01 April 2012 @ 05:27 pm
[event: Pranks] Losing control, yeah, I'm all over the place  
[ Ilsa received a letter from the Mayfield Census Bureau. Opening it with dread, she was initially unbelieving, and relieved. This was not the same gambit as last year, and even though nothing specific is stated in the letter about dire consequences, this is Mayfield. She spread out her large map on the kitchen table to start the planning stages soon after re-reading the instructions in the letter. ]

[ By the time she has found all of her targets, and figured out what to do for each that could be called a prank, it is after midnight. The rash had begun to manifest that afternoon, giving her impetus to act, but also being very distracting. No time to lose, she sets out into the night. ]

[ Blind Mag ]
432 Peepers Street )

[ Ivo Robotnik ]
309 Miller Street )

[ Reimu Hakurei ]
842 Hastings Boulevard )

[ Luke Triton ]
726 Anderson Lane )

[ Crona ]
945 Beulah Street )
Current Location: Residential Mayfield
19 March 2012 @ 08:42 pm
002 [Chromaggia]  

[Action; Mayfield High School]


[Ah, the music room. Full of instruments, rows of chairs with no desks and sheet music stands that don't see much use.

Mag is at the chalk board at the front of the room carefully writing her name on the board. A white, red-tipped cane hangs from her wrist by a strap. When she hears her students entering she turns her head to greet them with a small smile.]

Have a seat, we'll be starting as soon as the bell rings.


[And then it was lunch, which Mag is spending in the teachers' lounge. She has a nice salad and a sandwich she'd be willing to split if a fellow teacher were to have a seat with her.]


[If you're in the vicinity of the music room after school, you're likely to hear a few lines of Mag's singing. There's no accompanying music, just a woman singing a tragic song in Italian. She hasn't had the chance to practice in weeks and it would be a waste of acoustic space if she didn't use it.]
20 February 2012 @ 03:22 am
[001] Chase the Morning  
[432 Peepers Street | Morning]

[Mag doesn't remember falling asleep. She remembers getting dressed for her song, sliding on the talons she'd personally picked and bought for her final performance and then...nothing.

There's nothing familiar about the mattress underneath her. Or about the smell of the pillow and the feel of the sheets against her skin. Where is she? Did she faint and have to be taken somewhere? She finally opens her eyes, groggy from what feels like a long night's sleep-

Nothing but blackness. Mag lets out a sharp cry of surprise as she jerks upward in bed. What's going on, why can't she see?]

[Around Mayfield | Afternoon]

[Later in the day, Mag can be found on the streets of Mayfield. She'll be around; in the park, downtown and passing by houses. Best to familiarize herself with her new surroundings now.

But she's not alone. Her new[Bad username or unknown identity: "husband"] is by her side everywhere she goes, hovering around her and fussing like a mother hen. Every once in a while Nathan fumbles to take her hand and guide her. Mag is less than pleased with the attention, swatting him away at every chance.]

[OOC: Since Mag is blind at the moment and Nathan is a fussbucket, there's a high chance of being tagged by both him and Mag on the mean streets of Mayfield.]