20 April 2012 @ 06:46 am
Second Royal Sulk  
Action 1 - 747 Partridge Morning

[Lyon had recently been droned, and all of her things were missing. Lym assumed this was like her brother and she was taking it with her usual calm demeanor and trying to move the couch in front of Lyon's door so that horrible thing won't come out and depress her. She's not being subtle about it in the house and after a while she'll just sit outside looking irritated about it all]

Action 2 - The park

[Lym has just noticed a blue flower, and walked over to pick up, she hasn't noticed that her hair turned pink or her eyes turned pale blue, not yet. Feel free to point it out, or point and laugh.]
14 March 2012 @ 06:15 am
First Royal sulk  
[Action] - Around town

[Lym has been out, she's been to school, and back home, even wandered the town a bit, but she has kind of a distracted lost look on her face. She stood outside the florist staring for an hour, and when called upon in school forgot her name twice and didn't even argue with the teacher when he started going on about how the American government system was the best. Something seems to be horribly distracting the girl but she is staying kind of tight lipped, or at least is trying to figure it out in her own head. All that is really apparent is she's sighing a lot.]
20 January 2012 @ 07:36 pm
Things found  
747 Partridge Drive

[Lym has been staring at those boxes she got on Christmas for a while, and finally decided it was time to open them. The first one, it had the throne from the palace in it? Shrugging at that she opened the next one, there was a flash, then a thunder rune appeared on her hand, and finally she opened the third, another flash, then a flash on her head causing her to scream, then run into the bathroom. Nothing appeared on her head, but, the Charm rune is invisible]

Eh? I don't see the sun rune so... I guess... I'm okay?

The streets of Mayfield

((ooc: Lym has a charm rune for now, which means if you are a guy, there is a chance you may see her as too adorable to do any damage to, or you may not, its not the most effective rune out there))

[Lym is walking the streets staring at her hand, kind of pondering, and occasionally rubbing her head]

I didn't SEE anything on it but...