10 August 2012 @ 01:18 am
Onward Aoshima - Action/Phone  
[Action; Locked to 1338 Benny Lane]

[And Mabel thought to herself upon waking up this is not my beautiful bed. And this is not my beautiful attic. Or at the very least she's pretty sure it isn't. If it is then Grunkle Stan did some pretty heavy renovating while she was asleep. Mabel wouldn't put the possibility of Stan messing with her and Dipper's room past him. The idea that Stan would make the room so much nicer though? That was harder to believe. In fact of all the weird things that could and have happened in Gravity Falls it would be the weirdest as far as she was concerned.

The fact that Dipper is no where in sight bothers her a bit too. But that could mean he's just downstairs or in another room. And if that's the case then that means there's nothing to worry about because if Dipper isn't paranoid about something and could be exploring there should be no reason for her not to explore.

When I say she's going to be exploring? I mean quite literally and quite early in the morning. She is just going to be going room after room looking to see what's up with this place. And if you happen to be a vague shape in a bed?

She is just going to poke the hell out of you to wake you up and see who you are.]

Dipper? .....Grunkle Stan?

[Even if you look like a kid, MAYBE you could be Stan. You're asleep and all and covered n sheets and Stan could be a lot smaller without his shoes and hat as far as she knows.]


Hi! So I'm Mabel Pines and I'm pretty sure I'm lost! Lost or kidnapped but I think lost! Like I think I may have sleep walked into someone else's house which is weird because I haven't sleep-walked since I was nine! Apparently it was a reeeaaally big problem cause this one time I ended up back in the school and covered the arts and crafts room in super glue and glitter. I don't remember it but they took a picture so I guess I'll always have that!

So can anyone tell me how I can get to the Mystery Shack? I'm thinking it's....to the west!

[Mabel Pines: master of introductions.]

[Action; Around Town]

[After using the phone Mabel decides that using the phone to get answers is stupid! This calls for action and some first hand investigation of where she is!

Of course after going around the town over and over again Mabel decides not that she's bothered by the town looping over and over again but rather intrigued and interested by it. In fact she's decided, here and now, that she is going to set a new record: the record for most times someone has consecutively run around over and over in the loop of the town. So as you're passing by you might see a girl running excitedly and shouting]


[And then, if you're in the area again, you might see her still running and this time shouting]


[Of course, she's so caught up in the new task she has set up for herself that she isn't paying attention to a goddamn thing in front of her. So it's quite possible she's going to manage to run into you as you're going about your business.

Sorry. Just the price to pay for glory.]