30 September 2012 @ 12:24 pm
Drink Count: 33 || Just when everthing seemed to be alright...  
[Aziraphale is gone again. Crowley had woken up one day to find the bed empty and cold beside him. Aziraphale wasn't in the house and a quick drive over to Kramden Street revealed that the angel was once again a drone. Aziraphale said he wouldn't leave. He should have known better than to listen to the angel's lies. Everyone leaves.

The demon, with his one pristine white wing, is not okay. He gets through each day, but really his heart is broken. His earlier fighting spirit is almost dead. How many of his friends are even left in this place? Integra, Death, and Sniper he knows are still okay, but is there anyone else?

He should have known better. He should never have allowed himself to care.]

A. [About Town: All Day]

[Crowley wanders about trying to find people he recognizes, hoping to find them of sound mind. He knocks on doors and goes to the park. There is still a faint hope that there are others that are okay.]

B. [Olney's Tavern: Evening]

[Crowley's usual enthusiasm is just gone He makes the drinks ordered and doesn't try to get the drones excessively drunk.]

C. [852 Goldberg: Night]

[Crowley hasn't been sleeping, instead sitting up with the television on and a never ending bottle of burgundy. This night is no exception.]
27 September 2012 @ 09:48 am
6th Relic  
Action One!
[He awoke that morning like any other day. Though there was no real bounce in his step. He had to get over something... and soon. Or it would continue to eat away at him, just like...

Getting ready for the day, he had gone out without much conversation.]

Action Two!
[Locke did go to work that day, but he wasn't in the mood to put up with the job, and left early. He was lurking around on Miller street, but he knew it wouldn't do him any good to dwell on things. Yet, he couldn't help himself.]

Action Three!
[It's becoming late... Locke hadn't gone home yet. No, instead he made his way towards Olney's Tavern. Once inside, he didn't seem like he was ready to order anything. He looked almost... depressed. Though if you encounter him, his attitude changes quickly, because he's not upset about anything!]
30 August 2012 @ 12:12 pm
+- Sixth Coin -+  
A. Action: [It might've been just a normal day, but Johnny woke up feeling somewhat groggy. He got up, dressed, and readied himself for the day. It was strange that he couldn't remember the past few days. ... and of course it was even more strange to him when the drones in his household seemed to act a bit different.]

This won't do at all...

[So, without another thought, he went on out to check on his friends. Yes, he might have been droned for a while, but he didn't know that. It might be startling to him should you decide to add on that small detail.]

B. Action: [During his mini crusade of making sure those he knew were alright... he couldn't help but come across a drone companion or two. This didn't sit well with him. So for now, he'll head off to the tavern, and ponder on what to do to fix this.]
20 August 2012 @ 12:49 pm
trisdešimt trys; action  
[Finding out about Mayfield's latest peculiarity would have been far more "annoying and concerning" rather than "sharply unsettling" if he hadn't found out about it via Poland's drone chattering at him a mile a minute, making that particular phrase as close to literal as it could get. And he was only asking Lithuania (or Mr. Laurinaitis) how he was over and over. It's the lack of Poland's pony, his flag, and the lack of nation feel that make Lithuania realize Poland's actually gone.

Backing through a tree is just the icing on the cake, to be honest.]

1333 Benny Road
[Hello, not!family! Lithuania is going through the house checking up on everyone, making sure they're present and accounted for. He's pretty obviously unhappy but he's also just as obviously trying not to look unhappy. He's also obviously on edge, as can easily be noted whenever he jumps at a flickering light or jerks back away from the sound of sudden static crashing out of the television.]

Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and America's Houses
[Lithuania is just checking up on you guys to make sure you're okay. As in still here. Also he is looking like a puppy who was kicked into the rain, metaphorically speaking but he's pretending he's fine. He's also trying to ignore any instances of his hand going through doors rather than him knocking like he actually intends to do.]

Are you alright?

