these pathetic materials instead of metal. I could have made a pretty invention for whoever is responsible for this...