06 June 2012 @ 08:05 pm
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.: at 1485 Kramden Road :.

[It would have been a peaceful and uneventful Mayfield morning, given the mild chaos of the past few days, were it not for the loud clanging of pots and pans accidentally crashing onto the floor. A complete accident. Honest. The kitchen itself is not a disaster zone at this point, but it's well on its way to becoming one, courtesy of a young girl who's far too used to using magic at this point to do without it now while making breakfast.

There's anger, confusion, and a slight fear. But most of all, there's hunger.]

All of this would be a world easier if I could just get my wand back!

.: Downtown Mayfield :.

[There's a girl on a borrowed stolen just for a little bit really bike stopping every once in a while to squint at the shops for any familiar faces, or even any trace of magic. Please excuse her if she crashes into you.]
15 February 2012 @ 01:10 am
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[ action; park (and other locations) ]

[ Mikiya and Shiki ([personal profile] ryougi) are affected by the flowers, yup. And by 'affected' I mean totally reduced to two moes in heavy moeblob rabu. So they can be spotted all over town today during their moe moe activities, just waiting for people to pop up and make fun of them, clearly..

A. The two of them can be seen walking around the park right next to each other, and even as a third party it's really easy to see that they actually just want to hold hands but they're being so moely awkward about it that neither of them can summon up the courage to do it first..!! So clearly someone needs to give them a hand help them out.

B. Okay, so eventually they managed to do the whole hands holding thing so later they can be still spotted in the park, except this time they're actually holding hands and seeming very, very content about all of it. They're also sharing one big scarf, wrapped around both their necks, like the moes they are..

C. Or instead you might spot them in the park or somewhere else in town doing all sorts of moe fun activities, like making snowmen, having a snowball fight, sitting on a pair of swings, etc. etc. Join in, laugh at them, whatever your kind of reaction is.


( ooc: all threads will be threeway threads with your character, Shiki and Mikiya! the tag order will be your character -> Shiki -> Mikiya -> your character AND SO ON. I have to go to bed now but I just wanted to get this up in time so feel free to tag in I'll get to it tomorrow.. )