Olney's Tavern
[The alcohol here has always been incredibly weak, and that's not when even the structure of the bar and class is so weak as to make it go crashing to the ground for no good reason. Still, Lithuania is trying his best to get himself drunk enough to stop feeling so awful, at least for a few hours.

It's not really working, though.]

They have no idea how to make decent beer here.
08 August 2012 @ 02:26 pm
regains and booze and some shopping.  
[Brooks 7138]
[ It’s the first time Rui has gotten mail from the town. Her ‘family’ has told her about regains, of course, and when she opens the two boxes she isn’t expecting them to be empty. Both of them. Completely empty. What the hell.

She turns on her heel and walks right into the house, slamming the door shut. ]

Hey, Yukihina! Are you the one who sent me empty boxes?

[Olney's tavern]
[ She’s walking into the bar (no surprise there, really, as she is kind of an alcoholic), dressed in Yukihina’s clothes as usual. She sits down at the bar, looking quite annoyed and quite an intimidating aura is radiating off of her. Whoever is working at the moment receives an annoyed look. ]

Give me something strong. And make sure it doesn’t taste bad.

[ If she gets bad booze now, whoever made it will be getting a taste of her forehead. Or fist. Whichever works best at the moment. ]

[Grocery store]
[ She might as well buy some food while she’s at it. She knows Yukihina won’t buy any (he doesn’t even have to eat after all), and someone needs to feed her daughters. She’s not going to go out of her way to be mean to them. Besides, even if her long-time friend doesn’t need to eat, she does. Not everyone’s an undead.

Everything that goes into the cart is things that will turn into healthy and good food for her family. All the unhealthy food in the store makes her frown. It’s insane how people can eat some of that food at all.

She makes a face at an extra unhealthy-looking package of what some people call food. ]
Someone needs to teach the people in this store to get rid of this stuff...

Why would they send an empty package? If there’s going to be something non-physical in it, least they could do is put some hint to what’s there. Do they think they're funny?
30 July 2012 @ 09:32 am
Drink Count: 32 || A Return to Normalcy  
A. [852 Goldberg: Morning]

[Oh look, packages for Crowley. One is small and light (perhaps a power?), the other large and heavy. He opens both of them on the porch. The small one looks empty upon opening, but he feels the rush of energy as another aspect of his power returns.


Oh... He flexes his metaphysical muscles and slowly realizes that it is his healing ability that is the most recent addition to his demonic arsenal. The least demonic of his powers... Well, in this town it will be handy.

The second box is his state of the art sound system. Bose, to be exact. He moves the box inside and starts setting it up. He forgets to wire the speakers to the control console, but they will work regardless.]

B. [Olney's Tavern: Afternoon]

[Everyone's favorite demon bartender is behind the bar. Come get a drink and have a chat.]

C. [1487 Kramden: Evening]

[Like usual, Crowley just barges on into the house that isn't his own, but might as well be with the way he's always there. He looks for Aziraphale and grins rakishly when he finds him.]

Hallo, Angel.
16 July 2012 @ 11:29 am
[➊ Action - Outside Mitchell Road]

[A blue haired man is standing outside in front of his house, looking so confused. Kaito woke up in the morning and realized he's been sleeping next to an unknown lady. Can you believe that? Probably he got drunk yesterday. Surprisingly, he's able to 'breathe', and his body is lighter than he used to be.

But still! Everything doesn't make any sense! He never had an affair with this lady, even though the picture frames showed that they're couples!]

Emergancy bite. I need an ice cream, as soon as possible.

[➋ Phone - Public]

Rin, Len, Luka, Gakupo, and yes, you too Gumi. I need a brief explaination on how you set me up on this prank. I can handle one or two, but this is way over the top. I had my limit, you know?

Otherwise, if that was none of your doings then it could be someone else. I guess...

