29 November 2012 @ 06:03 pm
Second Vexation  
[Action - Anywhere]

[Normally, Asakura would have been perfectly fine with going around and killing a bunch of people in a murderous rampage. It would have been fun. Yet today, he looks rather irritated as he's running around with some of those guns he had acquired upon arriving in the town and finding a place that would sell firearms to a convicted felon.]

Tch. How vexing--using my fists would be much more satisfying. Maybe a club of some sort...

[Yep, he's annoyed because Johnson's decided he should shoot people instead of beat them to death. To add insult to injury, other people have their fancy toys from back home, but he hasn't regained anything interesting he could use for this job.

So...hey, how about helping him out and disarming him? Or at least getting out of there, because he's trying to shoot you. He's got a shotgun with a sawed-off barrel and a couple of pistols.]
12 October 2012 @ 06:36 pm
First Vexation  
[A - 2235 Stevens]

[This wasn't jail. That was the first thing Asakura came to realize when he woke up in the strange bed, in strange tacky yellow pajamas that weren't his. The second thing he realized was that he'd been sleeping next to some woman he didn't know. He was vexed at not knowing how that had happened...but if she was the one who had gotten him out of jail, she'd be spared the wrath of his confusion.

He all but jumped out of the bed, and then he tore out of the bedroom and into the rest of the house, doing a quick examination of his surroundings. This involves smashing happy family photographs he doesn't remember taking and generally knocking things over. It isn't long before he rushes out of the house and into the street still in his ugly yellow pajamas, looking a little wild-eyed around the area. Approach the obvious new arrival?]

[B - Johnathon's Tools]

[Once he'd found a half-decent set of clothing, it hadn't taken Asakura long to discover the best thing about Mayfield--none of the drones selling firearms seem to care that he's a convicted felon. No, they thought he was a fine, upstanding citizen going to spend the weekend hunting with his kids.

Sure, whatever, as long as it got him guns. Asakura currently looks a bit like a kid in a candy store as he considers his options. Surely nothing can go wrong.]

[C - Around Town]

[Asakura's now walking around town, taking in the sights with a pistol tucked into his belt. Dare to approach?]
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