24 June 2012 @ 01:32 pm
A: Outside 952 Beulah. Backdated to whenever.

[ It's both pleasing and surprising to discover a package waiting for him. Rather than waiting to open it inside, Obi-Wan decides to unwrap it here. His eyebrows rise at the sight of it's contents, and a brief troubled look passes through his gaze.

He produces the cylindrical-shaped hilt, it's allow metal flashing dully in the sunlight. With a frown, Kenobi activates the saber, but only for a moment. Just to test if it works.

It does. ]


B: Today. Phone. Filtered from drones.

Well, that message does not sound very good at all, does it? [ He sighs. ]

I have a bad feeling about this.
04 June 2012 @ 10:09 am
007. au event.  
[ 952 Beulah Street – Morning ]

[ He's seated at the kitchen table, having not even gone to sleep the night before, or even the night before that. His cool, relaxed posture gives nothing away. The fact that he is ready for anything, at any moment.

He has lived in near-isolation for what has felt like years. Mayfield is overwhelming enough, even while lacking the presence of the Force. But Obi-Wan Kenobi has never been one to condone weakness, especially when it comes to himself.

He will not be made a prisoner here.

So he sits, and he waits, as calm as ever, sipping at a cup of tea, waiting for the woman who had been assigned to live with him to appear. ]

[ MacCready and Sons Law Office – Afternoon ]

[ Obi-Wan has always placed the best of his efforts into every task he performs, even the most mundane. Working in this office holds less excitement than anything he can place in living memory.

Everything about his demeanour hints someone who is quite inviting, and always charming. Strange, considering how as a Jedi, he would prefer to keep himself at a distance from all but a select few. ]

[ John Doe Park – Late Afternoon to Evening ]

[ He's out stalking walking as he attempts to bring everything into focus. He cannot help but inwardly feel bewildered, while lacking in his usual patience. As he walks, soft words are mumbled out under his breath. ]

He is here. Anakin. Skywalker is here... You're a fool, a damn blasted fool.

((ooc: So! Better late than never, right? For this AU, Obi-Wan accepted Count Dooku's offer to join him in Attack of the Clones. While he isn't a Sith Lord, he is a Dark Jedi, made rather angry and partially insane due to so much crap Dooku put him through (all at Sidious' command, of course).))
27 May 2012 @ 07:09 pm
[ MacCready and Sons Law Office; Morning ]

[ It is quite amazing how little work is required of them in this law office. Save for certain cases, so long as the semblance of work is given, things appear to go smoothly. Still, Obi-Wan Kenobi has never been someone to only give half an effort.

They'll have to forgive him today.

Co-workers will notice that absolutely no noise is coming from his office. Completed work is set neatly at the corner of his desk. Obi-Wan himself can actually be found on the floor, seated in a meditative position. He's learned over the years not to be picky with what you have, and frankly, this is one of the better places to meditate.

Strange, but true.]

[ Bakery; Afternoon ]

[Food isn't really something he came here for. No, tea is what he came here for. He's settled at a table that's slowly becoming his usual spot, staring down into the steaming mug, wishing idly for some blue milk, something he had become quite fond of as of late. ]

[ 952 Beulah Street ; Outside; Late Afternoon ]

[ While it may seem pointless without a lightsaber handy, Obi-Wan understands better than ever not to allow himself to fall lax. So, he can be found out back, practicing Form III with the closest, most nature-friendly thing to a saber: a tree branch. Granted, it's not nearly as long, or as deadly, but he will work with what he must. ]

[ 952 Beulah Street ; Night ]

[ Neighbors may notice him from their own houses or as they walk by, seated on the porch, steaming cup of tea in hand, apparently content with simply observing the night. Anyone who knows him should realize that there is so much more to his observing something than just simple observing. That's for him to know, and everyone else to find out, of course. ]
19 April 2012 @ 09:11 pm
Action: 952 Beulah Street

[ Interestingly enough, a package is waiting for Obi-Wan when he arrives home, resting casually on the doorstep. He moves to pick it up with a puzzled look, simply staring for a long moment. What could this be about?

He steps inside, carefully pulling at the box. There is almost a hushed feeling about the air as he does so, an intense anticipation.

Nothing. The box is empty.

Appearances are deceiving. ]

Phone; Later

The will of the Force truly is a fascinating thing.

Or, perhaps I should thank the postman instead.
13 April 2012 @ 12:04 pm
004. This is not the Senator You're Looking For.  
[ To wake up in an unfamiliar body is distressing enough, sure. But to wake up in the body of someone you know, a politician, a Senator... a friend. A woman who loved and was loved in return by a Jedi-turned-Sith Lord certainly is a little more than distressing.

But Obi-Wan is making the best of the situation, doing everything he can to respect not only Padmé, but Anakin as well.

...It's complicated.]

A – around town

[ Walking helps, right? Of course, the Senator may not look as graceful as usual, and is trying her... his... their darnedest not to look too uncomfortable. There are people who must have is worse-off, after all. ]

B – bakery

[ Nothing helps frazzled nerves and confusion better than a cup of tea, so Obi-mé is settled as comfortably as he can be, hands wrapped around the teacup, breathing evenly as he meditates. Ah, his favourite pastime.]

(( ooc: tags will be coming from [personal profile] jedibusiness!))
29 March 2012 @ 06:14 pm
MacCready and Sons Law Office; Morning

[ For a former Jedi to be placed in the workplace is mundane at best. Even being a Jedi had never truly been an actual 'job', but a way of life. For The Negotiator, it was his life. And the man he had considered his brother destroyed that.

And now that man is here. And for the first time in... weeks, Obi-Wan finds himself uncertain as to how to handle this. But it's not something to bring to the workplace, so... he's just at his desk, frowning loosely over papers.]

Olney's tavern; Night

[ How far to have fallen.

How many times had he debated, back on Tatooine, to pay a visit to a cantina, and toss back a few drinks, simply to 'drown his sorrows' as most would put it?

Thinking of young Luke would prevent him from that. Here, Luke isn't quite so young.

And seeing Anakin...

Too emotionally invested, Master Kenobi. Master Yoda would not approve.]

Blast it. [This comes out as a mutter, before he tosses back a good portion of his drink. Be warned, he's had a few already.]
17 March 2012 @ 04:16 pm
A: Library, early afternoon:

[Unlike most you'll find today, Ben is not someone who will be spending his time drinking, nor will he be attending any festivities. Instead, he'll be looking into the apparent job he's had for quite some time. A Jedi Master, turned hermit, turned lawyer. The universe truly is an interesting place.]

B: The park, later:

[With a few books placed next to him, Ben is quite comfortable on a park bench, tugging absentmindedly at his beard while he reads, a frown creasing his forehead.]
09 March 2012 @ 04:25 pm
001. ACTION  
A: Location; 952 Beulah Street

[Naturally, the moment he wakes up, he knows something is amiss. The blistering heat of Tatooine's twin suns, for one thing. But, much more importantly, the Force. The Force is missing. Impossible, but true.

The second he sits up, he let's out a long, calming breath. No point in overreacting if you don't know what is going to happen.

The house alone is alarming, though.]

B: Location; Out and about!

[It doesn't take him too long to leave the house, which has apparently been his for quite some time. Everything about this is peculiar, including what he has to wear.

Still, once again, there's no need to loose his head. Even without the Force, something would guide him. It has to.

And there is absolutely no shame in asking someone just what is going on.]

Ah, excuse me? It appears I've taken the wrong turn on Tatooine. I wonder if you could tell me just was planet this is? Or even the system, perhaps.