[So much doubt /sob]
15 July 2012 @ 09:58 pm
+- Fifth Coin -+  
A. Action: [Once again, Johnny found himself blessed with one, no... two, of the town's gifts in the mail. The man can be seen walking the streets now, with a stylized hat and sunglasses.]

B. Action: [Johnny was making his rounds by checking on his friends. ... or those he would call an acquaintance. Either way, he's stopping by your house, if you know him. Phone calls are easier, yes. However, visits are more personal.]

C. Action: [With the day drawing to a close, this guy can be seen at the tavern once again. He seems to be playing with a deck of cards, and yet has no one to deal to. Go ahead and offer a game. If you're lucky... he'll buy your drink.]
14 July 2012 @ 10:47 pm
First transmission  
A. [ Action | Outside 3476 Erwin Street ]

[Aria has not had a pleasant morning. On top of waking up to find herself in a strange place, in stranger clothes and an even stranger body beside a random human male she now also has no pants. After having a minor panic attack at how disgustingly primitive everything in the house is she's stolen her husbands pants, stolen a jacket and decided to figure out where she is and what the meaning of all of this is.]

B. [ Action| Olney's Tavern ]

[After being slightly unsettled by the ant-like conformity of Erwin Street, Aria has found the Tavern. If the shouting isn't loud enough to be heard by passers by then she certainly can be heard inside the bar giving the drone a piece of her mind about his service.]

C. [ Action| John Doe Park]

[Seeing as she has no where better to be and the biggest open space happens to be the park, hopefully she can find someone here that isn't going to berate her for wearing pants or wanting a drink.]
11 July 2012 @ 10:32 pm
◇ x; she's baaaack  
[ACTION A; 1761 Beaver Street; morning]

[Hawke did not escape the carnival very easily - if you can even call falling out of the sky and breaking your neck three days in "escaping." And even though she didn't suffer through five entire days of alternate Mayfield, when she wakes up in the morning, she's as tired, thirsty, and hungry as she was before she died.

So, the first thing she does - after being enthusiastically greeted by her mabari, that is - is wander downstairs, shoo the drones away, and put on a pot of coffee. It doesn't help fight off the sleepiness, though, so she shuffles upstairs, climbs back into bed, closes her eyes...

And screams.]

[PHONE; open]

Well, that was... fun. [Yaaaaaaaawn. Boy she sure sounds tired.] I think I lost a few days after I went to visit the neighbors, however. Anyone mind telling me what happened after - what was it, our third day there? I certainly hope I didn't miss anything interesting.

Nice of them to leave me a welcome back gift, too. Finally, something interesting to re-- [Hawke cuts herself off after taking a book off the shelf and inspecting the cover.] Hard in Hightown, really? It won't put me to sleep, at least.

[As she goes to hang up the phone, you might hear her mutter to herself:] Maker, I need a drink.

[ACTION B; Olney's Tavern; evening]

[After trying nearly all day to get some sleep and failing miserably, Hawke decides to get her mind off her post-revival the best way she knows how: drinking.

She swings by the tavern in the evening, ignores any drones that may be present, and takes a seat. It's no Hanged Man, but she can't be sure if that's a good or bad thing. The smell of piss seems to be absent, at least, which is always a good sign.

Her dog is sitting on the floor beside her stool, because, well, he follows her everywhere. Cupcake seems to be behaving himself, though.]
23 June 2012 @ 11:30 pm
+- Fourth Coin -+  
A. Action: [For the record, Johnny has been around town long enough now to know about the town's events and the town's gifts that come in the mail. So the man can now be seen walking around the streets of Mayfield carrying around a wooden handled katana by his side.

He's also seemingly ready to cast many of the females a wide, friendly smile. After all, he's only being polite. However, in his acts of "girl watching" he might accidentally bump right into you. The man is quick to apologize though.]

B. Action: [The pirate has decided to take up some time practicing his sword skills out at the park. He's careful to make sure to have plenty of room as he swipes the blade out in the air. Before every strike he makes, a pause, and a look around his frame just to be certain no one is in the way. Though, he might not get much practice in today. Then again, he might just be trying to show off.]

C. Action: [Johnny's decided to spend the rest of his evening down at the tavern. He's feeling rather good about things, but it could just be a cover up. Can't quite tell with this one. If you're lucky, he may just offer to buy you your drink...]
17 June 2012 @ 11:12 am
12th great power stolen - what's up with this father's day  
A: Outside 1250 Williams, early morning. OPEN

No, I don't-- [ Argh! Why was his so called kids looking at him with those friggin' puppyeyes and why were they trying to cling? ] I don't want to go to dinner with your mom, now let me go, damnit.

B: Around Mayfield. OPEN.

[ After having snuck out of the house after his "children" and "wife" tried to coax him into something called "fathers day", Basco wasn't the most pleased. Sure, if they had been normal and not drones - it was still weird to watch their faces and think that they didn't actually have those personalities, and then it had been quite some time - then it would have been alright. As it was now, he's a bit irritated at everything in general. ]

C: Olney's Tavern, later afternoon. OPEN

[ He's all but collapsed against the bar, and has buried his fae against his arms. So.. tiresome... Not only had he run into his "kids" when they were out playing, but he'd also run into his "wife". And they all requested him to go on a dinner in the evening. Drones just didn't listen did they? Augh! ]

D: Phone, evening. OPEN

...I don't think I like this "fathers day" thing.. I really preferred the zombies.

((( I have a terrible deja vú about B for some reason... Either way, Basco's not!family seem to not be affected into doing anything the father want them to... He's quite pissed at me for that but no matter no matter~ )))
16 June 2012 @ 09:34 am
f i r s t s o n g  
Outside 948 Beulah - Mostly for neighbors

[ Take a look at this slight, dark-haired figure stumbling out the door, still in his pajamas. ]

Around Mayfield

[ To say he is absolutely bewildered is an understatement. He treads his way through the town carefully, eyes wide with an expression of pure wonder mingled with shock gracing his features. Startled, he stumbles backwards when a car drives by, even though he's safe in the middle of the sidewalk. If he nearly collides with you when he backs up? Well, so be it. ]

Olney's Tavern

[ Of course he has no idea what he's doing here. Doesn't the look of nervousness give that away? Still, he makes his way up to the counter, asking in a rather soft, but timid voice. ] Ah... a glass of absinthe, perhaps?
10 June 2012 @ 09:55 pm
[Action: 307 Miller (backdated to the beginning of the event)]

[Death is already dressed in her traditional undead outbreak gear: 80s workout clothes. She's looking for Death and Mason, though for separate reasons]

We have zombies again.

[Action: Around Mayfield]

[Death is trying her usual reaping approach. Except it's not working]

These ones are different...

[Phone (Forward dated to Monday evening)]

[There's a rare note of what might actually be irritation in Death's voice]

If there's anyone else who could possibly regain something that unleashes a plague of undead on the town, could they please let me and Death know now?

[Action: Olney's Tavern (Forward dated to Monday evening)]

[Death is no stranger to Olney's, of course. It's a good place to meet people. She does not, however, usually drink with quite such... purpose.]
07 June 2012 @ 02:19 am
husband and wife? You've gotta be kidding me.  
master bedroom with Yukihina and Rui )

[action; 7138 Brooks Lane; living room; open to housemates]
[ Rui has put on the clothes in Yukihina's part of the wardrobe; hell if she's going to wear those clothes if she doesn't have to. Yukihina's going to have to put up with sharing his clothes with her.

She walks into the living room and throws herself on the couch, throwing up her feet on the table with a slam. ]

Explain. Now.

[phone; open to all]
[ She's angry, yes, and it's easy to hear. ]

Yukihina said I'm his wife in this place. What sort of ridiculous idea is that? Why would I marry Yukihina?

Okay, so I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Hachiouji Rui. And just so you know, I'm not married to him. He's a comrade and a friend, but nothing more.

[action; tavern; open to all]
[ It's not surprising that she manages to find her way to the tavern when she's just been in town for a couple of hours. There's this thing with her and alcohol after all. She's drawn to it.

She sits down with a sigh at the bar. ]

Give me something stong. Something really strong.

(ooc: the action at 7138 Brooks will have both Rui and Yukihina tagging.)
04 June 2012 @ 08:51 pm
3 lightyears  
A. Greased Lightning Garage

[It ain't as interesting as working on the Millennium Falcon, but it's a way to pass the time, and Han's starting to really get the hang of the archaic engines the vehicles use.]

B. Olney's Tavern

[If there's one thing Han's been doing a lot of lately, it's drinking. Sure, he's always enjoyed the occasional brandy, but after the Death Star blew up the rebel base... there's been more reason for it. That hasn't really changed with the whole kidnapped to another dimension thing. So he's at the bar after work, enjoying some nice, Earth drinks.]

C. Phone

I've been to a lot of planets, and I don't think any of them reach this place's levels of dullness. There's gotta be somewhere around here that's less... wholesome.

AU info )
03 June 2012 @ 12:40 am
Mission 14: Going Ron Moore on the GFFA  
AU details )

[Morning of June 1: 727 Anderson]

[Wes wakes feeling very disconcerted. Something is wrong... what is it? He's in Mayfield. That's wrong.

He starts surveying the house.]

Too damn quiet.

[Action: Used Car Lot]

[Wes is decidedly lacking in his usual cheer. He did not bring Kettch to work today. In fact, he's scowling at the customers.]

Look, just buy a car. They need me seven hells a lot more elsewhere.

[Action: Olney's Tavern]

[Another one of those days. They have been more often than not, lately. Whiskey doesn't really help, but then again, nothing does. He's not being as friendly as most people in Mayfield would expect.]
01 June 2012 @ 09:33 pm
Drink Count: 30 || Angel of Rock and Roll (except not really)  
He was not particularly angelic in appearance. He had dark hair and good cheekbones and the kind of smile that is usually described as 'ironic', or perhaps 'wry.' He was thin, and very, very British in a way that recalled a thousand drugged out rock stars. He wore black a lot.

He never took off his sunglasses.

A. [852 Goldberg: Morning]

[The winged being that wakes up at 852 Goldberg is certainly not the one who went to bed. Sure, he's still got his wings and dark hair. But his eyes (still hidden by sunglasses)are grey and his shoulders are hunched like he has the weight of the world on them. In a way he does. He is wearing faded black clothes (mostly denim and an old black t-shirt). He is an angel by the name of Caphriel and has been on Earth since the beginning doing everything in his power to make the world at least slightly better.

The one good thing about Mayfield is that he never has to wonder where his next meal would be coming from. He is in the kitchen leaning on the counter with a mug of tea in one hand and a slice of toast in the other.]

B. [About Town: Midday]

[Caphriel has always been a bit confused by Mayfield giving him a vintage Bentley. He had never really learned to drive, preferring to walk or bike from place to place. So the car has been sitting in the garage since it's arrival and he's continued to walk from place to place like right now.

He's enjoying the warmth of the sun on his wings as he walks and offers a wry smile to those passing by him and a wave to those he knows.]

C. [Olney's Tavern: Evening]

[The angel Caphriel is mixing and serving drinks like usual. He's much more relaxed now than he was when Zirah had been in town. Relieved even. And he greets his customers with a smirk.]

((ooc: Crowley's AU is one in which Aziraphale had been the one to fall and not Crowley. He remained an angel (Caphriel) while the demon Zirah (Aziraphale) lost his mind to the fires of hell. If you would like to read the fic I took this AU from, it's called The Sacred and the Profane.))
01 June 2012 @ 03:29 pm
3rd Case  
AU Information )

A - Action: Shooting Range; Afternoon}{

[ Back in Santa Barbara, the Shooting Range was pretty much Carlton's second home. Every time he got a new sidearm, or needed to let off some steam, he'd be there. At one point in time his daily visits almost cost him his career as Head Detective when the GSR testing came back positive while under investigation for murder.

Now that he had his standard issue sidearm with him in Mayfield, it'd be wrong to not give it a test drive. Those that may be observing him can see that he's tense, gripping the glock tightly as he fires round after round in a desperate attempt to keep his mind off of certain things. ]

B - Action: Olney's Tavern; Evening}{

[ How far the mighty fall.

Carlton never really dwelled on past cases he worked on, if he did he'd probably have gone mad given the profession...but for some reason he couldn't help but remember the Yin Case.

The Yin Case, actually both the Yin and Yang cases, were the type that would make even the strongest man go crazy. He's saw the best of his colleagues just break when they lost Yang's game, and he saw it almost happen to Spencer when Yang resurfaced.

Yin however, didn't play mind-games like Yang. He played to kill.

A diner waitress, Mary Lightly, and O'Hara had all met their fate at the hands of that chaotic bastard. Yin had it planned all along to kidnap both his partner and Abigail Lytar and they lost, and Sweet Justice did he hate that more than anything.

"I'll drop by half past four, My hands are on my face. Please come quick, or this could be messy - Shawn, you can still save Abigail!"

Those words, he thought, would haunt him until he was cold in the ground. She knew that as a cop they had to give Lytar priortity as she was a civilian, Hell, even he knew that! Still, Spencer went after his girlfriend, and he went after his partner - protocol be damned. But the moment he and Guster had made it to the top of the clock tower, the clock had already striked 4:30. He had no choice but to watch the wire spark and see Juliet O'Hara fall the several stories to her death.

It was a scene he'd remember for life.

All Carlton could find himself thinking about wass the 'what ifs', What if he had shot the windshield out at the beginning instead of trying to pry the door open when he and Henry discovered themselves locked in? What if he hadn't sat around like a sitting duck in the Chief's office while waiting for Spencer to get the damned clue? What if he had chosen to take the stairs instead of trying the elevator when they got to the clock tower?

Those few seconds could have changed everything.

He hated the fact they had lost, hated the fact he had to tell Spencer that he didn't make it to O'Hara in time - which then prompted being screamed at over the phone demanding him to say he was joking. Hated himself for not saving his partner, someone he had mentored from her inital transfer from Miami, someone he considered a very good friend of his.

Perhaps that is why he's sitting in the tavern, downing drink after drink, not giving a crap about his sobriety level. Feel free to chat him up, he'll oblige and give you the story. ]

C - Action: Outside 951 Beulah Street; Late Evening}{

[ Those that walk by, or live on the street, may see Carlton sitting on the porch alternating from staring at the night sky and disassembling and reassembling his sidearm - a common stress tactic learned in the Academy.

Seems even after drinking the memories of that night still bother him just a little. He's not going to bite if you walk up and strike conversation, he's just...feels defeated. ]
17 May 2012 @ 11:18 am
[ order 11 ]  
[ Mayfield High - Morning ]

[ Class time is later in the day- at the moment Integra needs time to herself in the gym, expertly fencing against an invisible opponent. Rider has been droned, and in his departure she's lost a friend. Frustrated, angry, sorrowful, Sir Hellsing is channeling the emotion into the deft movements of her foil. ]

[ Shooting Range - Afternoon ]

[ To any who might be in the vicinity, they'll see Integra handing over one of her sidearms to the black-haired child she brought in with her. ]

Shall I get you a stool, Alucard?

[ Olney's - Evening ]

[ Integra drags the mildly-protesting drone by his tie out the door and onto the sidewalk, giving him a firm enough shove to send him stumbling into the gutter.

She returns to her seat at the bar, crossing one leg over the other beneath her shift dress before relighting her cigar. ]